This Is Not The Two-Tier Health Care System I Was Promised

Tommy Douglas, finally dead.

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  1. Naturally it’s not up to all Quebec residents to pay for Wuhan flu.

    Montreal’s new Chinese parasite class won’t be charged a sou for importing la grippe wuhanaise after Chinese New Year 2020, just like nobody will ever oblige the Chinese to learn French (in the new Chinatown around Guy-Concordia, Bill 101 is a cruel joke—you want service, learn Chinese, not French).

    The goddamn English and goddamn Jews will be the ones told to pay hard cash at the door of “L’hôpital juif” or to go shit.

    Everything that goes wrong for Quebec is always the fault of the Jews, this time because the ultra-Orthodox refuse to be jabbed.

    Not, of course, the French-Canadian allergy to education and taste for firewater they inherited from their Mohawk foremothers.

      1. It was never yours. Who do you think you are…a citizen like an American? You Sir are a mere Subject of the Crown. You are a ward of the feudal State of Canada and your obedient silent acquiescence to the Queen and Her Minions is mandatory . You Sir will learn your station in the Crown’s Realm and will govern yourself accordingly.

    1. I love this idea!
      No, wait.
      I love that Quebec is the one jumping into this idiotic cauldron.
      By the time their legislation gets introduced the vaxxed will highly outnumber the unvaxxed in hospitals.
      If we’re lucky we’ll see some big riots in Quebec streets. If we’re lucky Trudeau will be sucked into the maelstrom (and thrown out in multiple small (black) pieces).

    1. Just a couple hours ago, I just got a call that my Brother-in-law has tested positive for Covid in his Old Age Care Home in Huntsville, Ontario by the staff. He’s pretty much been a prisoner there with no visitors for a couple weeks now.
      So now he’s caught it from the Staff and he is ‘triple vaccinated’.
      No serious symptoms.

      Our politicians are a joke and just jacking us around.

      Is it any wonder these Homes don’t want Hospital Patients on top of an Outbreak?

      1. Yeah, the fun part will be when they realize that minorities are unvaccinated at higher rates then whitey….

    2. Like they have for dogs and cats?

      With dogs and cats you have the outside option of having them destroyed. That’s the real reason vet care is much more affordable than human medical care.

      All doctors struggle with making the next of kin of patients understand that their loved one is dying because of his own poor decisions.

      The option making most financial sense in most cases would be to bring the loved one home to die in peace there, yes. In reality, only daughters-in-law who have tired of waiting for their payday find the option tempting.

      1. Could you please stop having opinions? It is tiring having to scroll past your drivel every time I want to reply so someone sentient.

      2. Cool. It just became ok to charge a “significant” fee for healthcare for anyone that smokes, is fat, broke a leg skiing, got pregnant, etc. Now we just need a politician with a spine to start helping Québec to kill public healthcare.

        Do these people get the healthcare portion of their taxes refunded now.

        Canada is a cesspool ruled by misogynistic bigots. Separate now.

    3. Obamakkare was/is all about total CONTROL of every citizen in America. The government can now DICTATE every aspect of your personal health. You are OWNED. ENSLAVED. What an odd irony for a country that threw off the chains of slavery 160 years ago

    1. Maybe they’ll let everyone vote? My French Canadian sister in law stopped talking to me the last time I suggested that. You know, if they really want to leave and aren’t just playing games.

  2. Would this not violate the Canada Health Act? This is quite a corner that Legault has painted himself into.

    1. Only if the Feds make it illegal. Turdeau will likely think it a great idea and go along with the elimination of those unvaccinated racist misogynists

    2. Notwithstanding, old chap.

      I would personally be happy to pay for my own health care, just reduce my taxes accordingly.

    3. Is he going to start charging criminals for the legal costs?

      The f*cking idiot needs to be sissy slapped across that ugly face till he can speak English without an accent.

      1. Better yet, start charging bureaucrats for the costs of maintaining this giant brothel.

    4. What has stopped any government in this country from breaking laws, the Charter, rRights, and ethics, in the name of Covid?

