Don’t Walk it Off

The Jerusalem Post- Health Ministry to consider asking newly vaccinated to avoid working out The Health Ministry may ask newly vaccinated people to avoid exercise for a week due to a small number of myocarditis cases.

Vaccination Status of COVID-19 Deaths in Ireland between 1st April 2021 and 9th October 2021

From the UK- COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 41.

In the UK report pages 10, 13  and 16 are the ones I find most interesting. High level of vaccine uptake amongst the older more vulnerable population, more covid cases needing hospitalization in the double vaccinated, by a long shot, and more deaths as well.

How’s that vaccine passport working in Ontario?

And before I forget “Operation Red Nose” has been cancelled again this year in Canada.  So vaxxed or not if you get liquored up this holiday season you’re on your own.

Operation Red Nose Steinbach/ La Broquerie will not be offering its safe ride campaign this year. This follows a similar announcement made earlier in the week by the national Operation Red Nose office.

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  1. The thing that is possibly the most interesting in the vaccine surveillance report is the rate of infection per 100,000 is starting to be much higher in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. In the last report if you are over 30, you have a higher chance of being infected if you are vaccinated.
    However the hospitalization and death rates are lower for the vaccinated. I am not exactly sure why. The whole theory is that the vaccine reduces viral load, but I am not sure if that is true after a certain number of months passes.

    1. I have a theory, especially given it is only requiring an overnight stay: you are a doctor, whether you know it to be true or not, you have media harping on the unvaccinated with covid die. You have someone, 35, a bit plump, feverish, not pneumonia on the X-ray but feeling ill enough to present to you. If it’s covid and they are unvaccinated how comfortable are you about being sued letting them walk out with safety instructions and inhalers? Would you perhaps feel medicolegally more comfortable saying “overnight observation” just to be sure they are not one of the ones who decompensate? On the other hand if they’re vaccinated you can more comfortably say they can’t sue if they decompensate.
      Or that’s my thoughts

      1. If you are a Dr in Canada you have unlimited tax payer provided legal funds and every other Dr to CYA for you.

        1. If you are a doctor in Canada today you are a party to crimes against humanity and I hope a bunch of you swing for it.

    2. Craig, it is not true that the hospitalization and death rates are lower for the vaccinated, they are not and the government is lying about it.

      1. Ivermectin is only forbidden for those who test positive for COVID and only those who have refused to take the experimental mRNA treatment are tested. I have heard multiple reports from the USA about how if you are jabbed and show up at the hospital with suspected COVID, doctors treat you with ivermectin. They can get away with it because being unjabbed you aren’t officially COVID.

  2. Anyone know how to find out who the major shareholders are in a given company? Like Aquitas Therapeutics, for example?

      1. Yes, thank you for pointing out my typo. It is indeed Acuitas Therapeutics. It seems the autocorrect autocorrected without my noticing.

        Second, yes, it is a private held company.

        The question remains as to how one might go about discovering who the major shareholders might be.

  3. “How’s that vaccine passport working in Ontario?”

    Worthless empty-headed rhetoric from Franciso. Please explain why Alberta/Saskatchewan are trailing the nation in infection rates and begging Ontario for hospital room.

    Long past time you ceased and desisted, Francisco, or people might begin to suspect you are opposed to vaccines entirely.

    1. Please explain why Alberta/Saskatchewan are trailing the nation in infection rates and begging Ontario for hospital room.

      There are lots of “just-so” explanations, but as is usually the case, they line up pretty well with the explainer’s known or suspected ideological bent, so the explanations are mostly worthless. If you happen to know the real reason, awesome, please share with the class.

        1. Nope.

          There are such things as vaccines that provide sterilizing immunity, but all of the existing COVID vaccines ain’t them. There were high hopes early on, but like all of the coronavirus vaccines we’ve tried to develop over the last 30 years or so, the COVID ones just don’t work very well, and fade relatively quickly. This is due mostly to the fact that coronaviruses mutate extremely rapidly because their genetic replication codes do not contain error-correcting mechanisms in them (the viral particle is too small to contain the extra genetic code necessary for error-correction), so they don’t “breed true.” Same reason we can’t “cure” the common cold.

        2. You’ve bought the media/gubmint propaganda hook, line and sinker.

          I’ve had every VACCINE required throughout my life, in addition, the shot for the Mumps, and the double shot of Twinrix, for my foreign vacations, that I am now disallowed from going on again.

