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    1. Bingo … a couple of broken fingers and they wouldn’t be so quick to run back in front of the cars. Brits can be too nice … unless the Germans are coming!!

    2. vowg…I drive a 4X4, with enough clearance to run over them and not have them hung up on the frame works:-))))

  1. in San Francisco maybe or Ottawa – In Montana here you’d be road kill and small dead animals, pronto like and people would cheer

    1. Exactly. Which is why the eco-terrorists don’t play that game out there.

      They just set forest fires right next to villages that are still inhabited by Americans.

    2. Just about a week ago … immigrant “rights” … *ahem* … protestors shut down the Golden Gate Bridge.


      I don’t know for certain … but I doubt if there was a single arrest, prosecution, and certainly NO deportation or reporting to ICE. Now all the Bay Area needs is for Extinction Rebellion to hit every major intersection in Silicon Valley … and then … all the companies can follow Tesla to Texas.

      Something tells me that NONE of the woke leftists working for Google or Facquebook would stand for it. There would be an “evolution rebellion” started as a counter protest. Groups of vigilante “Guardian Angels” sent out to clear intersections … by any means necessary. Because all our local police departments have their nuts in a vice controlled by woke city councils and boards of stuporvisors.

  2. Here on Turtle Island participants at blockades get gifts of maple syrup from the police. Blackie may even show up to take a knee.

  3. I have always found that a well-placed “kick to the goolies” works wonders! If nothing else, it incapacitates the person so that you may get on with your business.

        1. Considering all the idiocies of Lotusland going on, would anyone notice?

  4. I can see this lot coming into conflict with the Proud Boys in the US. It looks like tenured college professors and their forbidden muses out in public for some quality one on one time.

  5. I’m thinking, if I remember things from my deer hunting days correctly, that it might not be a bad idea to start keeping a spray bottle of Fox urine in my truck in case I need to repel any unwanted creatures from my personal or vehicle space.

    1. Here’s a better idea…


      If you can stomach this stuff, you aren’t human. It’s beyond vile. A few squirts in the face of the pavement sitters, they’ll be vomiting all over themselves. Safe and non-toxic!

      1. I was thinking pepper spray, which we can get quite readily here in Montana. That Liquid Ass stuff looks like a good alternative.

  6. If the police will not do their job others will be required to do it. We don’t get a pension for doing it so why do they ?

    1. Every city has an ordinance against blocking traffic. Drag them off the road, zip tie and make a citizens arrest. Force the pigs to do their job, which they’re handsomely remunerated for.

  7. Seriously, pull up close and lay on the horn in sharp and unending intervals. Ask an audiologist about it…ringing in the ears that can last for months and be absolutely debilitating. I’ve seen it’s affects on my cousin that had her window rolled down at a light and the truck beside her honked its horn.

    I like Phil’s idea too.

  8. Stinking Commie scum! Seeing them dragged off the road has already improved my day.

  9. I’m with Phil. Good time to keep a jug of pee in the vehicle. Pour it on the pavement where the “protestors” are sitting, not on them and see if they want to move.

  10. I now have a bag of zip ties in my car after my fun in Edmonton with these nut jobs. Hope to use them someday.

  11. Many, many years ago a couple of very white protestors handcuffed themselves to a stage at a theater on campus at my alma mater. IIRC, they were protesting that it was on native land or some bollocks.

    One of the employees, an IATSE type who was very much not a university grad, went to his truck, got the spare jerry can of gasoline and doused them with it. He then stood well back and methodically lit a cigarette, took a couple of puffs and said “careful there”. They uncuffed themselves and evacuated posthaste.

    As Burgess Shale noted above, the police aren’t there to protect us from criminals, they’re there to protect criminals from the mob.

    1. The elites being the most successful crooks of the lot. The people who wind up in jail are small fry, fall guys, and people without the wits to not get caught.

      Ottawa and Joyceville are separated by two things: 180 kilometers and 18 IQ points.

  12. Passive aggressive ever so warm and fuzzy socialists/fascists.
    They prey on the decency of people, in another time they would be beat up and busted.
    Who you gonna call?

  13. A bit late for this warning. The Extinction Rebellion wackos did a shut down of traffic one morning on the newly opened Walterdale bridge a few years ago. Edmonton Police Service did nothing to remove these illegal obstructionists for an hour or two. I know a fair number of people had medical appointments or urgent surgeries cancelled because of these selfish pigs.

    1. They tried it again in downtown Edmonton a few days later and people weren’t as submissive. A few “protesters” got beaten up.

  14. The use of dried up old 1960’s hippie pensioners as human shields kind of reminds me of … oh … I don’t know … “Palestinians”? The tactic used by the ROP? Instead of children or the mentally deficient … ER is using useless old pensioners.

    Why are we giving such a wide berth to this cruel and insane tactic? Where ARE the police?

  15. The U.K. is a hot mess and has been for some time. One only has to check in with The Daily Mail on occasion to see how effed up it is.

