32 Replies to “Keep Complying … Forever!”

  1. 1. While speaking at a rally in Alabama this weekend, former U.S. President Donald Trump was booed by supporters after he said he recommended they get the COVID-19 vaccine.
    “I believe totally in your freedoms, I do, you gotta do what you gotta do,” Trump said, receiving cheers with the statement.
    “But I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it, it’s good, take the vaccines,” he continued.


    2. I’m as frustrated and fed up with the selfish idiots who won’t do the right thing and get vaccinated as I am with government overreach. … I have been told by many otherwise intelligent people that COVID is a hoax, that it’s no worse than the flu, that vaccines are more dangerous than the virus itself. These are all false claims — not supported by the facts. Get your damn shot and stop claiming that a video sent to you by your mother’s boyfriend’s second cousin is “research” that proves all the scientists are wrong and purposely hiding the truth.
    Brian Lilley


    1. Straw man argument. The purpose of mass vaccination, as spelled out in the video, was to allow a return to normal life. No masks, no restrictions, no lockdowns. A 100% vaccination rate would not change any of this, since this particular vaccine simply wears off within a few months. I’ve never argued that Covid was a hoax, but rather that people were deliberately misled as to the effectiveness of the vaccine.

      1. None of us has made that argument, Dennis. Those that claim that we have are the ones trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and yes, sadly, that includes Brian Lilley, whom I though was an ally.

        You’re right. Typical “straw-man” subterfuge, as practiced daily by progressives intent on destroying our society in order to rebuild it in their own image of utopia.

    2. COVID is a hoax, that it’s no worse than the flu, that vaccines are more dangerous than the virus itself. These are all false claims — not supported by the facts

      80% of deaths in Ontario have been in nursing homes among people 80+ years of age with multiple comorbidities (which is why they’re in nursing homes). This is an indisputable fact, taken straight from the government’s own databases. I laughed out loud when it was printed in bold on the cover of the local seniors magazine.

      Outside of nursing homes, COVID kills a little under 1100 Ontarians a year. More people die of Alzheimers, you propaganda bot.

      1. ‘80% of deaths in Ontario have been in nursing homes among people 80+ years of age with multiple comorbidities’

        1. Tell me something I don’t know.

        2. Just because I quote someone does not necessarily mean I agree with him. My objective was to expose conservatives.

        3. You have chosen to insult me, as if I care. I will not respond likewise.

    3. some guy in the Sun is frustrated with government overreach but is happy to try to bully people into the same thing. whatever. I don’t care about Lilley’s feelings. He’s so emotional he’s irrational. When people say stuff like this it boils down to insecurity and an inability to manage their own feelings. What I hear when I read that kind of bullying is: “I did it and I feel insecure about my decision unless everyone else does it too. Validate me! make me feel right.” I would never reward a bully. I would never go along to “get some one off my back” because guess what you just taught that person and guess what you will now get more of. Some nag got you to put some trial phase novel technology in your body. What’s the limit after that?

    4. Rizwan nothing is more dangerous than the govt, they r using this “pandemic” to reset society. The govt knew about this virus dec 2019 and did nothing about it for a reason. Since Mar 2020 it’s been nothing but fear and misinformation, fuelled by the govt and msm. It only takes something like 2 weeks of fear to psychologically f#ck up a person.

      “The emotional panic that accompanies fear actually shuts down the prefrontal cortex, or the rational thinking part, of our brains. In other words, when we are consumed by fear, we stop thinking.
      A populace that stops thinking for itself is a populace that is easily led, easily manipulated and easily controlled…
      in order to keep us safe and secure, the government must militarize the police, strip us of basic constitutional rights and criminalize virtually every form of behavior.“

      That was written nearly 5 years before the ‘vid was released, just goes to show the govt never lets a crisis go to waste!


      1. Thanks for the link. With minor changes, this could have been written yesterday. Self-evident truths.

      2. @KindaCrispy

        True. Covid control has nothing to do with covid and everything to do with control.

        Read up on the Milgram Shock Experiment if you haven’t already.