  3. But the unvaccinated are less likely to contact the WooHooFloo. This is clearly not about health.

  4. So, if someone who’s not been juiced doesn’t get sick, will they eventually get their tax money back? (I think we know the answer to that one.)

    1. The only time these corrupt governments truly listen is when there are mass STOP WORK protests.

      Until a multitude of Canadians stop working in protest, they will continue with business as usual.

  5. Send the Bill to Chairman Omicron.

    Governments are looking for scapegoats. Their response to this whole situation has been bizarre in the extreme. No doubt the economy itself is on life support. And money is flying out the door to pay every shirker who wants to stay home and not work. So who to blame? The unvaccinated. The people who made the logical call, didn’t want to be part of FauXi’s gain of function experiment, didn’t want the toxins in their bodies, and aren’t spreading the virus — it’s the vaccinated who are spreading it, and those numbers we were given about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was probably a pandemic of the recently vaccinated.

    Lies, lies and more lies, from governments that have lied about several other important matters over the past decade.

    This won’t end well.

    1. All governments everywhere, local, provincial, and federal, are spending money they don’t have and borrowing the difference. Nothing new in that, but the scope and extent of their improvidence has been astonishing.

      Borrowing is essentially spending money today that you think you’ll somehow have in the future. The future will soon be calling, and sooner than most people think. The future’s bill is not going to be pretty.

      Governments are going to be rapacious and hysterical, looking to cover their next interest payments even as they borrow more.

      They’ll be full of blame for their victims. They’ll blame you for being greedy. For making like bandits during the good times, and not stepping up when times are rough. They’ll vilify you for not being good citizens and caring about the “greater good”. They’ll accuse you of stealing food from mouths of babes. And they’ll come after you like sharks when there’s blood in the water. All the bureaucrats and apparatchiks will be frantically looking under your bed for their next paycheque. Expect a lot of tax law changes in the future. They could even get desperate enough to try shady (and illegal) retroactive changes. Who knows what they’ll try, or get away with. The rule of law is whatever a Trudeau-appointed Liberal-donor lawyer says it is.

      As is often advised, plan accordingly.

      1. There’s no intention to pay it back/down. And there won’t be a plan to do so either.
        All the govt profligacy, together with business destroying lockdowns and restrictions, is part of a multi pronged strategy which serves two purposes: condition the populace to complete govt dependence, and to pave the way to wipe out fiat currency, and with it everyone’s savings and investments. All at the behest and direction of the Davos cartel.
        Whoever survives the pharma induced cull will look forward to life as a barcode scannable serf.

      2. Partly true, and partly not. mos t of the humongous debt racked up in the last two years is on the Bank of Canada’s balance sheet, so is not actually costing interest other than in a notional sense. When the GoC can’t sell bonds with a very low interest rate, the BoC buys them, which is printing. The taxes are already being paid through the inflation this caused, and will continue to cause. Real inflation is running north of 10% so the debt is decreasing in proportionate fashion in constant dollars. this is also happening in the US, if you think this is an accident, think harder. Does this make us all poorer? Yes. No different than raising taxes, except it is less well understood, deflecting blame.

        1. Canada is the most indebted advanced economy per GDP and per capita across all measured dimensions, household, corporate, all orders of government — according to the BIS.

          It has issued a warning that the country will not withstand an upward movement in interest rates. Monetizing debt will work just fine until one day it doesn’t.

    2. Indeed.

      There will a tax/fee/(insert own term here) because every government in the land is broke.

      Who knew that shutting down an entire economy could be bad for you?

      It’s not just communistic, punitive measures. It’s stripping bark off of the living trees.

      But I say stand back and watch Quebec fight this out.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Quebec does argue that it’s special and, therefore, shouldn’t be taxed but every other province and territory can and should be.

      Just watch.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quebec does argue that it’s special and, therefore, shouldn’t be taxed

        You’re correct, Osumashi-san, you shouldn’t be surprised..

        Back in the 80s, Lyin’ Brian was trying to free his monstrous ego the shade of Trudeau The Elder’s constitutional umbra. Bourassa had said that Quebec’s “dignity” needed to be respected with constitutionally recognized “distinct society” status. Many people at the time said “distinct society” would be interpreted by the Supreme Court as a “special status” that confers unique powers. Mulroney got shot down.

