Passport To Nowhere

Safe and effective;

Despite every cruise line requiring passengers and crew to be fully vaccinated before boarding, a cruise ship returning from a sail across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea with thousands of passengers onboard detected an outbreak of COVID-19, according to AP News.

Norwegian Breakaway, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, departed from the Port of New Orleans on Nov. 28 and sailed to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico, with more than 3,000 people on board.

Ahead of returning to its homeport in New Orleans, the cruise line detected 17 COVID infections among its guest and crew. Those who were infected were fully vaccinated and were forced into quarantine.

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  1. Only 17 out of 3,000 living in cramped, filthy conditions.

    Thanks once again for proving the vaccines work, SDA.

    1. You must have gotten the best scores in journalism school to be able to swing and switch a narrative so quickly.
      Congratulations my friend, your great at it!

    2. It was only a 7 day cruise with everyone vaccinated. Who of the 17 brought it aboard?

    3. Nice fake post. I didn’t make it. However, the vaccines definitely lower your chances of being infected.

      1. Well real Allan, it does tell something about you when fake stupidity sounds so much like genuine stupidity. You can ponder this one for a while, but not too much.

      2. Uh….no they don’t actually. I’d suggest you check out the data around the world and take a look for the correlation between date of vaccines and increases in cases.

        1. They data says….. the vaccines dramatically reduce your chance of infection, hospitalization, needing ICU, or death.

          Right now Manitoba has 34 people in ICU. 30 are unvaccinated even though 81% of the province 5+ is fully vaccinated. That is a huge risk reduction.

          1. Funny how that works. Deny routine medical treatment to the unvaccinated, as they do here in B.C., deny effective treatment such as monoclonal antibodies to high risk unvaccinated who are infected, and send them home with an admonishment not to bother anybody unless they get really sick. And you think it’s the lack of vaccination that puts the unvaccinated in the ICU? You little Fascist thug. By the way, half the deaths from Covid in BC in October were in the fully vaccinated. It doesn’t seem to work as well as you claim it does.

          2. There is a difference between what data says and what the media/political narrative says.
            Most of us know that.

          3. Wait. Why should a VAXED person be in the ICU at all. Isn’t that why the pushed the shot, claiming you would not get that sick. Sounds like failure to me.

      3. MMmmmkay … sure. At what cost? The complete destruction of public trust in the government. The abasement of the scientific method by official “government” “science”. Untold levels of vaccine injuries and deaths that when compare with the mass vaccinations for polio and smallpox, are utterly staggering, the complete annihilation of any meaningful liberty in the West, for which the West will pay a savage price in the years to come. The risk of mass downstream all-cause mortality of the vaxxed skyrocketing.

        All for a virus with an overal survivability rate in excess of 99%, except in the highly vulnerable and comorbid.

        I should know. Asthmatic, survivor of several fights with pneumonia, fought off bacterial infections on top of Covid. Unaided. Confirmed case. Even had the Covid toes. It sucked to be in bed for 4 days. I said to me wife “we blew up the entire f**king Western World for this sh*t????”

        As far as the “Covid response” of Western governments goes, the operation was a roaring success. Too bad the patient died as a result.

    4. What do you mean ” cramped filthy conditions.” This is a cruise ship and people pay a lot of money to travel on them. Most are kept very clean.

    5. I think the point of the vaccines are NOT to prevent you from getting it, but in effect, prevent you from dying from it.

      As in you will have a greater chance surviving than not.

      How it got onto the cruise ship? Probably a non vaxxed staff, even though officially everyone was suppose to have it.

      And yeah 17 is a low number, remember February last year out of 3711 on board a cruise liner, 544 were infected and 314 asymptomatic.

      A good case study is from the cdc website. Before knocking the CDC who’s word would you take, a Japanese Institute for Infectious Diseases or some random poster reading Facebook while sitting on the toilet?

