Stress Fractures


In Manitoba, Dr. Sandor Demeter has resigned from the nuclear medicine department at the Health Science Centre. (longer version)

Quebec kicks the can down the road a month, while Chicago teachers get a covid testing option. and Chicago’s police union has other ideas.

Then there’s Australia…                     Bonus Aussie link.

While, over in Scotland at the upcoming climate summit delegates can go jab free.

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  1. Socialized medicine was collapsing long before Covid, but now it has clearly accelerated. The Venezuelan model is coming down the track.

    As for Australia, I’m not surprised that they are basically making it a legally punishable offense not to be vaccinated. Once a certain principle is adopted (in this case an irrational one) it is only a matter of time until it is consistently applied. That will probably be the case here before long.

  2. The mob screaming “fire them all!” when it comes to unvaxxed health care workers is simply imagining that replacement workers can be effortlessly obtained. This is how centrally planned systems fail.

    1. People are getting being trained and getting trucker drivers’ licenses in a week, apparently. Bodies can be replaced but qualified people can’t. The roads are way more dangerous and, if our government has its way, so will everything else. But, hey, if it saves one life!

  3. Chicago FOP President is warning that the city may see as much as a 50% reduction in the police force starting this weekend. WLS radio news is reporting that a number of aldermen, out of concern for community safety, are urging the vaxx mandate be rescinded.

  4. The madness can be stopped but I sincerely doubt that Trudeau and our Covid Master Premier’s will back down. They have simply gone too far down the rabbit hole and will never admit the lockdowns have been a failure and that people have a right not to be vaccinated if they choose. Mind you, the premiers have tried to protect their sorry butts by ceding the decision making to the likes of Hinshaw and Henry and so will be only too happy to put the blame there if it ever comes to that. I am neither pro or anti covid jab for adults – we are all able to make our own decisions. That BC plans to jab 5 year olds and up knowing that the risk of adverse reactions is greater than contracting Covid is evil, especially since there is no long term data available.

    On another note, the ever changing rules regarding Covid are becoming absolutely ridiculous. Just returned from a three week stay in New York State. Even though I took a PCR test (negative) 3 just hours before flying back to Canada (amazingly you CAN get test results in half an hour) and because I am unvaccinated, had to take another test at Toronto and was grilled by the customs agent on why I had been out of the country in the first place. The most ridiculous part of the trip from Toronto back home on Air Canada were the rules for eating during the flight. If all passengers in the row – the flight was full – had ordered food, all in that row had to wait for everyone to receive their meal before they could remove their masks. Huh? In what sane world does that make any sense< And, you were not allowed to talk to a flight attendant during eating if unmasked. The flight attendants spent more time scolding passengers into submission and playing hall monitor, watching for infractions of improper mask wearing.

    1. The flight attendants spent more time scolding passengers into submission and playing hall monitor, watching for infractions of improper mask wearing.

      I can confirm that, having been subjected to that horse puckey while I flew to and from my house in B. C. Mask not “properly” on your nose? Bzzzzt!

      There were lots of times I was seriously tempted to tell them to go forth and multiply (fuddle-duddle style, of course).

      By the way, AC was worse for that than WorstJet. Then again, as I said on a different thread a few days ago, AC still thinks it’s a Crown corporation and WorstJet thinks it’s AC.

    2. You are not supposed to want to travel. You do not know your place yet.
      The ratcheting against plebian travel will continue; an immobile population is so much easier to control.

      1. That was exactly how I felt – how dare you leave your house. Although polite, the young customs agent asked more than once whether or not my trip was planned or was last minute. What difference does that make? And, none of their dam….##d business.

  5. Hmmmmm…if you’re hoping for an exemption like Trudeau gave to federal employees that’ll be a tough sell only because of your occupation. And the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario isn’t totally on board with your stance nor the College of Nurses of Ontario who’ve actually muzzled nurses for not following the Covid script, which is just gob smackingly weird. Then there’s the Ontario Nurses Association who are calling for mandatory vaccination for all nurses, which is kinda odd considering they went to court for you several years ago over the mandatory mask mandate during the Sars virus, and actually won.
    Good luck Ms.Atkins, your own union is throwing you to the wolves. And if you’re appealing to Ford’s good sense and pragmatism, save your breath. I suspect he has hundreds if not thousands of health care
    “professionals” from third world shit holes just itching to take your place and he’ll blame you when people piss and moan over the level of care.
    He’s a politician, it’s what he does best.

    1. And Ford’s company, DECO Labelling, has made off like a bandit with all of the labels required for outlets – bonus for the tyrant.

    2. Fat blob-fück ford might as well run for the federal liberals. I emailed him and my mpp to tell them I can’t wait till the next provincial election. I’ll never vote conservative with that incompetent, bloated shït in charge.

      Not sure how much worse it could be with the others in charge, because they all suck ass.


  6. Wait until they start vaccinating 5-year olds with this experimental crap and the little ones begin dropping dead. That will get people’s attention fast. It’s easier to dismiss it when 75 year old grandpa gets the shot and kicks the bucket a month later. Not so easy to dismiss death or long term adverse reactions in children.