        Years later, when everyone forgot this fevered debate, Harper gave Quebec status as a “nation”. Not constitutionally, of course, because he couldn’t do that, but by a “symbolic” parliamentary resolution.

        What Harper got in exchange, if anything, we will never know. We do know *we* got zilch for the prized concession. The province has been run by such ciphers and dunderheads since then, nothing much has come of its “nationhood”. If you had a Levesque or a Parizeau, Lesage or Duplessis running the “province”, they’d have a lien on everything in this infernal country and we’d be turning the keys over by now.

        1. We had those guys running Quebec. This is where it got us. It doesn’t matter how well or how naturally Quebec functions as the national state of the French Canadians. It is structured as a province of Canada, and as such has no claim to independent sovereignty.

          Declaring Quebec to be a nation was a stroke of parliamentary theatre, and a good one – several of my friends at the time told me they’d been afraid that the PQ leader would stroke out in his apoplectic rage, and that in itself must have worth the game. But it meant nothing.

  6. As I’ve been tweeting for a couple of days now:
    Every vaxxed person who ends up in hospital – send the bill straight to Pfizer.

    I mean, we gave them a pass on the “stops the spread” lie. But now that the claim is “prevents hospitalization” there’s no more mulligans. If a vaxxed person goes to the hospital Pfizer has to pay.

    1. Nice logic. Unfortunately, logic is in short supply in Canada; you will be ignored. Maybe, even cancelled.

      1. I’ll second that. I think the deal signed with governments was that Pfizer, et al, could not to be held liable for illness caused by the vaccine. Not sure this situation is covered by their secret agreements.

    2. Pfizer developed their vaccine for COVID as it existed almost two years ago. They did not develop it specifically for the omicron strain, and thus it’s little surprize that it’s not as effective at preventing infection.

      At any rate, no vaccine can ever be 100% effective. This is because vaccines do not attack the pathogen directly, but rather induce our immune system to produce antibodies to attack the pathogen. But everyone’s immune system is different, and some don’t work well at all.

  7. I’m unvaxxed, lets rock with this. Opens the whole discussion of user pay.
    Have not been in the hospital for 14 years, meniscus trim. And hernia patch 21 years prior to that.
    This debate is required for a complete overhaul of health care in this country.

    1. Wow, I’ve sat here for more than 30 seconds having a debate with myself about wether I should Google “meniscus trim”.

      I decided “no” in the end.

  8. There’s something morally repugnant when one party monopolizes healthcare delivery and then charges a tax on another party who, by law, has no where else to turn.

    1. I thought the HIV numbers were due to IV drug users….another group we all support the lifestyle choices of…

    1. I think a simple point-of-purchase tax on everything on the inside aisles of the grocery store would accomplish that quite simply. And the grocery store service desk that sells the darts….and let’s not forget the lottery tickets too, gambling also causes mental health issues.

      1. Unless its Rob Ford.

        Then you can make fun of his addiction AND his weight.

        Lefties don’t do consistency or hypocrisy…they just fling shit.

      1. The Stoney Native band west of Calgary, cut down the middle by Highway 1, has been using the AHS ambulance service as a Taxi service for years.

        They call 911, get put into the ambulance complaining of a serious illness. Once they reach their destination, they say they are remarkably better, demand they be let out and know they cannot be held against their will, jump out and wave as the ambulance departs into the distance. Thanks for the lift!!

    2. All coming; it’s a logical progression of monopoly health care. Don’t exercise daily. Tax.

    3. “Will there be a …”

      I know, I now, I got one: an unprotected anal sex charge for gays?

    4. In the late 90 I heard that every day in Alberta 500 people need medical services for sport related injuries. You know the people who strap two boards to their feet and with a coffee cup worth of styrofoam on their head careening down a mountain side with 60, 70 even 80 clicks.I as a professional couch potato didn’t needed a hospital or doctor visit for the last 25 years. If someone should pay a healthcare charge it’s the frequent customers with sport related injuries.

