Worse Than The Disease

This clip of Australian police shooting rubber bullets into the backs of citizens as they run away was making the rounds a couple of days ago. For those of us not from Australia the significance of the location was missed. Its a sacred place, David Bell explains…

This is far worse than the disease.

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  1. This is fucked up… no amount of my bob sarcasm or mockery can laugh at this…we share this opinion…. this fucked up.

    1. Stuff it. Your other comments support the “do exactly as I say” approach of the Australian government. Have you found someone you trust to explain to you (in small words) the difference between “my choice” and “coercion” yet?

      1. you don’t see an olive branch when presented? I am not going to be sarcastic on this one.

        You got to laugh at some my previous comments… come on… 4 Horseman… that’s funny shit.

        1. I see a petard, not an olive branch. You show no sign of awareness that the totalitarianism you’ve now decided is bad is exactly what you’ve been promoting.

          1. ok… you should turn that frown upside down… if you can’t laugh at the world and others your anger will eat you up.

            People here take my comments here so serious, no matter how outrageous.

            At least laugh at my previous “50%” comment. The guy walked right into it.

          2. Your stupidity in not understanding the initial comment, to wit, “4 people on the panel. 2 “breakthrough” cases. What does that work out to? Pandemic of the Unvaccinated!!!” given that all of the hosts are vaccinated, that was a funny line. That’s the type of humour that many of us here like. Dryer than vermouth.

            We don’t take you seriously, we shake our heads at what you think is wit. Some of us don’t find your eating poo and expelling it through your nose to be funny, we just think it means you need to seek help and/or grow up.

            Saying “I’m going to do this…” means nothing. Act mature for a bit and we’ll react accordingly. Keep gargling poop and, well, you’ll be acting the way you have been the last couple of days.

        2. Bob… you didn’t make too many friends here, you must admit.

          I’m going to anger a few myself when I say this. If you are truly sincere in you’re repentance, I for one will give you the benefit of the doubt.

          We all must learn to treat each other with respect, regardless of our opinions, but Bob, that critique is more aimed at you than at the others on this blog, and even you would have to admit that there’s a certain truth to that. If you can recognize that about yourself, then maybe we can actually strike up a civil conversation. If you can’t, then you should expect more of the same.

          You’ve got a long way to go before you can finally gain acceptance, and that is mostly… strike that… ALL of YOUR doing. It’s time you own up and be accountable for your actions.

          1. +1

            That’s what I was trying to say with Saying “I’m going to do this…” means nothing. Act mature for a bit and we’ll react accordingly.

    1. This is EXACTLY what they did in Manitoba. The police did nothing during the protests and after the protests they went to people’s homes in the night to arrest the leaders and ticket participants. And most of the police were actually private security guards hired by government. This is why there have been so few protests in Manitoba lately.

      1. “And most of the police were actually private security guards hired by government.”

        That’s a myth. Stop simping for cops. The night raids and NKVD style early morning arrests were all cops. Rent-a-thugs are backup for health inspectors (and typically there are actual cops with them calling the shots) or riot police. They not do house raids, that is all regular cops. And regular cops live for this shit. Thugs gotta thug.

  2. You start hurting your citizens with weapons they can’t outrun or fight, the next time, they come back more prepared and differently armed.
    Ingenuity is usually from desperation.
    Coming back with golf balls or dye in water ballons to acid containers and gas in water bottles and flares from fireworks.
    There’s more people than cops and politicians.

    The Democrats had delivered some bricks and propane gas containers to get some riots going.

  3. Any bets as to when they’ll start using real bullets?
    When I was a kid, I used to watch the BBC’s “The World at War” with my father.
    He always said “Don’t think that this can never happen again, because it can and will happen again”, referring to the NAZI regime and Stalin.
    …and here we are.

    1. I watched the series as a young teen back in the 70s and it had a profound impact on me then and still does today. The opening music was haunting, yet beautiful. Sadly, I have to agree that your father was right. And, we’re only now seeing the opening scene of the nightmare which awaits the “free world”.

  4. The picture has the wounds in the back? How is that even legal? If the perp is leaving, he’s not a threat and you cannot employ force. That is a basic rule in any civilized society. These are not police they are thugs.

    1. It’s legal because the State is allowed to do as it pleases. This is what States do. If you thought they couldn’t, then you’re being naive or just stupid. Do you think there will be any consequences for those doing the shooting, or those who gave the orders?

