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  1. And, from the “so bad, it’s good” movie department, here’s The Nasty Rabbit:


    No, it has nothing to do with Monty Python or the Holy Grail. If you think Night of the Lepus (with Janet Leigh, Stuart Whitman, and DeForest Kelley) was a stinker, you ain’t seen nuthin’.

    I learned of this Golden Turkey candidate while reading the IMDB reviews for The Last of the Secret Agents?, which was shown last night on TCM and was so awful I switched it off halfway through.

    1. By the way, watch for Richard Kiel in this one. Yup, Jaws himself makes an appearance.

    2. BAD – I just happened to watch the first 25 minutes of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail last night before heading to bed. I hadn’t seen it since the late 70s. The social and political references make so much more senses now and I laughed at more than just the flying cow and killer rabbit. They were ahead of their time. I’ll watch the Nasty Rabbit when I retire, if Trudeau doesn’t ban it. The title could be considered hat speech against an identifiable group. Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be banned for sure because Arthur was racist as were all white leaders before PM Blackface.

      1. I first saw Holy Grail during Registration Week at the University of Alberta. It was in a second-run theatre just off campus and I went during the week, so there weren’t many people in the audience.

        There was someone in the audience who started laughing during the opening credits and I don’t think he stopped throughout the rest of the movie. I’m sure he must have come close to wetting himself that night, he was laughing so hard.

        Of all the King Arthur movies I’ve seen, this one’s my favourite.

        1. I always watch the scene with Michael Palin as Sir Galahad The Pure in the castle with the lovely ladies as they ask him to stay for the oral sex after the spanking rather than leave to search for the grail. He then mumbles slowly “Guess I can stay a little while…”

      1. BAD and VOWG – A 76 Y.O. unvaccinated friend noted that an earlier oppressed group could at least sit on the back of the bus which inspired this thought, At least Rosa Parks could ride on the back of the bus. The unvaccinated are the new N*****s of the western world.

        Replace “woman” with “the unvaccinated” to this old John Lennon song and you get the idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RuCEhHcG4

        1. I belong to a men’s group and last year when there was no ‘vaccine’ there was no problem in meeting. This year ‘vaccine papers’ are required. This is the extent of insanity that Canadians have succumbed to. On the same topic being a ‘pureblood’ I’d like to know how many of the ‘vaccinated’ signed an informed consent form? Can anyone answer that. Was there an informed consent form even presented to the guinea pigs before they lined up for the experimental injection?

    1. These guys are behind the curve, a restaurant/bar in Kingston Ontario, JAKK’s, lost their liquor license earlier for the same reason no one really seems to give a shit. Canadians are morons.

  2. Report from UK data. Epidemic of the vaccinated, coming to a country near you.


    “…….. but to keep up this pretense when it’s clear these vaccines do not stop spread and are likely a spread accelerant is simply unconscionable.

    it’s time to get to the bottom of this.

    nobody wants this to be the case, but if we ARE making it worse, we need to know and sooner is A LOT better than later.”

    1. No matter how many times the truth is literally thrown in people’s faces the lie continues to be the narrative.

      1. Bringing forth the truth would require people to study and understand the data. On significant issues that require contemplation, analysis, and the formation of scientifically grounded opinions, I believe most people simply scan the headlines, and jump to simplistic and popular conclusions. Its repulsive, but Dancing With The Stars is on the 50″ television in 8 minutes, and they can’t spare the time.

        1. roaddog, that would be true. I, like others who are very concerned with what has been and continues to be done, have captured reams of scientific and medical documents from around the world. I have tried to make sure that they cannot be deleted thereby eliminating the ability to retrieve them in the future. One can compare the fraud constantly, yet people seem to be trying their damnedest to kill themselves and their fellow citizens.

          1. I fear the land of information (internet) has become much like several local grocery stores: too much selection.

            All this information, and no discernible facts.

            ps. I was perusing the selection of one of my favorite crackers in the grocery store on Wednesday, and a woman who might be a few years senior to myself walked by pushing her grocery cart. Noticing my confusion, she said, “Too many choices.” I thought it humorous that she was so immediate in recognizing the source of my dilemma. In the particular cracker I was studying, there are now at least 8 discrete flavors. I’ve really no idea what is the point of the complexity of the offering, but I suspect it is an element magnifying the current supply chain logjam.

    2. “We don’t need no stinkin’ data.” The virtuous path has been decided for us, by our supreme leaders.

      I’m reminded of that old parental scold to children drawn to the bad behavior of the reckless kid down the street,”If Richard jumps off the roof, are you going to jump off the roof, as well?” The clear answer, “Why yes. Yes I am.”

  3. Presidential Superlatives.

    The topic “Worst President Ever” has been popular and worthy of discussion for years, and most often used in association with the Carter administration. The phrase resurged in popularity during the Obama years, especially after the Benghazi clusterfuck, and again around the time of the 5 Terrorists for 1 Deserter trade deal. (Obama never did reveal who was on his Fantasy Terrorist team.)

    Prior to 2020, I don’t recall a President and his administration that actively pursued the title of “Worst President Ever;” but that is where we are today.

    Losing is the new winning.

  4. Blackie’s CBC website explains this morning that if you disagree with China virus restrictions, you are obviously a Nazi who hates Jews.

      1. Jughead Singh is the king-maker. As he and the NDP votes, so goes the government.

        Singh is a grad of World Economic Forum, Young Leaders. He is in lockstep with Klauss Schwabb, the godfather of all this mayham going on in the world. And Schwabb is a Rothchild, part of the Kazarian Jews (let it be clear here, I am not anti-Semitic, these people are Jewish like Ghingas Kahn was Jewish) and they are Luciferians.

