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    1. From the shadows, a new dark lord will arise, and Xi/Xer will be swathed in flame and all shall prostrate themselves and despair.

  1. Parag Agrawal is taking over his position. In case you don’t know who that is…he was running Project Bluesky…which is essentially the entity within Twitter that writes the algorithms to censor content. Same cesspool…different pile of sh*t. But, it’s bigger and they removed the lightbulbs so you can’t see where you’re walking.

  2. So, it looks like they will be replacing one Censor in Chief…..for another Censor in Chief.

    Big whoop.

    The only difference is that the new guy……..calls people in the evenings and says they need to get him some prepaid cards to fix an error……or asking if we want our ducts cleaned.
    Or maybe he’s from the CRA…….who knows.

  3. While this here guy does not engage at the twits, will comment that there is no change in anything but a name.
    The Dorsey guy, gots his stocks and he can walk and never worry about a thing.
    So why not?
    Everything else remains and perhaps will be refined to exclude words like man, freedom, liberty and other such to make sure that the generation that uses it will never remember what they stand for.
    As per newspeak, those words will be assigned opposite meaning by the dictionaries.

      1. Ed & Thucy

        Ditto to both of ya….add the Alien at META…and ya got a 3some.
        May all 3 rot in hell

    1. I agree with Weird Beard. I actually like beards on men, but neatly trimmed, thank you. The whole Old Testament/Duck Dynasty beards which look like they catch a lot of food, just do NOT do it for me.

  4. Stepped Down!!!??/ Please, I’ll bet that this sleepwalker had nothing to do with running or management of the business. He was just the frontman(person). That was plainly evident after the first or second Rogan interview.

  5. The best part is they will very unlikely reach their goal of 315 million monetized users. If they do, there are more brain dead sheeple than we care to know.

    1. Gab is fine, but being a true freedom of speech site it does mean that there are what some people may consider to be a**holes of various persuasions – there are certainly one or two that will truly offend you, no matter what your political, religious or sexual persuasion.

      The trick is to put up with it for a while, see what they have to say and if they are irredeemable a**holes, then make use of the block feature, and never see anything from them ever again. Once you have cleaned out lunatics and merchants of hate, it’s a pretty good site to visit/use. Particularly because YOU are free to say what you want. Most people will let you get away with one or two over the top comments when you get passionate about something, that is what freedom of speech is all about. Keep haranguing people with your crackpot ideas and you just end up on more and more block lists.

      Try it. It is a refreshing change.

  6. I assume Jacky quit because he can see the handwriting on the wall. Lately the Feds have been deciding what Twatter is allowed to post and what it is not, and they have been tightening the screws. Jacky does not want to be the fall-guy who gets raided by the FBI when whoever has their hand up the presidential sock puppet snaps his fingers. By getting out now he avoids all the risk and keeps all the rewards.

    Parag Agrawal is now the go-to guy for the FBI to raid. He thinks his virtue signalling will protect him, which only goes to show that Jacky is the smarter guy.

  7. New headline… Marxist psychopath pedo pretends to quit his job as chief censor and propogandist at Twatter making way for another Marxist psychopath to pretend he runs the CIA, I mean, twatter. Fun times for fascists.

    Imagine the terror a child feels when they see Jack Dorsey and his Rasputin beard creep into the room they’re being held against their will in. A modern day Dracula without conscience.

  8. Well sure,like that critter in our PMO,resigned but never went away..
    Jack will move to a “special advisory position” where he can’t be held accountable for a thing.
    Never played in that pigpen and will never do so.
    Same with fake book..
    If it is free,you are the product.

  9. I’m wondering if there’s a connection to a well publicised but secret trial in the U.S. now… Not that I ever had any expectation of anyone significant (or significantly awful) going down over it. The fixes are in. But it’s nice to ponder that maybe Dorsey, slime that he is, jumped instead of being pushed. And maybe he isn’t sure he’ll be among the spared otherwise.

    If they find him floating face down in a river, with a knife in his back, poison in his bloodstream, a plastic bag over his head, toilet paper tightly wrapped around his neck, and a burnt-out toaster still clutched in his electrocuted hands, it’ll obviously be deemed a suicide…