  16. I’ve got a few items in the back of my truck in case I have to get it out of the ditch, including an axe, a sledgehammer, and a spade. If that won’t convince them to get out of the way, I could wrap some chain or cable around them and use my come-along.

    When all else fails, the 6.7 litre 350 HP turbocharged Cummins diesel engine should do the trick.

    1. +++++/\ BA. Duramax here…SAME.
      …and I must say, dousing them with gas or better yet Diesel, (most of those wing-nuts wouldn’t know the difference)…yea Diesel would be better….damned hard to light on fire…no.?

      Couple of good sized spray bottles should do.

      Getting doused with it just may ruin “YOUR DAY Mr Eco-ASSHOLE”

      1. It occurred to me that this situation could make for good advertising copy:

        “Dodge TurboRam. It’s 350 HP engine is powerful enough to haul a heavy load or pull protesters of the road.”

  17. I am generally not a violent person, but laying the boots to these ‘pacifist chickenshits’ would have been totally justified, IMO. A punch or two landed on the face or a kick or two to the ribs of those refusing to stand would have cleared that mess right up. Guaranteed! Cameras be damned, this would be worth facing charges over, our predecessors made far greater sacrifices to protect our freedom from tyranny than that.

    As far as I am concerned, these motorists were under assault and had every right to defend their freedom to travel. Especially in a time when ‘partisan police’ pick and choose who they charge based on ideologies not laws, I would take my chances in court rather than let a bunch of leftarded pussies push me around.

    NOTE…. In case you’ve yet to notice, we middle-class conservatives, centrists, independents and even ‘classic liberals’ are ALL now SECOND-CLASS citizens in western society. This will NOT CHANGE until we CONQUER leftist-controlled media! I know, I am preaching to the choir here, but a totally corrupted ‘media’ is the elephant in the room on virtually every problem we face. BREAKING THEIR CONTROL OVER THE FLOW OF INFORMATION IS JOB #1. The rest would probably come rather easily, IMO.

    FINALLY… I curse all of the ineffective, trough-feeding, leftarded limp-dicks in the CPC and GOP…. that should cover about 90% of both parties.

    Well, that turned into a bit of a rant. Thanks as always, Kate, for a place to vent a little.

    1. CO, Your first paragraph is suggestive of actual assault, which will get you arrested. Perhaps just being clumsy would be better. You know, that slight trip that first knees in the face, then lands on the groin, with an “oh dear, I’m so sorry” apology of course, as you get back up and stand on a hand, elbow an eye, then jumping back to crash into the sitter next to the first one….aaaannnnndddd so on, oops, I’m so clumsy today, profuse apologies all around. The suggestions for pee and loud close up horns sound good as well.

  18. But if they were protesting about mandatory vaccines the police would be all over them with riot gear.

    That might be a solution. Get an antivax sign out and sit with them.

  19. The solution is simple. Enforce the law. It is against the law in the UK to block motorways. End of story. Again, we are looking at the result of a severe lack of repercussions for inappropriate behavior.

    These people will stop when it gets expensive and they spend time in the pokey. Until then, they are virtue signaling at no cost.

    Incidentally, the guy that missed an interview could hire a barrister and file a civil suit as well.

  20. All I see are people being helped to safety. They’re obviously in a confused state requiring immediate assistance. It’s a good think some good Samaritan’s came along when they did to help out.

    1. Ah, St. Rachel of IHOP, patron saint of pancakes. Haven’t thought of her in ages, may her Nazi soul rot in hell. 🙂

  21. Do they lie out in the street to stop garbage trucks from coming down their streets? Do they blockade the loading dock at the local grocery? Well, why not?

  22. If an individual behaves like a spoiled child, grabbing them by the ear and telling them to act their age while directing them out of the way of traffic will be the chosen response.

  23. A well placed diesel pickup exhaust would help. So would a motorcycle with an airhorn.
    Drag the women by the hair, then tie them to the fence with their hair.
    Two people grab the men by the feet, pass on different sides of the nearest pole, quickly, oops, sorry about that, didn’t see it there.

    1. A well placed diesel pickup exhaust would help.

      The sound of the engine alone might be enough to scare them.

      A few weeks ago, the kiddies who park their SUV next to my truck finally got to see it in action. I had just come back from another trip to my house in B. C. and they had just finished putting their vehicle in their stall.

      I’m sure they both wet themselves when they saw me coming. The 6.7 litre, 350 HP turbocharged Cummins diesel engine that I mentioned in an earlier post sometimes has that effect on people.

  24. The commuters should all carry long nylon wire ties with them in their vehicles. Drag the morons off the street and wire tie them to the nearest stationary object.

  25. Lots of comments. Use some zip ties, the big wide and thick ones, once you drag them off the road. Then they could not use their legs and arms to push them back onto the street.
    Or pepper spray them silly. That should stop them from moving for a while.