Dogblogging: Animal Abuse

h/t Colonialista, who added this comment:

So many things are wrong here. Yes, the mask is obvious, ridiculous, pathetic and potentially dangerous. But look more carefully. The dog is a flattie (i.e. a flat coated retriever). A breed designed to jump into near freezing water, retrieve a duck and dry up back on the boat by soaking up every tiniest bit of sun rays. So the idiot owner puts boots over his webbed feet and makes him wear some kind of belt/vest contraption. Also, note the harness the dog is wearing and the Gentle Leader on his face, both devices a testimony that the owner has never bothered to teach the dog to walk on a loose leash (it is easy, all my flatties do it) and instead prefers the magnificent animal constrained like a draft horse. And it looks like the Gentle Leader is poorly fitted, too tight over the face thus putting pressure right under the poor dog’s eyes, that too is dangerous. Maybe it is not such a bad idea if liberals adopt dogs from Korean meat farms instead?

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  1. Perhaps the Pope was on to something when he said pets shouldn’t be replacements for children.

    We purchased a “Covid dog” in 2020. It’s interesting to see my kids want to “baby” the dog, like she’s another kid.

    It’s further supports my theory that leftists are mostly eternal children.

    1. pets shouldn’t be replacements for children

      “Never date a woman with a dog” is one of the red pill rules, for exactly that reason.,

      1. Disagree, you pet her dog and it is almost guaranteed you get to pet her cat …

        Besides we had dogs before we had children. Our kids grew up with bunch of furry babysitters. when they move out they are guaranteed to have dogs on their own…

  2. People who think that constitutes abuse should remove the pickle from their posteriors and go watch a bullfight as de-Karen programming.

      1. There is a difference between watching one and sitting there and bitching about it. If it takes a muzzle and a Clockwork Orange setup, so be it.

    1. Facepalm.

      Those not well endowed always have a desperate need to chest tump and one up those who do not share their handicap.

    2. Dogs regulate their body temp via panting.

      They don’t sweat.

      If you cover a dog’s mouth in that manner you are putting them under heat stress.



      Cats on the other hand? Whatever dude.

  3. The animal lovers, of course, refuse to accept that the biggest animal reservoir of Wuhan flu are the rez mutts and Third World street dogs they buy from disreputable “rescues” for a king’s ransom.

    If they were serious about eradicating Wuhan flu, they would be banning imports of street dogs and paying white men cash to go to the rez and finally put a bullet in every last one of Big Screen’s fleabags, and tell Big Screen that the next one is for him if he’s caught with another dog.

    Dogs will get a lot more expensive. I can live with that. So can honest breeders like Kate, I suspect.

  4. Try to put boots on my GSP and he’ll have them off and in itty bitty pieces inside of 15 minutes.

  5. Stupid shit. I’m pretty sure we’re being trolled but if we aren’t – run don’t walk to your nearest mental healthcare provider. You don’t deserve that dog, ya nutjob.
    Saw a documentary last night by Werner Herzoz titled Happy People, an in-depth look at people who live in the Siberian wilderness. People there think it’s spoiling the dog (Husky) by inviting him into your wood stove heated domicile when it’s -50. And I’m quite sure their do’s and don’ts of dog husbandry would have most people in North America taking a spell on the fainting couch.
    They lovingly refer to their good and faithful dogs too old for any useful service as being “pensioned off” which means they’re left at home instead of on trapping runs allowing them to get laid whenever they’re in the mood.

  6. And people laugh at me for my comments about insane people. Even as a joke it is pathetic.

  7. I once accused yeahwell of being TWAT (the awful truth) now look at these 2 idiots, NO understanding of basic compassion towards animals, who are wholly dependent on their Human pack partners. You two should learn when to STFU. Treat a poor animal like that around me, have 911 on speed dial, assholes

  8. Try that on a cat, and see where it gets you.
    Whoever did this should never be allowed to own pets.

    1. You went from snarky comment to hurt feelings in only a matter of minutes. I’m starting to think you have a pup that has seasonal and thematic outfits.
      Maybe we are all just a little bit jealous our dogs refuse to wear those dog booties.

      The good news is you are one visit to the dog tickle-trunk away from happiness.

  9. Yeahnotwell has become another troll or has it always been? Calling everyone Karen? I have a name for him but I’ll use some restraint.

    1. Aholes like yourself sit on your virtue-signaling high horse, looking down in indignant judgment over some guy who puts a mask on his dog, some even going so far as to say the guy should be banned from dog ownership. It is people like you that are wholly responsible for turning Canadian culture into a culture of snowflake pussywillows.

  10. Sometimes I need to wear a mask around my dog. She can peel paint.
    Loud ones, SBD’s, sometines a multi-note.

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Brings back fond memories of a mutt who adopted the family back on the farm. Called him, “Fred”. Like most dogs, he loved truck rides. Only problem was, he had some nasty SBFD’s. Like, stop the truck, throw the doors open & hit the ground retching nasty. He hated being inside the house. We’d try to bring him in during the cold but he’d gulp down his food & stand by the door whining until he was let out. Ignored the doghouse, stayed in the unheated quonset when it got real cold.

  11. I saw a request yesterday on Fakebook local dog group by a person requesting a source for a particular dog treat. Nothing wrong with that, but then the requestor had to make a big deal about how it absolutely could not contain meat of any kind. Just a wild guess, but I speculate the owner is a virtuous vegan, imposing this on their poor dog. Maybe I’m wrong.

  12. All in all, you’d have to have a pretty well trained dog to sit there and allow that picture to be taken. So yeah, someone’s trolling us and it’s not just Yeahnotwell. My dog would tear that stuff off in about two seconds.

    1. The Gentle Leader can be very effective at restraining the dog. It should never be necessary but it works. It puts the dog on autopilot and makes it very easy to control (it is also for those who are too lazy to teach their dog the basic heel command). Flatties are by nature very gentle, and aim to please (while still trying to playfully convince you that they should get things their way) so probably very easy to make him sit like that. You can see that he is miserable.

  13. It was a joke.I thought.
    Same as the tale of the antiwar protesters who announced they would be napalming a dog at said time and location.
    When the public was horrified,they then asked.
    “but it is Ok to napalm humans?”