12 Replies to “Must Not Be Mentioned In The Media”

  1. Moslem charities look after poor Moslems.
    Jewish charities look after poor Jews, but apparently not in this case.
    Christian charities look after poor people, regardless of their faith.

    Oops, there is one Jewish charity that looks after poor Moslems, its called the Israeli government. They’re so open minded that their brain fell out, as they feed, cloth and provide health care to people who actively lob rockets and rocks at them. There is a word for providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

    1. Reminds me of the following story from about a decade ago:

      Paleosimians love to dismantle sewer pipes and use them as tubes for rocket launchers. Israeli government, of course, builds them sewers (as the sewers clearly are not a priority for their well off Arab brothers). In one town during intifada the entire sewer system was cannibalized and an artificial lake of shit was created at the outskirts of the town. The lake keep growing. At the same time one enterprising Paleosimian started stealing sand from the levy separating the shit lake from the town for his construction business (yes, Ahmed was stealing sand in the desert), the levy broke with predictable consequences and the town was covered in shit. From start to finish this story perfectly illustrates Paleosimian ineptness.

  2. Re FBI’s pearl (motive “not specifically related to Jewish community”), I was thinking how Independence Day aliens’ reply would sound like:

    President: What you want us to do?
    Aliens: Not that we’re specifically related to your community but we just want you-all of you to die.

  3. The help came in the form of a safe place for the rabbi’s family and spouses of the other hostages to wait out the ordeal.

    Let me interpret for you … the safe church was … armed to the hilt. That’s the definition of “safe” in Texas

  4. “After the FBI did an internal survey and confirmed that the hostage taking was not one of their own operations they can now speculate as to the hostage taker’s motivation.”

  5. Wait for the media smear machine to put out that jews were advised to convert before any help was given.
    The memories of the media lies when Catholics helped unfortunate Thais caught in the 2004 tsunami are still fresh on my mind.
    Butthurt over the fact Catholics were on the scene days before the U.N.

  6. L – In the absence of facts, there is no truth. There is only ideology.- Sultan Kinish

    Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth(1to 3) is anathema to the MSM.
    They’ve discarded their raison d’etre switching to an Anti-Western Civilization indoctrination;
    one using chaos, fear and trembling, mimicking a chicken little “the sky is falling”(adrenaline drip) addiction to them.

    Having their audience numbers drop made them cheap to buy for billionaires with a political
    or commercial agenda. New age media, FB’s Z-reptile spent 400+ billion to affect the 2020 American election. FB/Alphabet(Google/youtube)/Twit. idelogical censorship is proving yet again, “that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” A reformation minded plethora of competition will fetter the beast.

  7. I’m surprised that the MSM reported wasn’t just ‘making sure we fight Islamophobia’ during the hostage crisis, without ever mentioning who the hostage taker was.

    Although they did blame White Supremacy for a while.

  8. “….concerns over a wider plot grew last night as two teenagers were arrested over the incident by anti-terror officers in south Manchester (England). The pair, both believed to be under 18, cannot be identified for legal reasons. They were still in custody overnight, Greater Manchester Police said. However the FBI’s field office in Dallas had earlier said there was ‘no indication’ that anyone else was involved in what President Biden called ‘an act of terror’.”


  9. Assume a Moslem is a scumbag who wants you dead until they prove otherwise.
    Assume the MSM is prevaricating or fabricating until proven otherwise.

    1. Buddy, After what that so called ‘faith” has done in the name of their Allah and Mohammed, any individual still an adherent of said faith, in my opinion can never be trusted, or ever proved otherwise! Only a fool and/or, a democrap/Lib/Lefty, would be stupid enough to think they are a religion of peace. As to the MSM, they have already shown their colors, and again can NEVER be trusted to tell the truth. However, they can be trusted to lie to us with a straight face!

      Sorry, fool me once, etc.