25 Replies to “Liberal Party’s “Brothers” Demanding Reparations”

  1. *
    if the government of canada (aka pierre-lite) was
    willing to pony up 10 million taxpayer dollars for
    omar khadr… why would the brits not shell out
    to these terrorists?


  2. 1… will the Canadian PM consult his bro who still? lives in Tehran as a filmmaker?
    (there is this chance…)

    2… how far back in history does the west go to claim reparations from lands stolen by islamists? Will the jews of Medina get their land back? or merely a “settlement”? Let’s talk about Constantinople…

  3. I can only assume Byedin-Heiress already flew in pallets and pallets of cash … which was never reported to the Treasury. $Hundreds of Billions. Why else hasn’t the Tolleybahn demanded payment from the USA? Yep. Elections have consequences. Bad consequences.

  4. Reparations for what? Did we blow up a goat farm down some dirt road? So sorry we spent twenty years trying to drag your shithole country out of the dark ages and into the modern world, at great cost in both human life and money. Now you’re going to drag it back into the seventh century. Why? You’re lucky we have such weak and pathetic leaders that they don’t just send you into the next world for your troubles. It makes absolutely no sense to elevate these morons to the status of equals. Their treatment of their fellow citizens is more or less a crime spree of epic proportions.

    I would tell these effers to take a hike, preferably in midwinter up into the death zone of the Hindu Kush, and get themselves into paradise that little bit faster.

    1. *
      “Did we blow up a goat farm down some dirt road?”

      that was the problem with the initial strike package
      in afghanistan… after the first couple of days they
      were just turning big rocks into piles of smaller rocks.

      stone age civilization… yabba-dabba-do.


      1. Reminiscent of the hurricane that came ashore in New Jersey and did $5 billion worth of improvements.

  5. Fabulously wealthy Canader should be able to cough up a few billion for the unfortunate Taliban victims of Yankee hegemony. There must be something they need rebuilt by SNC

    or Bombardier, maybe aLRT from Kabul to Beijing. Combine that with the billions we owe the Indians and soon we’ll be over the magic 2 trillion dollar debt line!

    The CCP might as well just bring on Variant 5 and kill us all off quickly, dragging it out like this is cruel and unusual punishment, at least it used to be, now it’s normal.

      1. Yep, nukes should have been dropped the next day, and not just in Assholistan. Mecca and Media should have been vaporized as well.

  6. Lets give the abominators reason for demanding reparations by dropping five hundred pound bombanations on them.
    Make it personal for Islamist leadership. Even the obaminator knew that, but also liked using DOJ drones against political opponents.

  7. What a coincidence – I self identify as an Afghan refugee. Nothing larger than fifties please. A trailer truck would do until the next shakedown period.

  8. Give the Taliban a set of coordinates – I mean an address – to all meet at and tell them their reparations are incoming.

    1. Special deliveries to Hamid Karzai International Airport may be directed to:

      42S WD 1927 2444

      No written receipt of delivery required.

  9. Rather than send money, we should be sending experts to help them acclimatize to their new station.

    I think a fat man and a little boy could do some great work.

    1. Took me a minute.

      I think we should pack a dozen C5’s full of old, junk cars and drop them from about 5 miles up.

      1. roaddog, Don’t forget to put a bunch of C4 into those clunkers before you put those clunkers into the C5’s….

        1. GerryK,
          Inspired incremental improvement, I love it!

          What are you giving your jihadi friends for Christmas? A Suicide Sedan!