11 Replies to “Jonestown Precinct”

  1. Har Har! Let the urban swine get their utopia, good and hard.
    Toronto should implement this enlightened policy.

  2. Seattle was a nice place, been there many times, down at the wharf, the Pikes place where they used to throw the fish over to the the back over the heads of the large crowd to whoever bought it, went to the Kingdome watch the Mariners ball game with the Yankees. The Space needle, the Boing place and so on. The interesting thing was, never saw one police car or a man. It seemed to be so safe.
    The last time, before the Chinese Flu hysteria, the waterfront was empty, at the back of the waterfront, where the buildings are, tents and tents and tents, mostly young people, could not believe it. The Pikes place is not busy.
    Seattle has changed, not that attractive anymore.

  3. Someone send this to Lametti and Trudeau. They can table this type of legislation when parliament resumes.

    Perhaps the police should be disarmed as well, just to keep in line with ordinary Canadians. Hire lots of social workers and negotiators.

    Filling a victim like Vince Li with 9mm lead is SO yesterday.

  4. Seattle huh … sounds like a Soros kinda town… voting machines and mail in ballots… “what could go wrong ? “https://clearballot.com/news/press-release/king-county-washington-states-largest-county-selects-clearvote-its-new-voting

  5. The entire west coast is in decline from Vancouver to Baja thanks to liberal politicians. Don’t expect it to get any better in this lifetime, just do what you can to keep the socialist filth from taking over your city or town.

  6. Calgary has a no pursuit policy. They have two helicopters that assist (when airbourne) in pursuits. There are certain exceptions such as abductions, murder and terrorism but it comes down to the discretion of the senior officer and the street boss (Sgt). All pursuits are reviewed and it is a rarity not to be in breach of policy, even for the most righteous of pursuits.

    Prolific car thieves are known to drive like lunatics and put innocent commuters and pedestrians at risk. I struggled with this policy at first but came to realize that it made the most sense. It was frustrating but there were usually other investigative avenues to use.

    1. I think that in Japan the cars are marked with paint from a paint gun to make them easier to track and identify. No need for car chases.

      Using paint guns is a good example of how the authorities try to help the police do their jobs instead of just a knee jerk handcuffing of them.

  7. You would think that one of the police officers would have thought to box in the stolen car on the sidewalk (apparently easily done as per the video).