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      1. +++++/\ D B..!!

        Not to be found in Canuckistan…Bought n paid for like the Entire Civil Service.

    1. Or a Supreme Court that doesn’t write in what it deems is missing.

      Anyway, following her on Gab now.

    1. Indeed. For those not aware, history has come back to bite Biden.

      He was owed this present, thanks to Biden’s egregious treatment of Thomas at his hearings on the way to his SCOTUS tenure

      Mind you Biden’s brain is jello, he might be forgetting his wife’s name already!

    1. Mad props to Thomas. He let Scalia do the heavy conservative lifting for years, almost never speaking during oral arguments and I don’t think he wrote a lot of his own opinions either, usually just joining Scalia. Since Scalia’s death, Thomas has really stepped up to be the conservative leader on the court. Unlike the spineless jellyfishes who have followed. Alito seems solid at least. Gorsuch, not as much, and then it’s downhill from there.

      Roberts is an outright coward. He’ll twist himself and the constitution into pretzels to avoid making a decision he thinks is too controversial. That shrimp is by far Bush Jr’s worst SCOTUS legacy.

    2. If we want real originalists on the supreme court, we should not be vetting nominees through the bar association. Has anyone thought just to ask Thomas for nomination suggestions?

  1. Yup brilliant meme,even better if true.
    We Canadians have learnt some home truths,from Dread Covid Theatre.
    We have no rights.No freedoms and no individual decision making that government can not overrule.
    Very important lesson,of this “Emergency”.

    Trudeau 1’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms,has been proven to be toilet paper by the actions of Trudeau 2.
    So we can ignore that worthless piece of crap and start anew.
    We the individuals now must force our “employees” to respect our traditional,pre Pierre The Idiot,rights as citizens.
    No mercy, no excuses.
    British Common Law dating back to the Magna Carta.

    Any attempts to deny us due process.limited government and the assumption of innocence,shall be met with contempt and insolence.
    Followed by termination.

    Canadian Justice,is Just Us.
    Restore CSA sure put the icing on that knowledge.
    And must be torn down to the JP level,every Judge,judged on their actions and rewarded appropriately.

    Hanging is too good,better yet force the worst to live in what they have created.
    Our institutions are corrupted to uselessness,fire them all and live without their help for a few years,we will learn how “necessary” most are.

    These creatures are drug addicts,addicted to O.P.M.
    Their spending during these last two years,as they deliberately collapsed incoming revenue,defies all reason.
    This Dread Covid Theatre highlights the bizarre “priorities” of our helpers.
    Cold turkey is a bitch.

    So now we see the druggies so desperate for their fix,that they seek to deny us due process in civic court,so they can fine at will..Seek to “tax us for services we refuse”…Seek to tax “gains due to inflation on our residence and quadruple the hidden taxes in fuels and food.
    O.P.M,must have O.P.M,gotta score muh fix…

    How do they differ from the crackhead,who breaks into your home ,does immense damage to steal $50 bucks worth of stuff?
    For they demonstrate the same level of intelligence.
    Buffalo could do a whole lot worse than to adopt the USA Constitution as a founding statement.

    1. This place is neither salvageable nor worth the effort. If the at most 1,000,000 useful people would just emmigrate. leave the other 32,000,000 parasites to feed on each other. Then our progeny could come back in 50 years, bulldoze the bodies into graves and build a real country.

  2. I guess the other lesson was Government with delusions of Adequacy knows no limits.
    Willing to do immeasurable harm,because they are too stupid to recognize their own ignorance.
    And “Face” must be saved,being seen to be doing something is far more important to the idiots,than doing something effective.
    Elect Fools and Bandits?
    Get foolishness and banditry.
    Who knew?

  3. Thomas Sowell should be a supreme court justice. Him and Justice Thomas could save the US from a lot of stupidity.

    1. Sadly Dan, Thomas Sowell is of an advanced age and would not be a long term reliable jurist. He is a brilliant thoughtful man who’s work I have followed for many years.

    2. unfortunately, the lawyer’s guild has convinced everyone that only qualified lawyers are good enough to serve on the supreme court, thus precluding Sowell from being appointed.

      It’s well past time to amend the constitution so that 4 of the 9 seats are reserved for non-lawyers

      1. Yes.
        Heh … though got no say in it.
        It’s the American problem to solve. The sooner, the better.

  4. Funny if true but Brandon won’t be affected at all. If he remembers who he is or what he did yesterday, he’ll just yell and tell more lies.

    1. “Funny if true but Brandon won’t be affected at all. If he remembers who he is or what he did yesterday, he’ll just yell and tell more lies.”

      The best thing about being Joe Biden is waking up every morning and finding out that you are the President.

  5. For the past several years Thomas has wanted to retire and enjoy life roaming the country with his wife in their RV and attending Nebraska Cornhuskers football games (she’s from Nebraska and turned him into a avid fan). But he’s hanging in there since I think he realizes that especially now he has to stay.

  6. The court did not rule on constitutionality. The issue was, in fact, avoided entirely. They ruled that there was no legal code to allow the mandate, which is a very different thing entirely, with the implication that if such code had existed it would have been allowed, as it was, in fact, allowed for health care workers in facilities that accept federal funds.

    1. Sort of true, but not entirely. And any law created by Congress would contain the constitutional challenge. There is no implication that any law from Congress would be considered to be constitutional.

  7. Cute.

    Ironic too.

    Globalists used to be keen on the idea of ripping the constitution up and replacing it with something more to their liking.

    Now they are terrified at the prospect that there might be a constitutional convention in the near future—controlled by good Americans who are serious about restoring the republic.

    I hope Justice Thomas has the privilege of living to see that day.

    1. Even more delicious when one remembers the dust up between Justice-Nominee Thomas and (then) Senator Puddingcup.

  8. Biden has changed his slogan today from “Build Back Better” to “Build a Better America”. It won’t help, but you can’t accuse him of not making changes. Rumor has it the next change will be “Make America Great”.