      1. Johnbrooks….not sure what you are implying. I personally do not get my facts from FB. PANDA and Dr Bryam Brindle are 2 of the many sources I trust. And CDC gets money from Gates Foundation.
        Most posters here are well informed.
        You are missing a few points with your speculation:
        Do you really think a nonvaxxed staffer would be allowed on board?
        Vaxxed are ending up in hospital with the illness, and as you may recall it is not a ‘deadly disease'(99.5% chance of recovery).
        Most Wuhan flu cases have not been hospitalised.

      2. John.

        That’s NOT what Fauci said at the start of this mess.
        When it failed to work, he then moved the goal post to not dying.

        Remember, get the jab and no more masks or being shut in.

        As someone who has known about Dr Fauci since the 1980s with all his AIDs errors. Only a fool would believe him or the CDC.

    6. Hey Allen
      I take it, you’ve never been on a cruise ship. Most a far cleaner than many hospitals.
      If you have any memory. They had flu type bug years ago and the clean ship were made far cleaner.

      I guessed you missed the part. The folks were VAXED.
      Dr Fauci claimed, once you got the shot. You were safe. Wasn’t long before he had to walk-away from that comment.

      Stupid sure follows you.

  2. You’ve never been on a cruise ship, have you?

    I’ve been on several. I’ve never seen so much obsessive, chemically-based cleaning of virtually every surface that it’s possible for a human to touch. ”Cramped, filthy conditions” they definitely ain’t.

    1. Yeah, I cruised with Norwegian from October 14th to 29th and the ship was much cleaner than any Calgary hospital.

      I never understand why people spout such garbage about cruise ships.

      1. Cruise ships are looked down on by vacation purists that consider them the McDs of vacationing.

        1. True. Only crass idiots patronize ocean-killing floating brothels. Cruisers are the lowest of the low.

          1. I glory in my lowlifeiness.

            I slither on my belly through the oceans of the world spewing ocean killing joy and fun on them, then eating and drinking well, dancing the Tango and the Cha Cha on the heads of lefties imprisoned in the hold for just that purpose.

            Ah, la vida rosada.

            After my lefty head whack a moling I believe I shall have a spinach and bacon Omelet for breakfast at 5 AM with a nice crisp cold sauvignon blanc while I savor the evil of my cruisinous self.

            Be there. Next May. Princess lines to St Petersburg from Copenhagen. We have hold space left for your head.

            Yes, I know you are being facetious, so join us, there are always a few lefty heads around to explode – though not many on a cruise.

          2. I’m guessing your worthless comment on something you’ve never been on. Shows, you don’t have the free cash to cruise.

  3. That vaxxed people can and do carry covid and get symptoms is well documented. Any provincial database shows it.
    Who are we still trying to convince here.
    Given my provincial cumulative infection rate of 4 percent I would suggest that 17 in 3000 or so was a pretty high spread, but those 17 could have all been in one group….
    Not really news.

  4. Leaky, ineffective, cytotoxic, conflicted, corrupt, and next to useless; just like your government! 🙂


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  5. Cmon now, you’re so naive! ……. We all know it’s because of the unvaccinated that a cruise ship has an outbreak that requires 100 percent fully vaccinated.

    Just like nazis, doesn’t matter what’s right or wrong as it’s policy now, the Jews are done in Europe.

    We may not get there but the parallels are exactly the same in it’s beginnings.

    1. I dunno about that. It doesn’t look like there’ll be a German-led coalition flouting the dictates of the NWO and taking the fight to the Commies any time soon, more’s the pity…


    The CDC stated that when cruise lines began resuming “revenue voyages” from the U.S. in the last four months, between June 26 – October 21, 2021, there were 1,359 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 on cruise ships reported to the CDC.

    And this gem…

    “Cruise lines like Carnival will never disclose when a passenger dies due to COVID-10. Nor will the cruise lines admit when there are repeated virus outbreaks on consecutive cruises.”

    1. How would they know if a passenger died of “covid”? Everybody dies of “covid”.

    2. Define “laboratory-confirmed”. We know the PCR tests have at least a 50% false positive rate. At the 35-40 cycles the provinces have been running them at, the false positive rate could be as high as 93%.