          I’m not against real VACCINES, you know, those made from Dead Virus that promote antibody response for a lifetime.

          The Covid clot shots are not vaccines, they are a gene therapy, that does not promote lifetime resistance. Let me repeat, they DO NOT PROMOTE LIFETIME RESISTANCE. Plus, our governments are gaslighting everyone, by claiming that there are no adverse reactions from the clot shots, just maybe, really, really, really, No, REALLY rare myocarditis reactions, thats it! Instead, BC Bonnie NAZI is burying adverse clot shot reactions in the “unvaxxed in hospital” category.


          We know 3 people with adverse shot reactions, one who missed 3 months of work because, she was paralyzed for several weeks, then slowly gained function, but without sense of touch until recently. She had to return to work, or else be fired, and she is still not 100%, far from it.

          EVIL. I long for that evil, phony wench Bonnie to suffer from her own clot shot

          1. DanBc, people just don’t want the truth. 16,766 dead in America from the shots, that’s the official number the real number is much higher as just like covid deaths they are lying about the vax deaths . They said there were far more covid deaths than there were, now they reversed that with vax deaths.

    2. He’s not against vaccines he’s probably against experimental therapy injections.

      **Spoiler Alert**
      It’s the flu.

    3. I’ll explain why or take a stab at it…. because so many people here in Ontario where coerced you people out West didn’t for one reason or another didn’t all fall for it yeah it seems you toiled but ….. It’s been something to watch. I’m not vaxed yet,I don’t want to comply I don’t trust the lying unaccountable mofo’s with my immune system, as old as it is with my partial slightly damaged heart.
      You can sprinkle positive all you want and yes I may die a fool, but I’m not pretending the West seems totally and utterly f—-ed……. “safe” though but all the same it’s seems we are in an uncontrolled decent.
      Anyhow cgh you have the right to your opinion, but don’t defend a vaccine that has to be coerced for many to take for good reason.
      If this is the way the country goes on…. along with all the damage the elites did,,,, your arguments moot , doesn’t mean a damn until someone pays the piper other than the serfs.

  4. In the linked Irish data:

    155/369 (42.0%) of the notified deaths had an epidemiological date1 – 14 days or more AFTER
    receiving all recommended doses of vaccine and are considered as vaccine breakthrough infections

    So all those that keeled over 1 to 14 days after getting second shot – get counted in the unvaxed data??

    1. YUP. Just like BC Bonnie Nazi, the deaths are counted as “unvaxxed deaths”, not as a vaccine death, or injury.


    2. Ward,

      Not quite,
      the ‘1’ in the statement “epidemiological date1 – 14 days… ” is actually referring to a footnote.
      Read the sentence with out the 1. On the website that the quote is from it is more obvious because the 1 is smaller and above the ‘e’ in ‘date’

      But using the numbers from the study it tells us that 45 of the 369 deaths came from people had received either their first or second dose within 14 days of death. That is still just over 12%, pretty high considering it’s only a 2 week period.

      Also it appears the Irish are reporting it properly, in that if you’ve taken a jab and die you are grouped with the “Vaccinated” group. Even if you die within 2 weeks of said jab.

      1. I think that 3rd category indicates deaths 14 days or more after second jab.
        So there is no category there for death within 14 days of second jab.

    3. Yes indeed. My daughter found that out. 8 hours after her vaccine shot she was so sick her husband was wondering about calling an ambulance. He called health links instead. She has a raging fever, swollen face and tongue, red rash all over her face, severe headache, neurological symptoms including uncontrolled shaking like she was having a seizure but she was conscious. So the health links nurses for the official Government of Manitoba tells her husband, oh that can’t be due to the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t do that. She must have been exposed to the virus before she got her shot, was incubating it and now she’s started having symptoms. Don’t call an ambulance because you and your wife now need to self isolate for 14 days and get swabbed for COVID. She recovered three days later and told her doctor about what had happened. Her doctor pooh poohed. Couldn’t be the vaccine. The government has given us the list of official reactions we are permitted to report and that isn’t it. You just had COVID. Make sure you get the second shot. Her reaction was officially recorded as COVID in an unvaccinated person, a false negative case because the PCR was negative. No exemption for you, sweetie. So she went and got her second shot. (Against my advice.) She hasn’t quit the heaviest menstrual cycle she’s ever experienced, third day of practically hemorrhaging starting two days after the shot. And guess what? That is just perimenopause in a partially unvaccinated person because it hasn’t been 14 days since her second shot.

