Democrats: The New Authoritarians

Dear Democrats in America, do you realize what you’ve become? Simple thought experiment: If Trump were in power and the FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, and the tech monopolies were monitoring everything in your lives, would you still be in full support of them?

12 Replies to “Democrats: The New Authoritarians”

  1. Before 2016: “The 2nd Amendment is an anachronism, and the idea that American citizens might have to take up arms against a tyrannical government in DC is a fantasy, such a situation will NEVER arise.”


    1. ++++++++++/\..!!! V10

      EXACTLY…amazing how quick the narrative changes eh..??

      If anything in my remaining years, to see the Corporate HQ’s of every snivelling Filthy NAZI Media Company go up in flames or from a quasi controlled Demolition….my life would be Complete.

      Starting with the CBC, CTV & Global

  2. Just about everybody in government is an authoritarian.
    The power of governments increases continually while the liberty of the individual is inversely diminished.
    Its what all too many voters want.
    Many of your neighbors are your enemy.

  3. “Misinformation” = “things the left doesn’t want you to hear.”

    Balkanization is way overdue.

  4. At this point in history, the only conservatives I want to see elected are vengeful ones.

    If you are going to use your election to promote unity with libs or foster conversation and debate, you’re 20 years past your expiration date.

  5. I look forward to living in a world where social media companies are owned and operated by good men who routinely forward information on the criminal activities of “progressives” to law enforcement.

    We can resume serious discussion of the right to privacy when the left is crushed and their patrons expropriated. Until then, the New Rules apply.

  6. The guy is being very gentle and charitable calling the totalitarian diktators wannabees, authoritarian.

  7. There hasn’t been any “liberalism” (liberty-based direction) in what the progressive language engineers have popularized as liberals for decades. They are all now fascists, socialists and communists by objective definition. Conservatives or Republicans are almost as illiberal. If politicians were psychologically screened to prevent those pathologically disposed to running other peoples lives from running, very few would qualify. The reality is that the vast majority who run for office should be disqualified simply for wanting the job. The leviathan state in western bankrupt welfare states is a monster that grows and destroys civilization and is in lockstep with the institutional left in all sectors. Only statists need apply for the political offices controlled by leviathan.

  8. Leviathan must die.
    Before it consumes everything of value.
    for Government,the bureaus,are like fire.
    A fine servant and a terrible master.
    Both know only, how to consume.

    Our national debt and constant deficits demonstrate the competence of these destroyers.
    There really is a thing they do well.
    Hence the desperation of our Greedy Evil Bastards,who know they must control the bureaus,so they can use them to destroy all competition.

    Amusing news item yesterday,France bestows a medal on Canadian WW2 veteran,what the Old Guy says is priceless.
    About freedom,what Canada used to have.

    Democrats are anything but democratic.
    Demon possessed Rats better describes their actions.
    And some of their “star politicians” really look like there is a demon crammed into their body…
    Maybe we should start sprinkling Holy Water on them before we bother to attempt conversation?

    Although I have more intelligent arguments with my dog than I have ever had with a Talking Points Liberal Zombie.