20 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. I arrived in SF the year before the author did. 2020 in SF was the most miserable year of my life. So in February 2021 I put most of my belongings in storage and left. I visited 40 states this past year. Met thousands of people. Had long conversations with hundreds of them.

    SF has coped the worst of any place in America IMO. I await someone else who has traveled the country more than I have to prove me wrong.

    I just spent the past 2 days back in SF. Met some friends. Took care of some issued related to the aforementioned belongings in storage. Am leaving tomorrow for Arizona, then Texas, then Southern Alabama / Northern Florida. In these places I won’t be asked for a vax pass to eat food. I won’t see 80% of the population outside, alone, wearing a mask. People will be smiling and friendly.

    San Francisco, heal thyself. But you’re not capable of ever doing so, are you?! Because you’re “progressive”. Uh huh.

    1. Last time in SF, was in 2001. December….after 10 days of work. left to get to SFX mid aft for an evening flight to Calgary

      Bedlam at SFX on Dec 23rd….ended up getting kicked off the 9:30 PM direct flight to Calgary, as the Ticketing agent printed off the Boarding pass using the name Directly below mine….NICE….and my luggage went on.

      I Spent a fitful night in some grey dank hotel out in the middle of freaking nowhere, with squat…no toothbrush, no fresh clothes nadda. Went bk to SFX at 6:15 in the morning, to find a ‘security” lineup near a kilometre long….Talk to an agent and tell him my flight leaves at 8:45 and got moved up…as I’m going through the checkpoint, I hear Some official guy yell Stop.!! Not thinking it was me, I keep moving about 5ft until I’m accosted by some Scared looking baby faced soldier with an M16 in my face..!! .WHOA buddy..!! I am NOT an issue.!! Glad they realized it wasn’t me they wanted and I went off to find my gate. Everyone was beyond paranoid at that time…TERRORISTS EVERYWHERE.!!!

      First thing I did (Air Canada was “kind” enough to apologize big time the night after I REAMED out the Stn manager, with a 300 dollar voucher and First Class ticket home) – boarded and immediately ordered a triple Scotch and think I may have had 2 more on the flight…. I don’t even recall going through Customs…all i had was my wallet.

      What a trip – Christmas Eve 2001.
      Have Never been back

  2. San Fran in 1998 was cool. Fisherman’s warf Alcatraz and some theatre.

    No way in heck would I return.

    Kinda like how I was in Cape Town 2012

    Or New York 2019.

    Times change. I’d rather go to Watrous or Yorkton or Debden and visit the local Chinese restaurant and the local museum.

    1. Bingo, they created a shithole with their politics where they were and still can’t see that they are the problem.

  3. This guy moved to SF in 2015? It was pretty obvious by then what the place had turned into. Zero sympathy for his awakening.

  4. “I’m sure we’ll find plenty to complain about (or maybe we won’t, because hopefully we’ll become less neurotic, too ). But we’re eager for a new chapter, to shake things up a bit, and mint a new identity for ourselves.

    Here’s to the newest corner of the world where the upstarts are gathering”

    I’m not going to guess the political leaning here, but it is probably fair to speculate that everything wrong with SF, is something that the author voted for.

  5. Oh my goodness this is right in my wheelhouse and can’t be stressed enough. You can trace the progressive democrat migration route right up the Pacific Coast Highway to Washington State, immediately entering local politics and proceed to wreck shop.
    In a perfect world people fleeing communist shit hole countries should be welcomed in Florida with open arms, no questions asked…the reprobates from California should be forced to navigate overloaded makeshift rafts built from their Teslas and make landfall at Miami Beach. If they’re successful, cut them a check for their Panama Canal fees.
    Heads up Alberta…it’s happening where you are. Eastern Liberals not only flee because of big city congestion and crushing taxes, they go where the work is.
    50-60 years ago Nenshi and his ilk would have been tarred and feathered.

    1. Florida for now,

      Here is what they talk about on Becks program.
      DeSantis has another turn, won the first by .4%.
      Guessing here, the guy that is moving to the state, will help the so called “Democrats” to win the next time.
      It appears you can’t help those stuck on stupid.

    2. Burton…

      They didn’t stop at the Washington/BC Federal border…One look at the lower MAOland should be enough to see that idiocy has travelled damned near to Alaska

  6. Isn’t it schizophrenia to say “I’m moving to another place that is bad”?
    This is what happens to the upper crust when the reality strikes.
    They are so tolerant of everything as long as the tolerance does not strike them.
    Once the reality strikes and tolerance becomes stuck on stupid, its time to move, strangely enough because they still want to be tolerant but don’t want the consequence of tolerance on stupid.
    These are people that went to school for a long time and know things, heh …
    As normal people know, you got to have civilized people to live in civilized society. Once the civilized move out of the house and live on the street, civilization is losing. Those that have appetite for civilization they move to another place more suitable for their tastes.
    Interesting thing then happens, they turn the place they moved to, into another civilization in decline.

    There is a delicate balance between order and chaos. Order will, given enough time, become oppressive and chaos is complete loss. Most civilizations have found it once they got into that state, none of them survived.
    Once the golden rule is abandoned, you get the tent precincts. The poor countries have what the rich countries call slums.
    People, however poor they are survive the slums with their wits, those in tent precincts have abandoned survivor mode and fit the nihilist, degrading state of socialist/fascist paradise.
    So, then you have that.

  7. I know a woman who was all in favour of a Safe Injection Site opening not far from her home.
    Soon enough the porch thievery and other shit and piss started happening right in front of her yes.
    It wasn’t long before she was at the Site telling them she supports them but that people were stealing and running back there for protection.
    That’s when she found out the site wouldn’t let the po-po in, lol, and they didn’t give a rat’s ass about somebody thieving her neighbour’s Amazon order or even her presence.

    I relish that story.

    1. Leftists are the only people on the planet who STILL look at this cancer … and feeeeeeeeel … as though it’s “unfair” if they aren’t also suffering from it. They keep voting for cancer patients who infect the whole community with their malignant policies. And their own suffering makes them feeeeeeeeel as though they carrrrreeeee.

      Leftists will NEVER, EVER, EVER fix this … EVER.

      Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom sips fine Opus 1 wine over his $12k family dinner at the French Laundry … then, home to a peaceful 60-acre wine country estate.

  8. In the lower Twatter comments was a concerning quote. The author was saying that he was going to bring his Demoncrap tho king and voting with him to Florida. The locals need to look him up and burn him out. Despite there being Demoncrap alternatives, I.e. Denver, he was going to go in and destroy instead.

  9. Academics and other progressives have become so sophisticated and avant garde that they’ve forgotten or abandoned what makes a society desirable and prosperous, such as democracy, individual freedom, and the rule of law. Instead equality — not equality of opportunity or equality before the law, but equality of results — has become their Holy Grail.

    And it isn’t working, as most knew it wouldn’t.