    5. Will there be a …

      AIDS surcharge.
      STD surcharge.
      Drug Abuse surcharge.
      Unwanted pregnancy surcharge.
      “Sex gone wrong” surcharge.
      Sunbathing surcharge.
      Stupid Sport injury surcharge.
      “Stupid surcharge” – for any injury or illness where lack of common sense was the root cause.

      And more…………

      1. The first five are treasured woke categories that will never be touched by Canada’s current governments.

  9. Viva Frei @thevivafrei; 1h
    Here we go… a “tax” that will soon be imposed on anyone whose vaccination status is not up to date with whatever the government requirements are… Miss a booster? Pay the government. Had enough boosters? Pay the government. You do not on your body. The government does now.

    Ezra Levant @ezralevant; 36m
    It’s like that @U2 lyric: “The rich stay healthy. The sick stay poor.”
    Congratulations to Quebec for not only destroying any pretence of the universality of Canadian health care, but for bringing in a disproportionately anti-black, anti-immigrant health tax.
    Next up: jail.

  10. What is going on in Quebec? Today they have 62 deaths vs Ontario with 21 and they have nearly the same infection rate.

  11. L – Quebec is famous for black market goods mysteriously floating across the St. Lawrence.
    Premier Legault now making it famous for blackmail, Gov’t. blackmail? Who you gonna call ?

    1. Corona Batman ?

    2. Commercial Fraud division of the Securite´ d’Quebec ?
    (Because there is no protection against Omnicron’s mild but highly infective version. Which produces the kind of sterilizing immunity that mRNA expt. vaxx doesn’t provide.
    It’s snake oil, but dangerous as snake venom injected into you bloodstream.)

    3. Quebec’s Mad Max, the only political leader who walks his talk with hundreds of thousands in Montreal, protesting Lockdowns and arguing in favour of Informed Consent.
    Rally signs “”Let’s go, Legault !” or unexpurgated in Francais.

  12. Last June had a run in with a Ont Ministry of Labor inspector, he was giving a concrete crew a hard time next to a job we where doing and I heard him say something about the masks we were using weren’t good enough. Anyways, he got pretty mad when I asked him what they where going to do with those that didn’t want the shot, make them wear a yellow star?
    He couldn’t see the similarities nor would he admit the government would coerce vaccination, backhandedly through private business.
    Needless to say, I hope he remembers our little conversation, and I hope he enjoys his yellow livered pension.
    It’s all politics. It seems Canadians are either going to get with it, or live in a country where freedom is an option depending how you think.
    My how things have led up to this, one little piece chipped away here and there, trophies for everyone their whole life, and no consequence of any real measure that means much of anything in enough of the population, that this might not end.
    Any “normal” that soothes the rabid finger pointers, is going to be at the expense of people that made a moral, reasonable decision, that I think is proven more than not as time goes by as the righteous one for the overall health of a free society, and this wonderful country that wasn’t built by lotus eating scum.

    1. …and the poor diet tax
      …and the extra risk*cost from vitamin D,C, etc deficiency
      …and the extra risk*cost from smoking
      …and the extra risk*cost from risky sports’ broken bones, concussions etc
      …and the extra risk*cost from doing no exercise
      …and the extra risk*cost from high blood pressure having to deal with politicians

      I guess the unwaxxed tax is the nose in the tent to get a social credit score system that tracks ones “risk*cost” score and tag your tax, among all other personal quirks tracked. Welcome to hell on earth.

  13. I’ll pay the fine, but I also want one million dollars for every vaccinated person that ends up in hospital WITH covid.

  14. Had to chuckle when ol’ Blackie himself called the unvaxed racist,,, when Natives, white liberal women, new Canadians BIPOC lead the way for the unvaxed. Will be fun watching them finally be revealed as the biggest groups unvaccinated, because up till now politicians and Media have been been making everyone believe that it is only white people not vaxed !
    Can’t wait till these groups are crying for the cameras, because they have to pay, Media won’t be able to hide it much longer.

    1. I wonder if I can make a complaint with the Ont. Human Rights Commission about that hate language being hurled at me.

  15. When the NDP sweep back into power in Alberta, the new government will implement mandatory vaccinations according to their health critic.