        Singh will vote in locksep with the 2030 Agenda, which is what the Liberals are enforcing on the Canadian post-national people.

        Get used to having our rights and freedoms stripped until 100 percent compliance is achieved. The code for that is “the eradication of COVID”.

        1. I wonder how many of our politicos are tied to the WEF, Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, Gates, Soros, Clintons , CRF, and various associated Foundations.

          I think it would surprise a lot of us, weLL probably not me.

          1. Andrew Scheer, Singh, Christia Freeland, Justin Trudeau, Michelle Rempel-Garner are all grads of young leaders of the WEF.

            Ever wonder why there is no progress “conserving”. They all move the needle to the left.

          2. Andrew Scheer, Singh, Christia Freeland, Justin Trudeau, Michelle Rempel-Garner are all grads of young leaders of the WEF.

            They make Judas look honourable by comparison. At least he expressed remorse at his betrayal of Christ.

  5. The choice is clear, vaccine passport or be isolated. Next up, booster shot or be isolated.
    We will be advised it is even more important we get the flu shot this year as well, however, no mention of a passport for that…..yet.

    1. All we have to do is wait them out for a year or two and we will inherit the earth, because they are all going to die off, which was the plan all along. It’s why they are trying so desperately to get the rest of us vaxxed.

      1. Read the link in the article. El GATO does very good statistical digging and analysis, but, this post is concerning. He has postulated that there may come a very virulent variant, to the unvaxxed, and we should be wary.
        Not the first time to see that theory. We just don’t know what is coming, but there are a lot of opinions, most focusing on the jabbed and the long term effects of ADE, variants and the breakdown of the immune system.
        Are we ready for a world that Zelenko guessed at? 2Billion dead? If so, the die has been cast already, and we are bystanders.

  6. Jabs for kids on the horizon ……and you ain’t goin nowhere without them bein jabbed .

      1. Ward, I have always had a great preference for the wide open skies of the western end of Texas. Small towns and cities, friendly people, and no oppressive humidity. On the other hand, the eastern end of Texas is excellent, if one likes air so thick it can be cut with a knife, and an over population of armadillos.

  7. The Stupid Party. From an Epoch Times article:

    ” … Several CPC insiders, including MPs Pierre Poilievre, Michael Chong, and Garnett Genuis, have spoken out in support of O’Toole since the election, … “

  8. I’m not sure what to make of the latest covid flare up I personally don’t know anyone who has caught covid since the so called 4th wave yet I see 2 or 300 cases a day on TV in Sask.A couple of US hunters are up here said they never even got asked for Vax card or a negative covid test despite having both.So if International flights,traffic etc are not being monitored what in the hell is going on.

      1. I don’t expect much sharing of Covid, from hunters hiding on the open and unpopulated prairies of SK. Not in any way to diminish your point as we face the same situation in the US. Legal citizens are under attack with a barrage of vaccine mandates, while tens of thousands of illegal aliens pour across the southern border, unhindered, and are permitted to travel freely anywhere in the country, regardless of their medical condition.

  9. The Dread Covid is pure distraction.
    These bureaucrats and the elected morons must be forced to answer.
    “What are you saving?”
    For now that I know I have no rights,no freedom and cannot be permitted to make choices of my own..
    This State has not got my support.
    This is not “I will refuse to play”.
    This is “You are my enemy,you openly identify as my enemy and wish me harm. Egro I now acknowledge your malice and work to destroy you”..
    Canada is dead.
    We shall destroy it.
    It no longer matters what rises from the ruin.
    If enough of us seek a future,for our own plans,children and their children,we will form a new state.
    But having declared war upon us,the old State,Confederated Canada,has committed suicide.

    For they have no way of knowing who now works for their destruction.
    For every 1 like me,who state the obvious another 10 will smile and wave..as they prepare another unmarked grave.

    A State which is dominated by parasites,fools and bandits, is by nature on a short walk to collapse.
    Trudeau and his rules for thee but none for we (Our parasitic overlords, exempt on every front) has just made this State Suicide official.

    If our “leaders” had any standards or ethics,they would admit their failure and resign.
    Instead we will be treated to endless butt covering,scapegoating the innocent and ever more draconian restrictions.

    18 months after declaring CRISIS,our helpers have really shown us their abilities.
    The cost of their help,now exceeds a true pandemic and the cost in Canadian Lives can be laid at Health Canada’s door.

    If they were competent they should have known that treatments for SARS 1 would mitigate SARS 2.
    If they were concerned about a “novel” disease,they would have seized on every success elsewhere in the world and tried it here.
    We have seen it.
    Or typical Bureaucratic Stupidity?

    Does the choice matter?
    Their actions have revealed them all to be enemies of a free society and unfit to hold any position of authority over any human being.

    “We had to kill civil society,to save it. Why are you peons not cheering?”

    1. I noticed that in a video clip which was posted on SDA about two weeks ago. Deena Hinshaw observed all the rituals associated with being “safe”, including smearing that sanitizing gunk on her hands at least twice and daintily picking up a mask.

      There are distinct parallels between her behaviour and, say, certain Christian sacraments. She rubbed her hands with sanitizer to show that she had been cleansed from all Covid. Her putting on the mask showed that she had forgiveness of her immunological iniquities, making her, therefore, righteous.

    1. The Karens in my neighbourhood around my house in B. C. don’t look at all like that, nor are they conservative.

      One, who I suspect ratted on me for parking my truck in the back alley, is blonde and could use a bit of exercise, if you know what I mean. She’s from Vancouver.

      Another one is bad-tempered, smokes, and is covered in tattoos.

      1. Have you seen the pictures of the supreme leaders of US agencies responsible for patrolling healthcare? Only one is trans, but each appear as if they could drop dead at any moment.