21 Replies to “Unscheduled Air Show”

    1. Why WOULDN’T the ChiComs “straighten out” the Taiwanese right about now? A broke USA with Communists in the WH … not to mention “white rage” Milley … offers up perfect timing

      1. BTW … d’ya suppose Gen. Milley got a “heads up” from his “ChiCom counterpart” that the RED Chinese were going to buzz Taiwan?

  1. Sure, the communists could destroy it but if the Taiwanese are up to the fight, the commies would have a heck of time actually taking the island. Flying fighters that you know aren’t going to be fired upon is one thing, crossing the 85 mile wide, treacherous Straits of Formosa with a large invasion force and zero surprise would be quite an adventure. Might make D-Day look like a picnic in comparison. People will say that the communists don’t care about human lives and that may be true but the regime would be in grave trouble if they attacked and received astronomical casualties.

    1. You know when Communists fly 39 war planes into enemy territory? When they really, really want you to think they’re strong. That’s certainly what the Soviets did. Build up a huge tank force and park it along the Iron Curtain when their economy was f-ed.

      Could be the Chicoms are strong. Could be they sail across the Formosa Strait and take Taiwan at a walk. But with all the tofu developments sitting empty all over the country, civilians rushing the offices of Evergrande and taking top executive hostage, their stock market propped up by nothing but hope and unicorn f@rts, and -open slavery- going on in Xinjiang, 39 warplanes over Taiwan looks like… weakness. Mr. Winnie The Pooh is terrified he is about to lose the Mandate of Heaven, and he’s trying to start a “short victorious war” to tide him over.

      I think they’re f-ed. The global trade music just stopped because of their escaped bi0we@p0n, and they are standing there without a chair.

      1. I hope that you are right. Not a good time to start war-mongering when you have lots of domestic economic issues, however, sometimes it is a new “distraction”. Criticize the west and fly planes around.

        Most countries are broke now, so not a good time.

        1. “Not a good time to start war-mongering when you have lots of domestic economic issues”

          Yes, it went badly for Argentina when they invaded the Falklands in ’82 to distract their people from the economic mismanagement.
          The ChiComs will find it hard to convince their people why family lines were extinguished with the loss of only-child-only-sons because the Taiwanese were warmongers and posed an existential threat to the Great China.

    2. Communists don’t care about human life and are more than happy to wipe out an entire village if it served their purpose.

      All that matters to them is power.

      This is why the rest of Asia should militarise or nuclearise as much as it can.

  2. Canada has had a “one China” policy for decades, sort-of ignoring Taiwan, officially, along with most western countries. I attended diplomatic events with officials from China in the last century, when the entire purpose of the event was confirmation of that policy to the CPC by our diplomats. Nothing has changed.

    In the meantime, trade and friendly relations with Taiwan and Canada have grown, benefitting both countries.

    I do not think the west will (can?) help them out, which is very sad, as Taiwan is an amazing country with democratic rule and sophisticated abilities and institutions.

    1. I have complained to the government about referring to Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei”. Their response was pretty arrogant. Thus any submissions I made involving trade with Taiwan after that I capitalized TAIWAN to make a point.

  3. China may just be smart enough to NOT start a war with Taiwan, as, there are many friendships and relatives on both side of that watery divide. Internal riots would not work well for the Chicoms, and with Evergrande showing that the natives are restless, war could backfire big times. Having said all that, I amuse at the post by people in here and else , who have zero to less than SFA on the topic about which they post. Just read up on the USS Liberty, and you will know why Johnson the johnson did not run in 68.

  4. If fighting starts I think Juthtin should be sent to fix it.
    He could quote Rodney King and hopefully shortly thereafter, George Floyd.

  5. China will be screwed if they attack Taiwan and a more general war starts. Their Peoples Liberation Army Navy will not be able to protect their commerce, especially their oil supply. Too bad Prize Rules no longer apply, the US Navy and Coast Guard would have hundreds of sudden Millionaires and Billionaires. No oil and no energy — their economy collapses. Don’t believe me, watch what happens in Europe this Winter, when they have energy, just not enough energy.

    In the mean time, watch the world economy collapse also. Suddenly China is not providing those millions of things the rest of the world decided to they did not need to make anymore. It will be ugly. Add in desperation and nuclear weapons? Who knows what will happen?

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the chicoms got tangled up with those stone age contrarians for forty or fifty years?