15 Replies to “L.G.B.”

  1. It would be great if the videos on small dead animals were in a form that are easier to share once new information displaces thank in them near future. Either a downloadable version or a link to where they can be found on the web.

    1. I just “right-clicked” on it, saved it to my desktop and can send it as an attachment via email.

  2. I second John’s comment. I would like to send this video to some of my “Anti-Nascar” friends 😉

  3. “I’m Joe Biden, and I forgot this message”

    Thanks, Francisco, that had me smiling from start to finish.

    While I am at it, thanks as always to ALL at SDA who keep this sight fresh and rolling along.

    Also, I will ‘3rd’ John’s suggestion.

    1. And slipping in Butthead saying …. “I am Cornholio” as Biden balls his fists in a truly psychotic display … had me cackling louder than Kamelllla.

      PS … Cornholio is a cousin of Cornpop … “ real bad dudes”

  4. You can forward it right from here.
    Just copy and paste the link from SDA from the comments page window.
    Do it all the time.
    That way my contacts can enjoy all your creative comments too.

    1. I have a slightly more complicated way, but doing it this way allows you to download the video onto your desktop.
      1- View page source.
      2- Depending on your browser, to open up the “Find” feature.
      3- Search for “.mp4”. This will take you to the link for the embedded video.
      4- Copy the link (I ‘right-click’ and select “Copy link address”
      5- Open a new tab, or new window, and paste the link into the address bar.
      This will display the video in a surrounding blank page.
      As a bonus, select the three vertical dots on the lower-right corner of the vid window. Another context menu appears, where you can select “Download”, and now you have your own personal copy of the video.

      I have a mountain of videos stored on my computer using this method, and I just used it again to capture “LGB”

      I should also mention that I use BRAVE as my browser, but I believe all the major browsers have the same capacity.

  5. Now let’s see one about a certain Canadian politician….. whose name escapes me right now…. (yeah, right).

  6. Joe Biden was the most popular man in American history a few short months ago, we were told over and over again he got 80 trillion votes, where has the love gone?