      These are crimes against humanity. People should hang for this garbage.

      1. Just shocking. Makes it clear that the medical community is not being honest about these vaccines.

      2. Yes they should Justin, yes they should, but never will. We are being gaslit, denied rights, and told to obey and conform, OR ELSE! No vacations for YOU! No restaurants for YOU! No concerts for YOU!

        Doesn’t matter apparently that the fully jabbed are just as contagious when sick, they are actually more dangerous, since they are more likely to be asymptomatic. Just as GVB predicted, the ‘vaccines’ are backfiring, though one would never know it from the propaganda press. This is the calm before the storm, of waning vax effectiveness, and indoor Covid spread between the fully jabbed at THEIR events. I’m looking forward to the Schaudenfreude, because as we see right now, we are being gaslit again, by the media, showing all of us “See how normal life has returned for us that are compliant sheep, and fully jabbed!”

        I’m playing the LONG game.

        If one was truly conspiratorial, it would look like TPTB are trying to either kill us, or, usher in a new totalitarian reality, where we are permanently tracked/restricted, with digital passes. Next up, the banning of actual money, and tracking our carbon footprints via the TEMPORARY passes.

        Passes that are “temporary” Bonnie Nazi said so after all. She’s been a pro at moving the goalposts and flipflopping, like her fellow flipflopper Comrade Fraudci. These are disingenous, fraudulent, EVIL people.

        Canada was easily captured, wasn’t it? Xi would be proud of his little potato!

        1. “Passes that are temporary” Disappointment Doug made a similar statement. Just like masks will be temporary. Lockdowns will be temporary…remember 2 weeks to flatten the curve that was more than 3 months.
          We all know that once a new restriction is put into place, our spineless politicians and the power hungry medical “experts” are extremely reluctant to lift it.
          Masks and vaccine passports are here to stay.

        2. Asymptomatic people who have not been vaxxed cannot transmit a virus, apparently the now vaxxed can do just that. OK, who is lying?

  5. Has Saskatchewan “Hit” the magic number? Do we have herd immunity?

    Estimated Saskatchewan population: 1,177,884

    CDC Covid Escilator: 4.2

    Reported October 17 Saskatchewan COVID Case Totals:

    Estimated Saskatchewan Total COVID cases since start: 312,455 (74,394×4.2)
    Reported Saskatchewan Fully Vaccinated Polulation: 766,768

    Saskatchewan “should” have 1,079,223 residents with complete COVID protection. This number does not included those who were infected and then got fully vaccinated.

    Theoretical herd protection:91.6%

    The real world says some people who had COVID also got fully vaccinated. Also, some people are partially vaccinated.

    Scientific studies show that the vaccine “wanes” over time. If you were vaccinated 3+ months ago, it is likely your current antibody titer is similar to that from a person who just got the first of two vaccination shots.

    The statistics discussed by the media are simply a crapshoot. Get Ivermectin and be sure.

    1. TOL, Of the estimated Total Covid cases since start, I expect that some large number of them have also been vaccinated. The SHA STRONGLY advises even those who have recovered from Covid to go and get vaccinated. The SHA also does not provide any anti-body testing in this province (it took me 5 weeks of phone calls/emails to the various covid lines before someone in upper management would talk to me and indicate that anti-body testing was not being done and there were no plans to do it) So, we have no idea of the number of people who only have immunity due to infection only.

      1. Same in Manitoba. My theory is there is no antibody testing to encourage you to get a covid test when you have symptoms. Plus, no exceptions, everyone MUST be vaxxed, regardless of previous infection, so powers that be see no utility in you knowing your status.

  6. I imagine once the full numbers are known, there will be some rather irate people demanding to know why a simple set of jumping jacks killed their double “vaccinated” dad.

  7. OK, I’ve been reading comments here trying to find a balance and I will apologize up front using the ‘close friends’ references, when they are in reality, close friends. Folk I’ve known for over 40 years, and one was the best man at my wedding.

    Disclaimer: My 92 yr old father-in-law and my 70 yr old wife all got the Pz shot and are doing well with no reactions. I got mixed Astral/Pz and doing well. My 60yr old Metis buddy has Pz shots and doing well.

    But to my point.