      The only way to stop this is to get the identities of each person responsible, from the order givers to those pulling the triggers, and publish them so they personally face the consequences from the public. If not, it will simply continue to happen.

      1. “The only way to stop this is to get the identities of each person responsible, from the order givers to those pulling the triggers, and publish them so they personally face the consequences from the public. ”

        Not the only way, but definitely has merit. Social pressure such as shunning, ostracizing by neighbours, friends, and relatives was used to great effect in the Baltic states to help bring commie-nism down.

  5. Did y’all see the Ozzy cop explaining to, I think it was Avi at Rebel News, that they were getting paid to be cops.
    As if no one knew and it made it better…

    Defund the police.

    1. If that was the work of mercs then they’re now legitimate targets for retribution by the citizenry.

  6. “4 people on the panel. 2 “breakthrough” cases. What does that work out to?”

    That’s the joke… it’s a math problem and I thought I would help him solve it.

    As for glass doors we don’t have here in my ER, I am still trying to figure out the material.

    1. Finish the quote. The original had a second line that included the punchline about it being the fault of the unvaccinated. If you didn’t see that it was a joke before you stepped on it then you don’t meet the minimum IQ to be entertaining enough to maintain a conversion.

      That means that others laugh at you, not with you.

  7. Victorian Police are cowards and like all cowards they are bullies too. Gestapo is an appropriate label for these shitstained cops, I hope they get fragged.
    Its important to remember that the cops want to beat on innocent people because thats the kind of person attracted to law enforcement, sado masochists and low IQ morons. Think of Dim from a Clockwork Orange and you’ll understand the type of cop hired by the Victorian Police.
    Aussies need to weapon up and fight back, they will win if they do because these cops are clearly cowards.
    Cowards will run at the first sign of push back.
    Absolute disgrace… why is Dictator Dan Andrews still alive ?

    1. I’m certainly not advocating, heh…but logic dictates that you hunt down the order-givers and terminate them. Start at the top or at least the most convenient and don’t stop…and by the time you get to the order-takers you’ll be pretty fucking good at it.

    2. You do the cops a disservice. They are forced to follow their orders. Although The Nuremberg Defence is not accepted, it is the order givers who are truly guilty. The cops can find retribution by rebelling and joining the demonstrators. When that happens, the order givers normally fly off into exile. This could be a first in a Parliamentary democracy. That I am talking like this is in the 21st century is incredible.

      1. “They are forced to follow their orders.”
        Or what?
        They’ll be jailed?

        I can’t agree with you on this.
        Remember, you have to go around or through them to get to those Order-givers.
        They will shoot unarmed women in the neck and for almost no reason and under no threat.
        They will kill anyone they are allowed to.
        And they’ll be allowed to kill anyone who is a threat to an Order-giver.

      2. “Ve vere chust followink orters!” Is never an acceptable reason to violate natural law. Every Gestapo and death camp guard claiming that excuse was dropped through the trap door.

      3. “They are forced to follow their orders.”

        What? Forced how? Their children are taken hostage? There are NKVD machineguns aimed at their backs ready to fire if they refuse the charge? No, they choose to follow those orders. All they need to do is call in sick with Wuhan Flu symptoms. If most cops did that the lockdown would collapse overnight. The choose not to do so. Because they have been salivating at the opportunity to crack some skulls and play with their toys for all their career. The thugs finally got to thug and they are loving every minute of it.

        1. That is exactly right. Why is it that so few people when their boss is telling them to engage in evil, they give the just following orders excuse. The appropriate response under those circumstances is: I quit. That is one of the reasons to follow Dave Ramsay’s advise and get out of debt. I got a mortgage to pay. Don’t have a mortgage so when these circumstances arise you do the right thing and quit.

        2. Absolutely.
          Thugs is the appropriate label as well.
          The cops or their Union could stop this tomorrow.
          If these cops didn’t enjoy doing what they are doing they wouldn’t be doing it, period. They love it. Soul-less pieces of shit.
          Just following orders… yeah, fuk off already.
          It makes me wonder if any of these low IQ cowards actually know that they’re breaking the law or aiding and abetting a corrupt Government hell bent on breaking every law on the books.
          When the cops and the Government become the criminals its time to fight back, its a moral duty to fight back against the law breakers. If the Government and their Cops can break the law with impunity then so can everyone else… and they should.

  8. If I were one of these cops, I would be very worried about the security of my own home. Angry people can find out where they live. This is a scenario that gets played out in repressive regimes over and over. Desperate people will start finding ways to “even the score”.