    1. Jabba the Hut (aka Sarah Hoffman) was the worst choice for Health Minister or Health Critic that Wretched Knothead could make. But, like any Dipper, a 5-ton obese whale would be the one to tell you how to live healthy.

      1. Sarah Hoffman should have been Minister for Jelly Donuts.
        I dread the thought of the return of Red Rachel.

        1. The majority of readers and commenters on this blog want to walk Jason Kenney off the plank.
          Red Rachel has already got one foot back in the Premier’s Office.
          (ps. Voting matters)

  16. This can be applied to other issues too. Two idiots were talking about denying healthcare last summer. I stepped in and told them they sounded like a couple of Nazi Germans. One no longer talks to me, the other got my drift.

    Other issues that can be slipped in:
    Over eating (the one who understood my point)
    Chewing tobacco (the one who didn’t like my reference)
    Smoking tobacco and dope
    Non medical drug use
    High risk leisure activities
    Couch potatoes
    Fad dieting
    No seatbelts
    That just about covers everyone.

    1. How about adding all those hypochondriacs that run to the doctor and to emergency rooms that only imagine they were sick or had an imaginary fatal disease etc.
      They likely are a big cost to the system.
      Then there are some, like me, who pay into the system through taxes and premiums but who rarely use the system? Where’s my rebate for not being in a hospital or to a doctor in many decades? Huh?

    2. “High-risk leisure activities.”

      This being a euphemism for sport-fucking, no doubt. Without which we would never have heard of the last disease Dr. Fauci allowed to spread far and wide.

      1. I should have read all posts before commenting. It is so obvious an argument against the foul idea that it will be interesting to see how the Loyal Opposition (ha) or the bought and paid for media can manage to ignore it.

    3. Righto MikeT, govt will tax “risky” behaviors.
      And then govt will tax “unnecessary” behaviors. (And it already does to some degree).

      Moderate Alcohol, tobacco use … unnecessary!
      Cars that drive faster than 50 kph … unnecessary!
      Meat , eggs, fish … unnecessary!
      Reading anything but state news … unnecessary!

  17. There are some famous pictures of chinese being blindfolded and shot in the back of the head in the “Great Leap Forward” for whatever crime the state imposed upon them.

    My question is how anyone could do that? I could not.

    But clearly many can and did.

    What lead to that did not occur overnight. The people on their knees had to be “otherized” – and then that sentiment had to be turned to hatred and further enflamed. Until the other is no longer a person.

    We are well down that path, with those in power ratcheting up the rhetoric and demonization of the “others”. This is another step further, and wont be the last.

    Name me a nation that communists took power over that did not persecute and kill their “enemies”.

    1. I’m reading a book about that now. Lack of zeal was often sufficient. It’s rather frightening to realize that the unrealistic political edicts of greenery are very similar to that we saw in the Great Leap Forward. Politicians just haven’t learnt the lesson of King Canute, Physical laws are there to keep tyrants in check.

      1. And when the laws don’t work, then the people must keep the tyrants in check.

    2. “My question is how anyone could do that?”

      I guarantee you that an average Canadian police officer would proudly guard the gate with the words “Arbeit macht frei” above it. They are already perfectly happy to assault, humiliate and financially ruin those who protest totalitarian tyranny. And as another poster said in another thread, Canadian Karens would run to them screaming “they’re in the attic officer”.

    3. The part that continues to fascinate me is the Marxism lives and breathes in the halls of Academia. Every successful Marxist revolution has been followed on with a cultural revolution as necessary, when they come for the professorial class and line them up against the brick wall for lead catching practice, will it dawn on them, even then?

    4. I posted an article in reader tips with this statement: “The surest way to work up a crusade in favour of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone.”

      Just listening to the COVID true believers proves that theory.

    1. You are referring to Pinky O’Toole, dreaded don of the not-conservatives who runs the City of Ottawa with a draconian hand?

