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  1. The Democrats are hell bent that if they can’t win and election even dishonestly, they’d crash the system so no one can track the multitude of Crooks that need to be hung by their (enter your favorite part here).
    Just look at everything their current doing is to crash this system with their Wallstreet buddies in a few different areas.
    Creating Chaos as an excuse to shut down the Banking and internet as well.

    Trudeauland will follow suit as they don’t want to be left behind.

    1. Yes.
      This, and everything else, is being done intentionally and with malevolence. And not just in the US but here and throughout the western world.

      Runaway, unchecked, govt spending (without any beneficial utility – none to expand Healthcare capability/capacity during a so-called pandemic); a coordinated media/tech/pharma fear and censorship campaign; lockdowns and restrictions, disproportionately affecting small businesses; deliberately sabotaged/exacerbated supply chain.

      The cumulative effects are a fearful, depressed, jobless and dispossessed population. All while being encouraged, even coerced, into taking an unproven experimental injection of dubious benefit and unprecedented risks. The campaign and mandates increasingly look like a justification to turn every one of us into a barcode readable widget.

      Simultaneously, mega investment firms like Blackrock, scoop up the remnants of what were small businesses, houses and farms, for pennies of their former values, consolidating almost every business and real estate under one monolithic umbrella.

      It seems we are all being herded to a pen with fencing on one side and a cliff on the other. And unfortunately I don’t sense enough urgency to counteract these forces but instead a resignation of inevitability; a passive, tired, shrug admitting that these malign forces are too great to overcome.

      Why is that? Is freedom too great a burden? But we haven’t had to fight for it for generations – we’ve instead been slowly enveloped by nominally “caring” govt (versus antagonistic) . Is there some kind of deep subconscious acknowledgement that we’ve lived too well, for too long, without any kind of reckoning (not including cyclical economic lows). Well whatever the reasons, it seems our moment is arriving faster than any of us anticipated, whether we like it or not.

  2. If Trump was president this would be the top story on all corporate media:

    “Trump Starves America While Feasting on Caviar at Mar-a-Lago; Women and Minorities Hardest Hit”

    1. This is a many-pronged problem, all of them directly attributable to the current Bumbler and Chief and our own Prime Minimum.

      When a major retailer does finally get merchandise in, good luck finding the manpower to stock the shelves. At least, that has been the story here in S. BC for many, many months, now.

      On a side note, while millions have been sitting on their asses enjoying government checks, our local animal rescue shelter still has problems finding enough volunteers. I’ll bet liquor stores, pot stores and gaming retailers have been absolutely swamped with business the past 2 yrs, though.

  3. OOPS… Another mistake.
    (Natural News) Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore has announced that all non-urgent surgeries are being canceled throughout the province due to an overload of sick patients and not enough medical staff.

    Because all unvaccinated nurses and doctors were recently let go from their jobs due to Canada’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates, there are now not enough bodies on-site to handle the influx of sick patients, many of whom are “fully vaccinated.”

    Effective Jan. 5, anyone needing a surgery that the Canadian government deems to be not that important will have to wait indefinitely to receive medical care. The rule applies to both hospitals and independent health clinics throughout Ontario.

    1. Doctors as bureaucrats are no better than accounts as bureaucrats. They are equally as stupid.

  4. Best president ever, elected by the largest majority ever. Even dead people thing he’s the best, that’s why they voted for him in such large numbers. Heck, people love him so much they voted ten, a hundred or even a thousand times for him.

  5. Has anyone else noticed more and more bare shelves in their local supermarket? Here in my neck of the woods, it certainly is becoming the more prevalent theme. I’m still having trouble finding the specialty cat food I need for my aging whiskas, but for the time being, I have found tolerable alternatives.

    1. Well, P.M. Fredeau said that the Federal Government will borrow the money to pay for the lockdowns so that we would not have to borrow it ourselves.
      It appears that the debt has now come due.

    2. Shelves beginning to look bare here in South Jersey. Pasta especially.

      I stocked up on that cheap ass ramen in boxes, Cheerios, and lots of soup in the last week.

    3. The Safeway near where I live in Edmonton hasn’t had cornstarch on its shelves for at least 2 weeks now.

      1. My local Safeway … here in one of the most UPPER UPPER middle class towns of 24k residents in N CA is the WORST … most poorly managed … Safeways in the entire chain. My SAFEWAY appears to be the dumping ground for every bottom tier employee in the region. Not a single employee “looks like” 85% of our community. The shelves have been chronically bare and spotty for the last 2-years. There is rarely more than two checkers during the busiest of times and the lines extend deep into aisles. I always bag my own groceries … as a kindness to the people behind me in line … so they don’t have to wait another 10minutes for the checker to bag my purchases.

        By contrast … when I visit my daughter in her beachfront LA city … her local Ralph’s is fully stocked … prices are at least 25% cheaper (NO exaggeration) and the service is superb. The comparison is shocking. Safeway is a vile operation. I cannot WAIT to get my ass OUT of N CA … here I’ve lived for 66 years. And I will likely be leaving California … for good. A 4th generation Californian who’s had enough.

        1. The Safeways in Canada were purchased by the Sobeys grocery chain several years ago with the stores keeping the name. They changed the name of their in-house brands as well as some of their inventory.

          Others than that, one might not notice much difference.

          The main reason I shop there is that the closest one is about 10 minutes walk away. After that, it would be about 20 minutes to the nearest SuperStore or a short bus ride to Save-On Foods.

          1. Empire is kicking itself for that one. It should have heeded the issues it had with its sole UCFW run Sobeys in Forest Lawn. Now it has to deal with all the Safeways, which all are UCFW.

          2. MikeT:

            It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Safeway ever goes on strike. The last time that happened was in the mid-’90s. In my immediate neighbourhood there was an IGA across the street back then and I often went there instead of enduring the hassle of crossing the picket line.

            After Sobeys/Empire bought Safeway, that IGA was closed and is now a Rexall with a walk-in medical clinic. Now, if Safeway should shut down due to a strike, I’ll have to walk to the aforementioned SuperStore (which is also unionized, though I don’t know which) or take the bus to a Save-On.

  6. Conservative Treehouse has had some interesting insights on grocery store stocking. Has a post today– seems to have experience in that world of commerce given the insights. Also, in the 4+years following I’ve found Sundance to be measured and hopeful. This most recent lot of posts on supply chain/grocery disruption to be cautious and preparatory.

    1. It was after reading one of Sundance’s posts last week that I stocked up. I live in a heavily democrat area so I really DGAF if my hoarding is adversely impacting these morons.

  7. A couple comments prove the Left will stick its heads up its collective asses to proclaim “no shortages!”