9 Replies to “Darwin Award Cancelled”

        1. You’re damned right I don’t. Now excuse me while I go bite my pillow and dream of Pete Buttgieg boner inducing fake boobs.

  1. “You know who believes these lies? The best educated”

    The only point I can disagree with.

    Woke progressive leftists are not educated, they’re trained.

    We need to replace the word “educated” with “trained” in order to accurately reflect reality.

    1. Fair point, besides, data shows that people with PhDs are actually among the least likely to get vaccinated.

    2. Again, being educated is being confused with being intelligent. Any idiot can obtain a PhD. I can name off many well known idiots who go by “Doctor”. Most of whom have a conniption if you fail to address them as such.
      On the other hand, many very intelligent people have only basic educations. They have done well for themselves. This angers many Gender Studies PhD types working at Starbucks.

      And glad to see Mr Prager is doing well.

  2. I’m glad he’s OK, but he lost my patronage when he waxed poetic about all the wonderful Moslems in the IDF.