  18. If this is a user pay paradigm, then should the tax not be imposed only on those unvaccinated who appear at a hospital seeking treatment? Why should a healthy unvaccinated person pay it? The logic on offer is the scapegoating excuse that the unvaccinated are spreading the virus. This seems to be a Big Pharma sponsored Big Lie. I would propose that it’s somewhere between a no-decision and that the vaccinated are spreading the virus. They are carrying the bigger viral loads and this is after all a pure experiment with very poor oversight.

    Our governments are criminally negligent in many ways in this matter. And then we have their records on climate change and gender issues to ponder. How well did they do there? Exactly. No government at all would be an improvement over just about the whole lot of them. One also suspects that our leaders are either paid or blackmailed to follow this agenda. It only serves the vaccine makers and the Chinese who have a ready supply of all things needed, including the virus itself.

    Preparing our countries for dysfunction and the need to restore order with the assistance of a foreign power? Not out of the realm of possibility. Our leaders may have been promised some juicy payoffs if they comply. The combination of the insane pandemic policies and the climate emergency mumbo jumbo is destroying our economy and therefore our society. These governments are not just inept, they are dangerous.

    The only real opposition we have is the PPC. Let’s rally around Max Bernier and forget about any help from the downed O’Tooles.

    1. This is a P.Q. Nation TAX so far– your points are good though if this goes wide….hope it doesn’t. I think it’s illegal to charge someone for something they didn’t consume. If there are 1970 issues like PET imposed that pop up in P.Q. then we’ll know that there are more unvaxxed people than they’re claiming. Why else would they impose a tax? Their precious vaccines are probably rotting in a Montreal factory somewhere while everyone left for Florida, land of the FREE.

  19. Remember, vote Maverick or PPC to end this madness.

    There is a cost to providing bilingual services. Should users pay?

  20. Wouldn’t this be considered the first time ever in world history that someone is charged for something he or she didn’t buy or use?

    Hope someone takes them to Court over this nonsense, it seems highly illegal. They’ll be the laughing stock on the world stage if they aren’t already.

  21. So the information coming out now is that Fauci lied and perhaps hundreds of thousands died. They also knew that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effective against the virus but they suppressed that information. The Project Veritas latest revelations and the communication from Murphy (USMC) that was leaked is going to hoist a whole lot of people on their own petards. This information is going to cause a lot of Americans that were personally affected by the Biden government’s response to the virus and the mandates that are being considered to reconsider their political allegiance. Thankfully the likes of Trudeau and the Quebec premier have been unmasked for what they truly are and the Democrat/Liberals will have to wear this information in the next days and weeks.

  22. Quite the shocker here. Don’t know of any other jurisdiction that will be doing this. This crappy idea could spread.

      1. Greece (about CAN$140 per month unvaxxed).
        Germany is writing their legislation as we speak.
        France and Italy “studying” the idea.
        More to come, surely.

    1. No problemo, bet they’ll claim they’re vaxxed. There’s always an underground in P.Q. Nation.

  23. And we all thought that Legault was a centre-right Liberal. Surprise! Well. that didn’t last now, did it?

    Kinda like we thought that Ford was a Conservative. Oh, wait. My mistake. It’s Progressive Conservative.

    Emphasis on the Progressive and extra non-existent on the Conservative.

    Anyone losing confidence in the political system?


    Scheer-the-steer launches a timely “quick-look-at-the-squirrel” petition to distract his buddy Pinky’s supporters who might have questions about the craven little bastard’s silence on Quebec’s (and Canada’s) human rights abuses.

    1. Thanks. I just signed where the CBC provided the link – like giving a gun to Alec Baldwin. Fuck the CBC and Pinky the born in K-bec mofo can go fuck his hat.

  25. There is more to this than desire to save hospital costs. It is just another pressure point that the new aristocracy will use to exercise power for power’s sake. No use putting up logical arguments against desires. The responses will evolve from a common revulsion of this evil.

    The descent to hell is easy and those who begin by worshipping power, soon worship evil.
    C.S. Lewis

  26. Apparently we needed Pierre’s Charter because Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights wasn’t sufficient to protect us from Governments.
    Feeling safe ? And please remember not to run with scissors.

