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  1. GREAT!!!
    Now, where to find parts?
    That’s the biggest problem now.
    When it breaks down, you can’t fix it.
    Even the suppliers haven’t any idea as well.
    Or even if the company is running due to high energy costs.

    1. I have very few problems getting parts for my ’65 Ford. Guess it depends what sort of old car you have.

    2. Try Rock Auto?
      The problem isn’t so much finding replacement parts, but DECENT replacement parts!
      Most parts are coming from China, including brakes, etc. Quality has definitely dropped and continues to do so. If it’s a critical part or fails often, best to buy 2!
      Sometimes one can find new old stock parts that are NOT made in China, from online auctions, etc.
      As above, YMMV…

      1. Several years ago, I needed to replace some interior trim parts on my 1991 VW Golf. I tried local junk dealers but I drew a blank. I saw some possibilities on Kijiji but the respective owners could have been bothered to get them out.

        I finally located what I was looking for through a VW owners website. They came from Boston but I have no idea where the seller got them, if you know what I mean.

        1. I like self service junk yards. For a dollar, I can wander around the yard all day. Once you get to know vehicles, you can use parts from others that are similar (a lot of different models come from the same platform and some parts can be interchanged).
          If you know what’s desirable, you can even earn some extra money. We met a guy that was looking for a certain part, but he came across an engine he knew was valuable. He said he wasn’t planning on pulling one that day, but he could sell the heads and crank for $2500, so out it came! Also a good source for hardware, bearings to make a cart, etc.

          Also, you can learn how to work on certain things by trying it out on a car in the yard.
          It broke coming off? Find another one!

          1. There’s a major junkyard in my end of the city. I found at that place, plastic trim pieces were often the first parts to be taken.

      2. I buy OEM GM parts.
        They last twice as long any offshore crap on the market.

        Diesel rocks..!! 601,100 on my 06 LBZ.
        Running perfect…good for another 600k..likely longer than me..!!

        1. I got stuck with the infamous 6.5 and a twitchy Stanadyne Ds 4 pump.
          Also got the shitty DD 8.2 ” Penny Pincher “.
          Had my share of the DI Ford/International 7.3 problems.
          Crappy 6.6 and 7.8 Ford Brazilians.
          The equally infamous DD 2 stroke Silver oil leaker.
          Limited success with an IDI International 7.3 until it ate the cylinder liner.
          About the only ones I had success with was my old 83 Merc Turbo and a trusty 95 8.3 mechanical Cummins.
          Would love to get my hands on an International DT 466/ turbo all mechanical .

          I think will switch the 6.5 back to a mechanical Ds 2 pump and hope the web mains aren’t cracked.

          1. I did have an 1993 maybe, 94 GMC 6.2L….non turbo’ed, but man oh man the mileage was UNREAL. 32Mpg…the 6.5 was a pig on fuel.

            Then some twit pulled a left turn from the other direction..totalled..!
            ah well….t’was a while before I bought my 06. Feb 07 – a lease back with 48K on it for 38k. Smokin deal I thought for an SLE given same truck was on the lot for 73K n change. Have not looked back.
            Still get 21 mpg at 120kms…MT Truck.
            Better than many SUV’s..love it.

        2. Rock Auto sells genuine OEM parts too, sometimes at half the cost.
          I have an ‘almost cost’ account at a huge local GM dealer and I do prefer certain OEM parts to aftermarket, sometimes they are “dealer only” parts, but there are plenty of aftermarket parts that are better than OEM, as they have found the faults and improved upon them or are high performance items. My motto is : “Replace with same, or better quality part, than what came off.”

          Have you had to repair your injector harness connectors yet? Any other long term issues?

  2. What was the last year that vehicles were made that could’nt be disabled from a central location. If they can unlock your car,they can disable your car.

    1. All that needs to be done is to tinker with the on-board computer. I find that if the one in my truck (a 2013 model) becomes cantankerous, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  3. Oh, by the way, now we know why Obama introduced Cash for Clunkers, it was to get those vehicles off the road that could not be disabled from a central location. Prove me wrong.

  4. I purchased a 2014 Cadillac ATS in 2018, as 3-Series BMW’s were so ubiquitous as to be the Beetle of small luxury cars. I paid $24,000 at the time.

    I just traded it in for a 2015 Pathfinder for towing purposes. The dealer put the ATS on the lot at $28,000, but has now reduced the price back to it’s 2018 purchase price of $24,000. IOW, inflation has made the vehicle ‘more valuable’ over three, nearly four years. Strange – no, make that bizarre – times in which we live. High unemployment and debt. Jobs going begging. Restrictions on movement and commerce, yet car lots are spacing their vehicles to appear full.

    1. No Guff.
      Absolutely…got friends at local GM dealer…lot is half full. New Duramax diesels sold 4-6 weeks prior to arrival..100k per. Crazy and not a used D’Max to be found North America wide…prices for good used ones 10 yrs+ old over 30+k…if you can even find one.

      Ain’t selling mine -that’s fer damned sure..!!

  5. No one wants to buy an expensive new car because ICE vehicle sales are banned after 2030 and be stuck with a car that has no trade in value beyond scrap. Cheap depreciated used cars are a better option now.

    You don’t have to like this reasoning but it’s how new first time car buyers are thinking now. They think about this differently.

    1. Our politicians jumped the gun going all in on going green.
      Neglected the fact that we still need our current infrastructure which are closed or moved away.
      Even Trudeau closed two more steel producers which will add to the supply chain crunch.
      Like the current hospitals problem, our infrastructure will fail spectacularly as our politicians create the problems without proper viable solutions.
      Don’t expect an internet as even basic power could be iffy as prices explode higher…it’s the nature of the beast in supply and demand.

  6. I recently had my 14 year old VW golf safety insepected, total costs 35 dollars. I’m keeping it until it rusts out or the doors fall off, then it can become a dune buggy.

  7. Son-in-law has 470,000 miles on his 2004 Ram w/Cummins. He just did a series of major repairs, and doesn’t seem to be having much difficulty locating parts. Drive ’em forever.

    1. Some of the older vehicles have large stashes of NOS aftermarket and OEM parts still kicking around.
      Just have to hunt them down.

  8. I’m 62, empty nest with my wife…she drives a 14 Sentra, an ex rental bought real cheap in 17…great car so far.127k kms.
    I have 2 two seater vehicles, no, not sports cars…a 03 Chevy Astro panel, tough as nails, no computers, only 125k Kms on it, small passenger bench seat permanently removed, can fit 4×8 sheets between the wheel wells and close back doors. My work horse…parts easy to find and cheap.
    My other car is an 09 Chevy HHR also panel, 2 seat version. Purchased this past feb, real cheap for the overall cleanliness and low clicks, latest model 2.2 with 5 speed manual…awesome on gas…old enough for minimum electronics.