The Moral Foundations of the Left and the Right

On yesterday’s Timcast IRL there was an interesting segment on how Leftists and Conservatives view the world. Directly out of Jonathan Haidt’s research:

  • Leftists construct their moral system primarily upon two psychological foundations: Harm/care and Fairness/reciprocity
  • Conservatives construct their psychological foundations from these two above, plus: Ingroup/loyalty, Authority/respect, and Purity/sanctity

21 Replies to “The Moral Foundations of the Left and the Right”

  1. Leftists construct their moral system primarily upon two psychological foundations: Harm/care and Fairness/reciprocity<–that has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read.

    Harm/Care: BLM riots, covering up the motive of that guy who rammed his SUV into a Christmas parade, Covington kids, Rittenhouse, denying medical care to the unvaxxed…

    Fairness/reciprocity: Replace the word "white" with "black" in all the CRT literature being foisted on kids. Look at the leftist MSMs coverage of Trump v/s Biden, accusing parents who don't want their kids taught CRT of being terrorists…

    etc, etc.

    Jonathan Haidt is an idiot.

    1. Well … he got one thing right … Conservatives are Vishnu the Preserver and Liberals are Shiva the Destroyer

  2. My thought as well yeah well, however that they don’t base any of their actions on their belief system, nor do they let any form of reality interfere with their belief system, is what seems to be left unsaid here. An incomplete analysis.

    There’s not a leftist I know that wouldn’t give you the shirt off his back or his last sandwich……Provided he wasn’t too cold or too hungry.

  3. Pure BS. All of that is based on the incorrect assumptions the left has about conservatives ( lies, actually ) . In fact, they apply to the left far more than the right. Ingroup, authority, respect – that’s the left.
    Individualism is what conservatives are about, and the desire to be left the hell alone by the group.

    1. Fully agreed, unless one considers that ideas are equal to actions. This is key to the Progressive mindset (in my opinion). They think that if people think the right things, then that’s the equivalent of doing the right thing.

      it’s not to anyone that lives in the real world. Yogi Bera put it well when he said “in theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.”

      The “morality” questions in the video are particularly odious because there’s no definition about what they mean.

    2. The Left: Envy, hatred, confiscation, no private property and control

      The Right: Liberty, Freedom, private property and the Bill of Rights

      Go to hell, Haidt

  4. ” . . . Leftists and Conservatives . . .”

    Category error. Left/Right – Progressive/Conservative, which can be mixed in various ways. For instance, in the PRC a Maoist is a conservative.

  5. He left out the fact that Conservatives live and see to the future, while Liberals live for today. He was correct that Liberalism will eventually devolve into hedonism.

    “Chaos out of Order” an inversion of Liberal mantra – see California. Liberals don’t have the capacity to unite and build, they squat then unite with self-serving causes, and then proceed to destroy the order.

    Liberals invert goodness in society (consciously & unconsciously), it’s why Liberal “Anarchists” align very well with Communist & Satanic values and symbolism.

  6. What a dick!

    Quotes Burke out of context. Forgives the fact that almost everything evil came from the left (You know, because fascism is right wing. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Doesn’t seem to understand that the only side that doesn’t recognize humanity as humans is the left.

    It’s impossible to find common ground with people who want to tell you how to live without living that way themselves. This guy is another Rousseau apologist. Cue the guillotine while Madame Dufarge knits him a sweater.

  7. Fairness?

    Life isn’t fair.

    It will be fair in the new heaven and new earth, ruled by the Jews from the new Jerusalem with Christ as their King, in which there will be no place for idolators and sodomites outside the pool of fire and sulphur.

    In a just world, the screams of torment of liberals will ring like music in the ears of the saints, forever.

    Fairness? That’s the absolute last thing any liberal wants. He wants the entitlements to which he considers himself to be entitled.

    Heavenly Father, do not consider what I truly deserve, but rather have mercy on a sinner. Grant this through Your Son our Lord. Amen.

  8. Now the video is black on the given link and I have a learnt aversion to TED talks..usually Libtards taking endless words to state the obvious.And this looks like another..
    What moral foundation?
    If our progressive comrades did not have double standards,they would have none at all.

    Which is their Moral foundation..
    Rules for thee.
    None for me.
    These rules for you,usually a perverted twisted view of conservative ethics,which the Progressives insist Conservatives must adher to..while having no standards that they will hold to.

    And they lie.
    Thus their words are worth nothing.
    Only their actions can be measured.
    Observe their actions.
    Reward them accordingly.
    Up close and personal,if you feel the need.

  9. Conservative to leftist: you’re wrong
    Leftist to conservative: you’re evil
    Alt Right to both: you’re obsolete. Prepare to become fertilizer

  10. Communists follow the Devil.
    Liberals follow Communists.
    Conservatives follow liberals.

    Whom do you follow?

  11. False.
    Leftists are all about group identity.

    Conservatives recognise that Leftist theories are actually harmful… and that Leftists aren’t as caring as they try to make out

  12. Fair?

    Fairness and justice are based on what you EARN, not blaming people for stuff they didn’t do or rewarding people for stuff they didn’t suffer.

    Leftists don’t give shiite about fairness. It’s just an excuse

  13. Robert Ruark named his epic novel of the MauMau rebellion after the first part of an African proverb.

    Quoting from memory, “Before you abandon the good traditions of your ancestors, make sure that you have something of Value, with which to replace them.”

    That is the epitome of the Conservative ethos. We preserve what works and embrace change carefully.

    Progressives embrace it careLESSly, in the naive belief that change is inevitably beneficial.

  14. The Left: Envy, hatred, confiscation, no private property and control

    The Right: Liberty, Freedom, private property and the Bill of Rights

    Go to hell, Haidt

  15. because my time is valuable, I don’t think it’s worthwhile to spend it listening to Haidt beat up a strawman…