  27. Just accidentally caught a CTV update. They are all wet in the crotch Alberta should follow Quebec.

      1. B A thanks for that link. With all the deception and outright lying going on, it is impossible for one person to keep up with!

  28. Tell us again what that secret meeting between Trudeau and the premiers yesterday was all about…

  29. Wow, the decline of Canada (even K-bec, yeehaw!) has accelerated like Allan S on bennies at a Trump vote-destroying competition.
    (Does anyone think that Legault knows what happens when you pull a tiger’s tale?)
    I’m actually hoping this spreads like Kamala’s legs at a fund raiser so we can finally tear down the whole Great White Joke.

    Hey Juthtin, you backhole, its coming apart on your watch, bitch and you’re at least 75% responsible.

    No health care.
    No skools.
    No flag.
    No military.
    No guns.
    No housing.
    No history.
    No democracy.
    No oil and gas.
    More taxes.
    More costs.
    More inflation.
    More racism.
    More Chinah.
    More genocide.
    More line-ups.
    More hate.

    And more division makes it all add up to subtraction:
    No More Canada.

  30. Morons… A smart person would charge for the use of the hospital. But then again, socialists aren’t very smart

  31. The Phizer Share Price Riser Tax?

    How about adding an IQ and voting record component to it?
    If you vote for stupid shit that wastes tax dollars then you don’t get health care.
    Call that the Charles Darwin Tax.

  32. Charming.
    A tax for services you refuse.
    And in Alberta new rules for traffic tickets,where you be guilty,unless you pay for the cost of having your day in court.
    A cull is becoming impossible to refuse.

    Time to boil up some tar and gather some feathers.
    After two years,there seems to be no one in any government position who should not be fired.And then persecuted.
    If we are guilty,until we prove our innocence or can be fined(taxed) for refusing government idiocy,then what use do I have for government?
    These parasitic prats tell me I am denied civil society because of “Emergency”..
    Then I find the “Emergency” is their panic.
    So now?
    No civilization?
    Me savage?
    Me savage, you prey!

    Delusions of adequacy can be fatal.
    Especially when the deluded have an extremely inflated opinion of their value to the people they prey on.
    Now as the Necrocom variant sweeps through the triple vaxxed ,the “official advice” is to keep doing what we demand,even though these same rituals made a lick of difference the last 3 times..

    Somebody here postulated the theory that :”If the public was advised that eating their first bowel movement after their “vaccination” shot,was the absolute cure,the majority of Canadians would do so”.

  33. This is where O’Toole should really step up and lead the charge against this no vax tax. Yes I know it’s Quebec but it’s the principle, it must be fought.

    1. The Leafs will three-pete before that happens. O’Toole can’t stand up, that requires a backbone and principles, he has neither. The only useful thing about O’Toole is his chin which the Turdhole uses as his nut rest.

    2. The Stool will drop trou, bend over & part his greased butt cheeks. Just like he has for every other issue of significance since he’s been party leader.

  34. Adrian Dix (Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs in British Columbia) is also starting to push this extortion of healthy inhabitants.
    FYI: Dix is also the BC Minister of Health.

  35. While link following I read the CTV (Calgary) item “Some parents opting for shorter interval on second dose for kids”
    (1) You can certainly surmise this item has written by a “journalist” and not a real reporter.
    (2) The 1st word is “some” – so is it just two, or maybe three including himself.
    (3) The “journalist” even got a Doctor quote for ” immunizing kids, even if it is a low risk”.
    (4) Maybe the “journalist” should have asked Health Canada (like Blacklocks) for the current Canada-wide death count.
    *** 14 Year old and Under is 6 SIX! Canada-wide. Not even enough to recommend a child’s aspirin.
    *** Under 20 Year old is just 2% – no aspirin required for them either.

  36. What a fucked up country. Agree to to take an experimental drug that is killing tens of thousands or we will fine you. Stupid Canadians think this is OK?

    1. 50/50

      Part of me thinks that once a political issue hits someone seriously in the pocket book, that person starts to react vigorously (huge demonstrations, riots, panicking backtracking politicians)

      The other part of me thinks Canadians will just roll over a take it. Again.

      I guess we will see soon.