30 Replies to “Pollspotting”

      1. While they are just online polls, everyone I’ve seen in the last two weeks, along similar lines, has been slam dunked against moronic government policy.
        There’s still a ray of hope despite Prime Moron doing his best to destroy this country.

    1. I was going to say that 5% of people in every poll are retarded. Looks like you beat me to it.

    1. N.B. can ‘impose’ all the lockdowns they want, but I and many others on the coast will simply ignore the BS and go about our daily lives. We’ll still get together with family and friends, as we have done throughout this BS pandemic, and live our lives as free people. As for our power mad politicians and ‘medical experts’ they can all go pound salt.

    2. Outdoor exercise or activities like skiing, skating or snowmobiling are permitted, as long as Public Health measures are followed and you are within your single-household bubble

      “Luc, have you been snowmobiling in the house again?”

      And what about disorganized sports? Those seem to be acceptable.

    3. “Think of it as short term pain for long term gain,” said Higgs.

      “Fuck you, the commie horse that rode you and another two weeks to flatten the curve” said Colonialista

      1. Heading into the third year of short term pain. They can all go fuck themselves.

  1. Since they got this Pandemic Emergency, no doubt they will keep it using Climate Emergency.
    93. Whatever still in the end restrictions.

  2. It appears the only people who will not contract the Omicron variant of Covid are those with natural immunity from prior infection with Covid; so we should all go back to life as it was prior to March of 2020.

  3. I am reposting my comment I added to tips.

    Ontario adjusts reporting of hospitalisations. It is what you would expect.


    Date: Jan. 13, 2022
    Adults in ICU due to COVID-19 – 489
    Adults in ICU due to non-COVID-19 reasons – 1,337
    Adult ICU beds available – 517
    Total number of adult ICU beds – 2,343

    Will the media report ? Will Elliot announce the stats ?

    1. 50% of those in ICU are fully vaccinated. 70% in hospital non-ICU fully vaccinated.
      Vaccines work. I’ll bet a lot of the ICU cases just recently had a booster. When is this garbage going to end?

  4. There is no no-risk option. Even with full “precautions” this thing is running rampant. I and most of the MDs I know are hoping to get this variant of it so as to complete their immunity. Time to end the kabuki theatre.

  5. >97% voting to drop all restrictions now.

    This will be reported by Global as “Canadian’s are divided about Covid Restrictions.”

    Its all in how you sell it.

  6. 5% are evil.
    There was a video of an ex Emergency Response Bureaucrat talking about the utter failure of our politicians..
    An ex-military man he said something interesting about his command days..
    To the effect 5% are evil another 15% are easily led into vile actions and 80% just carry on regardless..
    Pretty much describes Canada in the Dread Covid Theatre.

  7. How would they even do it if they do? “You’ll all get covid” is not exactly something NPCs would accept. Anti-lockdown activists (like myself) should really think about some messaging around this to feed to the retards in charge.

  8. Holy shit,as if polls are real,even 3/5 of the evil ,want it to end..
    must be cutting into their profits..
    Or they are beginning to see their reward coming.