  7. And then you got Australia.
    Concentration camp?; Internment camp?; Summer camp?
    You decide.

    Visitor describes what Australia’s COVID camps are REALLY like

    Keep telling you, little bit by little bit by little bit, they will get you, you won’t even notice until too late.
    And the proletariat will agree for free stuff and festivals of nothingness.

    Been there, done that, 55 years back. That’s why I came to this country. Apparently there is no place to hide.

    Burkina Faso maybe?

    1. If you check the Covid data from Australia against the date of vaccinations and boosters you will see a close correlation between the “vaccinations” and the increase in new cases and deaths. And those in Australia have little natural immunity….they might be sitting ducks.

      1. Only to say that at this point in time, the data, whoever produced it, whoever is supporting it, whoever is propagating it, to many, means absolutely zero.
        The “data”, the percentages, the numbers here and there, are a creation of their authors and what’s their favor.
        The truth is nowhere to be found.
        And that’s the truth.
        Instead of treatment they play with numbers like jugglers, what ever, where ever, once here, other time there.
        As in earlier post,, does the treatment work? If yes why is it not used.
        The Pfizer, Moderna, would be out of the picture.
        So then you have that.

  8. I’ve been intentionally avoiding posting for a while now. Depressing to see what we have become.
    Had my girls escape to the free states while the getting was good, they are still there.

    We are basically waiting to see who dies first, the remaining untreated, or the sheep. Neither is an attractive option. The plandemic is proceeding as it should, maybe all of us should step back, and ask what in the hell is actually going on.

    Those that are treated seem to believe the moral high ground is exclusively theirs. History has shown that a tenuous position, fraught with nasty consequences. Backing people into compressing societal boxes, based on some imaginary status… does not end well.

    I find it amusing, that the pro abortion, my body my choice types, and the hardcore veggies – anti gmo, organic eaters have embraced the mRNA treatments with a vengeance. Almost like maybe they are a bit fascist at heart…

    I am done with this variant, and the next, I will live my life with as much joy and happiness as I can. If I die tomorrow, I will die a free man, with no regrets.

      1. Thanks Lew, and to you as well. Tough times. I often wonder if I’m doing it right. Then I look at my kids. Somebodies got to set an example. Don’t know if I’m right, or wrong. But I do know what I believe. And I believe we are headed down a dark path.

        1. Tom, I tried to set a path for my kids but they have rushed headlong into the insanity, vaxxed, them and the grandkids. I am the only one not vaxxed and I am old and don’t give fuck. I guess they can play vax roulette along with all the other sheep.

    1. Nice thoughts Tom, but allow me to substitute the word “motorcycle helmets” for where you refer to the vaccine.

      Enjoy your life a free man, and die a free man, with no regrets….EXCEPT, those after you who have to either clean up the mess or think what a senseless death that could have been avoided.

      I hear the same words from blowhard bikers. Funny they are the most antigovernmental types, but wear their helmets.

      1. Greater chance of dying from a motorcycle crash than from dying from wuhan flu.
        That strawman argument failed a long time ago.

      2. EXCEPT, those after you who have to either clean up the mess

        Die peacefully in your own bed and someone still has to dispose of the corpse.

        Seatbelt and helmet laws are entirely about forcing compliance, not protection.

        1. “Seatbelt and helmet laws are entirely about forcing compliance, not protection.”


      3. “I hear the same words from blowhard bikers.”

        Bite me.

        Another internet “expert” who has probably never been on a street bike in his life. Has no idea how much helmets restrict visibility or hearing or the fact that, at 60 mph they weigh over 50 lbs and can snap your spinal cord like that. Or the full face ones that snag the ground with the chin protector as they slow down and, again, snap your spinal cord.