  9. I invite any of you in the Vancouver area to come to Surrey Memorial Hospital and I will give you a tour of the ER, ICU, and Covid floors in our tower. You don’t need to be vaccinated but you can’t take photos.

    I can show you what is going here.

    … we can even look at the silly glass doors.

    1. Bob…

      The lie is that the lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations are an effective and justifiable response to covid.

      There are worse things than Covid. Governments which refuse to give their citizens the liberty to make their own decisions have killed 150 million citizens since 1900.

      The other lie is that people who will who are willing to take reasonable risks! should be willing to take unreasonable risks or engage in pointless gestures. Both my parents died of URTIs.. i watched my mother die and spent hours with my father is his last days. I already know what it is like. Doesn’t mean that I in a panic over it.

      No wonder you get so little respect, here.

  10. has anyone sent the down under protesters some “how to riot” vidoes from the portland antifa yet?
    Dudes, you gotta get shields, umbrellas, proper black blok clothing and green lasers!
    Shit, them Ozzies aint to bright eh?

  11. At the height of the early panic, the same Melbourne streets filled with BLM protestors. The Police did nothing. In fact they knelt with the protestors as a gesture of solidarity.

    It is all about politics.

    The issues we are dealing with are a successful propaganda campaign by a government claiming to be “saving” us.. supported by the professional and bureaucratic classes who are financially secure, comfortable working from home and are generally insulated from the severe effects of the lockups.

    The Government and Police are acting illegally. Parliaments are not functioning. Judges are making legal judgements on the basis of what they think the priorities “should” be, not what the law actually says, and the Police are not being held accountable.

    It is not just rubber bullets. We have seen multiple cases in which people acting in a calm, non-threatening, non-harmful manner have been assaulted and injured. An elderly woman was thrown to the ground so severely that her hip was broken and then pepper-sprayed while she lay there. A man engaged in calm conversation with multiple Police was crash-tackled from behind by another cop who smashed his head against the concrete floor. In any other circumstances, the perpetrators would be facing serious charges and jail terms. We are still waiting.

    On brighter notes, the protests are working.
    The claim that conscientious objectors are few and far between, is being increasingly exposed as a lie.
    There are increasing reports of dissent amongst Police who are concluding that this is not Right (The VicPol motto, ironically, is “To Uphold the Right”) and that “This is not why we joined the Police”
    After 18 months of parroting the Panic-demic propaganda – the media never plays down a good crisis – the mainstream media are now expressing outrage at being censored by the Police.. and are starting to report some of the more disgusting violations of human rights.
    Social media and livestreaming by independent media and citizen-journalists is attracting more viewers than big media, and putting a human face on the protestors.

    Those who want more information should seach for the following.
    Topher Field on Facebook. “Topher” is very calm, objective and analytical.
    RealRukshan is a livestreamer who walks with the protestors and has been getting viewr numbers in the hundreds of thousands.
    Avi Yemeni from the Australian branch of Rebel media.

    This will be a long fight. We will not win it, without bringing the majority with us, and that takes time and responsible argument, not violence.

    Thankyou for the support….. Peter.

  12. Rebellion begins in small, visible ways.

    Today I shopped at Home Depot, two different Shopper’s Drug Marts, Save-On Foods, Chapters and a post office – wearing only my smile (I was clothed, of course). Not one person, whether a staff member or a fellow customer looked at me twice, let alone with concern. Checkout people were pleasant and even a security guard at Save-On commented on liking my Amazon purchased plague mask, which I was carrying and not wearing.

    Why are people so afraid of what other people may think, say or do? If I am asked to ‘mask-up’ I will do so. At the same time, I will do so on condition of being able to express why I object to being requested to do it.

    I am ‘triple immunized’ having natural antibodies, plus two doses of Moderna – now considered the ‘gold standard’ of covid vaccines. I am not a threat to anyone else, nor are they a threat to my health. I am 71 yrs. old, educated, successful and with a wealth of real world experience. I am capable of assessing my own health options. I am not a child to be told what to do by government and they are beholden to me, not I to them. And finally …. that mask wearing is a nonsensical ritual, no more effective than my making the sign of the cross to ‘protect’ myself or others. It is a sign of obedience and submission and has no place in an advanced, supposedly free society.

  13. It’s like the Australian authorities looked at everything the US DNC was doing wrong, thought about it for a few, and said “Let’s one up them.” #RESIST