    5. I agree the amount of neigh sayer’s on here is scary. I PERSONALLY know, not a friend of friend, people who just passed away from Covid and those who were near death and had the shot.

      The ones I know who died did NOT have the shot.

      COVID is real, lockdowns aren’t, but get your shot.

      1. I will NOT COMPLY and get my shot.
        You first and don’t forget your boosters, K ?
        Show me the way.

  2. hahahahahaha. I hate to say I told you so. No one, repeat, no one, is vaccinated against that which does not exist. The vaxxes are causing serious problems world wide and Canadians just keep their heads firmly up their ideology and believe the lies. EU database 29,934 vax deaths. UD 27k plus. Really safe and really effective.

    1. Preaching to the choir, VOWG… With few exceptions, notably Allan S being one of them, we all agreed with you.

  3. The vaccines don’t work. Period.

    When will your ruling class admit that? Likely NEVER. They have been inoculated with Unconstitutional POWER … and they’ve gone completely mental. Hopefully, ALL the Public Health Officials get FIRED for incompetence one day.

    And yes … as of now … I am fully vaccinated. But I’m not DUMB … I know the vaccine won’t save me.

    1. Can’t prevent infection, transmission, mitigate illness, or prevent death. No one is vaccinated against anything with any of the shots. That sir is a medical fact.

  4. The sad truth is, COVID-19 is a bio weapon developed by researchers and government, because they could, and will, get away with it.
    Nobody ‘responsible’ for this, will hang.

    1. Greg, I have said this when the weapon thing was bandied about. If it is a weapon it was the worst one ever developed. It has a 0.26 fatality rate as low or lower than the seasonal flu. The insane psyop surrounding this is worse than any weapon and the experimental drugs seem to be the icing on the fraud cake. Turning governments against the people, and people against their own people, is freaking evil beyond the pale.

      1. Correction: The vaccine is the bio-weapon along with its undisclosed payload. They have to keep injecting you with “boosters” to get lift off. COVID-19 was just the excuse to get you to roll up your sleeve, forever.

  5. Someone who has contracted covid and recovered has (according to one study from Israel) 23 – 28 times the level of immunity of someone double / treble / quadruple vaxxed but the covid passports only give ‘freedoms’ to the vaxxed. As mentioned on here a couple of days ago, it is nothing to do with stopping covid and everything to do with you getting the shot.

    It’s not a pandemic, it’s an intelligence test.

    1. Anyone remember when Merck announced that they would not be developing a vaccine and that for most people it was better to contract the virus and develop natural immunity. Whatever happened yo thst idea?

  6. Every time cases rise it is an excuse to move the goal posts. COVID is not going away by forcing us to hide in our basements. Too many sheeple are stupid enough to believe it will. I know because I encounter them daily. Not one of them can put two and two together and come out with four.

    Lockdowns will only prolong the problem. But it makes for better control.

  7. At the hospital (my workplace) in my town there was a large difference between the severity of the WuFlu illness in non vaccinated vs. vaccinated patients. There was always at least 95% unvaccinated KungFlu on ventilators and always over 80% unvaccinated non ventilator admissions. My community was around 45% vaccinated at the time of the last peak. Two hospital acquaintances , each 50 or so, died from WuFlu pneumonia. If I hadn’t been infected I would have taken the vaccine. I am in my sixties and without medical problems.

  8. Slouching into 70. New England. I still don’t know anyone who got sick, let alone died. This after two years. And it seems to me I am surrounded by diabetic, fat body smokers, potheads and drunks.


    1. I only know five people who contracted it. All five were vaccinated. The husband of one is not vaccinated and he has yet to catch it.

        1. I suggest a read of the book recently put out be Robert Kennedy (not my favourite person) entitled Fauci. Saint Fauci is an odious poison dwarf, his colleagues and partners are the arsonists now pretending to be the fire fighters. The past history, particularly with respect to orphan children being used as test subjects is horrifying. Much more so than even the dog issue. Do not think the book will be well received by the narrative keepers.