    As a side note, I’ve noticed a very unusual uptick in the weekly obituarary notices in my very rural Texas county. All young or younger people. 30s-50s. Causes are never listed, but it seems strange to see so many pictures of normal, healthy looking young people in the obits page of the paper.

    1. FT…hit the nail on the head.
      Vaccinating ANYONE UNDER 70 is simply attuned Genocide in my mind…but no seems to give a rats ass for those dying that are over 12.

      If one looks to VAERS + EUDRA
      And take into account that between the 2 of them…their reports,are in the range of only 5% at best of ACTUAL.

      LATEST I saw was Sep 11
      ~67,500 Dead
      3+Million Severe Adverse Reaction

      Math is not hard…..

      They want us DEAD

      1. Scotland reporting a 30% increase in deaths. 30% and not due to COVID. WTF is going on? I’d say the dying off has begun. The vaccines are designed to kill percentage of us by various causes so it will look natural. The killing effects will be spread over a a span of years.This is only the beginning.

      2. Wifes best friend is vacinated, along with her husband, coerced by her Mother.
        Mom, 85 yrs or so, good health, was jabbed 4-5 motnths ago.
        Recently developed pain in her side… found to have cancer in her kidney.
        Died after her first chemo.
        Friend now suspects the two are related.
        No surprise here, whatsoever…..

        1. I have heard other reports of kidney cancer — also other cancers. I believe the vax may kill cancer protection cells. (Can’t remember what they are called.)

          1. The vax has an agent in it, that essentially tells your immune system to stand down, to allow the mRNA to enter the body and cells unimpeded.
            This same process though, allows other bad entities to enter and/or profligate as well.
            Yes, reports f increased cancer cases and shingles are being reported by jabbed.
            The “vax” is a terrible cytotoxin, to be avoided at all costs.

  7. Seeing flying monkeys yet?

    Oh, a US Golf tournament is on this weekend.
    They certainly show how whacky Canada’s restrictions are.
    Golf…going to enjoy watching golf…

  8. There should be no exemptions from a pandemic. Otherwise it’s just bull-shit.

  9. and world wide , the results are the same , vaxed, unvaxed. its not the rate , its the cum . flatten the curve all you want it only makes things last longer , sweden had it right from the start

  10. Australia and Jeff Dunham:


    Achmed, The Dead Pharmacist

  11. When you think of all the government workers all across the globe that now retire at 65 or before that and receive pension cheques from the government there is something that should make you think and go Hmmmm! When pensions were developed and the retirement age was deemed to be 65 the life expectancy after retirement was about 7 years, give or take. Actuaries worked on the principal that funds collected would last till about life expectancy. Now the life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years after retirement. Governments the world over have mishandled pension funds and the pensions handed out today are coming from the payroll deductions of the younger generation. Just a big PONZI Scheme. So in order to reduce liabilities that are reaching the crisis point, more money going out than what is coming in, just suppose there was a solution. That solution would be to bring the mortality rate back to where it was when pensions were introduced, the five to seven years after pensionable age. Especially helpful if the deaths could be attributed to health or age issues that were, in the past natural and uncontrollable. That would be much more palatable than inciting a Holocaust, Holodomor, or a Cultural Revolution. Just something to think about.

    1. You are Correct Antenor
      For every 50,000 seniors they kill in Canada, the savings are ONE Billion Dollars per year in pension payouts

  12. Vaccine mandates cannot be legal, forcing someone to receive an experimental drug that isn’t approved should be a criminal offense. I am sick of watching every single province take away our rights without a single class action lawsuit. Make the courts stand up for our rights, can we the people file a criminal complaint via the Hague?

    1. How do you get a 300 lbs couch potato to pass the fitness trials for military service? You change the requirements. Same thing for getting an untested vaccine approved.

    2. I was curious about Indigenous vaccination rates so I did a quick search. The Government of Canada’s own website, under “Covid-19 Vaccines and Indigenous peoples” states, and I quote, “Vaccination is a personal choice.” Good enough for me.

      Government: sucking and blowing at the same time.

    1. “We have one of the biggest biological catastrophes on our hands in human history…and we’ve no idea how to stop it.”

      How does one stop a runaway train?

      1. How about we blow the tracks out. That would mean we get rid of every ‘expert’ political, medical, and media person that suppressed the early treatment protocols when this started and created a level of fear over a severe flu bug that panicked the world. If it can be proven that this virus is contained with HCQ or Ivermectin then the people that advocated and pushed the injection should all be brought to trial.

      2. We don’t. That time has passed. Too many sheep willingly taking the dose, they have earned their fate. Think Darwin. The strongest survive, and that includes those that are critical thinkers, not gullible sheep.
        All we can do is protect ourselves now and prepare.
        We know what the worst case scenario could be. A complete breakdown in society, the SHTF moment we have laughed about for years as a conspiracy theory.