        I wear my helmet in Canuckistan because I have to. As soon as I hit US customs, that helmet is stowed away on the bitch bar or in luggage. Been riding stateside for >40 years, probably put on close to 100,000 miles across 10 western states all the way down to Mexico & back, inland & on the coast, the lion’s share without a helmet. Never been in an accident, never been involved in a collision, never caused one. Curious, that…

        They say helmets & seat belts save lives. Again, typical bullshit bureaucratic solution. Just like Chinese coronavirus. Chase the effect, rather than the cause. How about we address the cause? Like avoiding collisions & accidents in the first place? Rider & driver education and regular riding/driving tests, to start. On the Chinese coronavirus side, Ivermectin, HCQ, etc., as a prophylactic and a treatment instead of “go home until you’re sick enough to come to the hospital”, long after the disease has had a chance to set in good & hard. That’s not a treatment system, that’s a death sentence for many. And a leaky “vaxxine” isn’t the answer, either.

        No, I don’t wear seatbelts either, unless I see a cop approaching. Last accident I was in was a rollover back in ’79. No seatbelt & the only injury injuries I sustained were a couple of glass cuts from shattered glass, 2 stitches. A seatbelt wouldn’t have changed the outcome but a slap upside the head for being a stupid young male may have. And yes, I have seen the other side. I was on a volunteer fire, ambulance & rescue department for 7 years in my home town long ago. I saw seatbelts save lives & take lives. Either way, it was their choice.

        I often find that the same people pushing seatbelts & helmets and complaining about some poor soul having to clean up the mess afterwards are the self-same idiots who are fine with someone blowing their heads off with a firearm or are fine with intravenous drug users & all the problems they create.

        The last thing I need is some brain-dead gov’t idiot telling me how to save myself. The last two years have merely been further confirmation of the ignorance, idiocy, stupidity & incompetence of all levels of gov’t that I have known about for decades.

    2. I noticed that as well, regarding the anti-GMO’s.
      Here’s another thought. Since the vaccines were released a year ago, I doubt anyone had the original Alpha infection.
      Most likely all Delta, which we already know was reported with less IFR.
      So are vaccines really preventing death? There is no apples to apples and never will be.
      Also, no one’s been able to explain to me “more” contagious. It’s an air-born virus. Do these variants have some kind of superglue on their molecules, or like a mushroom instead of 100 million spores they have 1,000 billion spores?

  9. This should be fun. I just reported as misinformation 17 different YouTube content providers (each a claimed physician) who claim that “vaccinations” provide a longer immune stage than natural immunity. I took the time to quote the WHO’s content on the matter which states unequivocally that this remains unknown at present using current knowledge and available tests.

    A buddy of mine who happened to stop in tonight is a rather well known attorney and he suggested I cc him on each report to YouTube, which I gladly did. Will I be ignored, chastised, or de-platformed?

    1. Perhaps all of the above…eventually.

      Good luck with presenting an alternate opinion…it’s not allowed these days. 🙁

    2. Orson,

      That is brilliant! Please keep SDA posted. Every act of resistance makes a difference.

      Thank you.

  10. Tom, well said, those are my sentiments as well.
    Regarding the question of how did the bug get on the ship when all were supposedly 100% Vaxxed!
    The obvious undisputed answer is that the vaxxed can carry and spread. The tests can be wrong. But there is one more. False forged documents. We are talking about people here right.
    Since the vaccines are proving to not protect 100% the hesitant will look for ways to live life, survive and maintain sovereignty over their bodies.

  11. Thanks to Dr Malone, Dr McCullough, Dr Weinstein, Dr Zelenko, et al and the doctors of the FLCCC, who, early on, recognized that something was amiss with the public health response. How is it that so many medical professionals, academics, and public officials all succumbed to the same rigid, monolithic, one size fits all mind set, and that no one thought outside the box? I don’t know if it was peer pressure, the band wagon effect, or access to funding that enabled this half assed policy to spread to all the advanced countries. It is amazing that the mediocrities who promoted these policies assume it won’t catch up with them and that it won’t scuttle their legacies. Or, are we wrong? Will they get away with gaslighting for the foreseeable future?

    1. You only need to look at the history of the discovery that h. pylori caused stomach ulcers rather than stress to understand how unscientific the medical community actually is.

      (TL;DR: the doctor who hypothesized that ulcers were caused by a bacteria had to go the mad scientist supervillain route of deliberately infecting himself with h. pylori, then treating it successfully with antibiotics, to get the medical community to even consider he might be on to something)