    Just last week, on an acreage near Pierceland, Sask, a close friend (70) and his mother (94) died from Covid. The husband and mother died from breathing restrictions with fever and went suddenly. Sadly his wife went into coma and her husband died while she was being air ambulanced to Edmonton – so she’s not even aware he is dead. They all didn’t take the shot and their kids were visiting from out of province.

    A month ago here in Calgary, a close friend’s husband died while his wife was in the hospital with Covid. She couldn’t take the shot as she was allergic to the drug, and he didn’t want to. They picked Covid up from their daughter who started working at an old folks home. Can you imagine the daughters distraught over this?

    Two weeks ago, my best man and his wife (both 80’s) who are active and healthy, are vaccinated but don’t wear masks, were down for the count with Covid (multiple tests came positive) but thankfully they have recovered. Where did they get it? They were visited by folk who don’t believe in taking Covid shots.

    So obliviously some don’t get affected by it, and I guess their reasoning is why get a shot? OK, what about the people you visit?

    Finally My 94 yr old mother in a nursing home in Vancouver passed away last year at the end of February to what back then we thought was the flu. Fever and couldn’t breath, she passed away in 1 day. Now looking back it had to have been Covid, could we have done something then?

    My question then is, apart from the one or two bad reactions on here, why aren’t we talking about the MILLIONS (71+%) of those in Canada who took the shots, are still alive, doing well, no reactions, and are at work?

    Oh I know, conspiracy theories that Covid isn’t real, or it’s a government agenda, or we are being injected with nanobots are more factual…

    Yeah so thousands, if not millions, of degreed medical professionals are saying get the shot are deemed wrong, but the folks posting here while sitting on a biffie telling us not to get the shot are deemed right.

    Right. Tell that to close friends I lost this year. And here I was one who thought this was just another flu, you know because everyone on here says it is so.

    Have a great day.

    1. John Brooks, you are a terrible liar.
      It’s so obvious that a child with one eye and half-sense could see it.

      1. It’s more probable you are the one in denial. Where do you get off calling someone a liar based solely on your ignorance and bias?
        Show us your data or STFU. When are CINOs going to understand arguing vaccines are ineffective gives license to totalitarians?
        The unenlightened despots are good with vaccines not working. Lots more lockdowns, mask mandates and giant government.
        Will you people please get your data and your shit together before making unsubstantiated claims and misleading conclusions?

        You’re not helping.

        “Every state has prioritized people most at risk, so the group of people vaccinated is heavily skewed toward those whose age and medical history make them prone to serious cases of COVID-19, and death from it. So when the expected breakthrough cases do occur, it’s not surprising some deaths would result. Let’s look at age, for example.”

        Older adults are at the greatest risk of developing severe illness, requiring hospitalization and dying, with 8 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths reported occurring among adults aged 65 years and up, according to the CDC. And 37% of people vaccinated to date are in that age bracket, even though people 65 and older are just 16% of the total population.”

        So those vaccinated are a pool of people predisposed to more severe cases.”

        That seems a better analysis and sure beats giving totalitarians more sway to question our wisdom while letting misleading data be grounds to control us ever more, forever. Misuse of context and science fiction is the purview of collectivists. Leave them to it.

        1. I’m not in denial, just getting tired of the conspiracy angle most post in here.

          Fact ONE: three close friends (+ his mom who I didn’t really know) have died from the virus and DIDN’T take the shots.

          Fact TWO: two close friends lived because they did take the shots. His wife is a nurse, but I omitted that.

          So not in denial, but there needs to be a better way to present ones point. So 25,000 have died from the shot, but 6.68 billion injections (not people) have lived.

          Focus on what helps, not scare people away from the vaccine.

    1. I’m hoping many years unless you believe a conspiracy that COVID shortens life – question is how do you prove that thought?

      1. Read John, as apparently science is not your strong suit. The fact that tens of thousands have already died from the shots is a dead give away.

        1. Well, I guess math isn’t your strong suit. Tens of thousands? Maybe 25,000 if you believe the swiss report. Ok 25K into how many vaccinated?

          47.6% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
          6.68 billion doses have been administered globally, and 19.35 million are now administered each day.

          So, again, how is your math? 25K/6.68 billion, ah never mind.

  8. l say it again, weight lifting strengthens not just muscle BUT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AS WELL.
    l was blocked from the biggest exercise facility in 200 kms for better part of a year because of . . . .

    take care sda, keep putting the msg out until you get squashed by powerful Liberals