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  1. It’s roughly 45 years since FM’s album Rumors, one of the best of the 1970s, was released.

      1. Indeed. It was the first FM recording that I bought.

        I’d heard about the band from other people during my undergrad days and I remember seeing copies of the previous album in the on-campus record store.

        But it was through my listening to some of the Seattle medium wave AM stations up in NE B. C. during the evenings in the summer of 1976 that made me a Fleetwood Mac fan. One of the songs of that previous album was on their playlists, though Canadian stations broadcast a cover version, thanks to PET’s Cancon rules.

        Rumors was quite popular during my senior undergrad year and in the months after I finished my B. Sc.

    1. I have multiple versions of FM’s self titled lp, including Analogue Productions dbl 12” 45 rpm version and the “Alternate FM” lp that was a recent RSD offering. Love their musicality. And I love the FM lp more than Rumors. But I’m weird and love Tusk most of all.

      But this is a spectacular version of Rhiannon. Both Nicks vocals … and that really cool Fender Rhodes bridge played by Christine McVie … proving her jazz piano chops. Love that piano bridge … beautiful

      The 1976 audience clapped as though they’d never heard this song before. Kinda tepid response … in another year they’ll be cheering fanatically … after better learning the tune. This was just after my HS graduation, and I went on a road trip with a friend who had just received an inheritance and had bought a brand new BMW. We cruised from SF to San Diego … stopping at multiple colleges along the coast (like Cal Poly) to visit our HS buds now Sophomores in college. We blasted FM’s self titled cassette tape the whole way. That trip and FM are forever emblazoned on my mind.

        1. Nancy, that’s my favourite FM song as well. Husband can’t stand it. So of course I have to crank up the volume, lol!

      1. Kenji – I didn’t realize that Robert’s link was to the 1976 Midnight Special FM TV show. I had just clicked on that link earlier this week for the first time. Awesome video. Google must be placing this in front of people over 50.

      1. Robert, this isn’t the Aggies and Foresters and Engineers. You’re not supposed to be part of the passing dung-fight. You’re management now. You’re supposed to be the ref, and dodge when a clod comes your way. (/tales out of school)

        UnMe doesn’t know my level, so I get to fling (and get hit by) a few. And yes, AFEW has been officially mad at me.

  2. We’re approaching the first anniversary of the start of The Great Barrington Declaration. Anyone is welcome to sign it and thousands have done just that but I’ve linked to that particular page because it seems to be the only page on their website that allows you to copy and paste a link. There are some interesting videos on their site.

    1. How long until they start shooting people. And then the uprising begins.
      The Aussie tactics remind me of old news clips of the Black and Tans during the troubles in Ireland. I am sure you remember how that conflict ended.
      The Rebellion usually starts with ambushes of the Tyrants forces.

    1. Carry a red Brick. A Red Brick Is Bad For Their Teeth.
      Push them over the edge then knock out their teeth.

    1. To: C_ Miner:
      Hope you don’t mind I’ve moved this over to this thread, reply below:

      Pears, eh? What kind? Love Anjou pears. Right, you too live in Calgary, I didn’t know that one can grow them here. 
      This link is interesting:

      Everything I learned about gardening in Calgary zone 3A came from 2 books called “The Calgary Gardener” volumes 1 and 2 from:
      The Calgary Gardener Volume 2: Beyond the Basics: Leatherbarrow, Liesbeth, Reynolds, Lesley, Calgary Horticultural Society: 9781894004008: Books – Amazon.ca

      It’s been a 25 year labor of love with many mistakes and some success. For edibles, I have an elderberry bush, nanking cherries, a Saskatoon bush and a crab apple tree. The birds eat the fruit on them.

      I’m still learning, — I get gorgeous peonies in June. The blossoms are at least 6-7 inches!

      And, the other day I was trimming a lilac bush and a helicopter kept hovering around. It must’ve been the ‘law,’ checking to see what I was ‘harvesting’ — the little sneaks haha!

      Say, let me know how your ‘vino’ turns out.
      Glad you shared.

      1. I am not a gardner, but love seeing and hearing about others gardening experiences. CMiner’s was a good story too, and will get better exposure here.

        1. My normal go-to is dandelion wine. I try to make a batch every year. It makes a long day picking, plucking and starting the steeping, but after about 5 years in the bottle it is pleasantly like a fine port (with a great aroma). Unfortunately, very few bottles get to age the full 5 years.

          1. Note – I say a long day because the flowers degrade very quickly. If you leave the flowers out overnight and finish pluck and start steeping the following day, the “wine” tastes like dandelion “Milk” (stems) and needs to be referred to, er, secondary processing to produce something with very little flavor but a lot of kick!

        2. Thanks for the elderberry tip. I might look to see what the grocery store has for some. Antioxidants fight off CV-19!

          (The elderberry got crowded out by another thingy. I might have to thin it out or the one beside it, they are hearty tho’, they’re sycophants)

      2. Thanks Nancy, I think that the orchard we got it from (in Cochrane) imports them from Manitoba. I knew that pear trees would be marginal here, and the type we got was (I think) “Siberian Pear”. The fruit (once ripened) isn’t as sweet as the store bought, but is not as tart as the difference between a crabapple and a golden delicious. Dug a deep hole in the clay till to give the roots somewhere to go, put in a bucket of tree-food (a store bought fertilizer from the place I bought the tree, I’m not very good with what type of fertilizer will be needed for what) and then the tree and dirt.

        When if flowered this year it was gorgeous. about 10 ft high, 6 feet across. It looked like it was covered in snow except for the green lawn in background. It needs to have another apple or pear tree around as a pollinator to get fruit (lots of ornamental apples in my neighbourhood, so we’re covered).

        Yup, the fruit looks just like the banner picture at http://www.hardyfruittrees.ca/catalog/pear-tree/siberian-pear-tree

        The bigger fruit are about 3 inches long.

        1. Impressive. Thanks to you too.

          Now about the dandelions. There was a couple nearby picking it for 3 weeks in June. I thought perhaps it was about dried medicine. Wow, Port! That stuff knocks me out cold!

  3. Breaking on BNN-Bloomberg news this morning: China has just banned all crypto currency trading and use for goods-and-services transactions.

    1. But can you still use crypto for paying off debts?
      Asking for a friend of a CEO of a huge Chinese real-estate investment firm.

  4. Blacklock reports that since charges have been laid, and Big Chief Jody is no longer attorney general, Lavalin has been offered an out of court deal. Justin’s lapdog attorney general from Quebec is following orders.

  5. Brian Lilley reveals on twitter that he was banned from asking Adolf The Gay Nazi questions, and that a PMO staffer decides who gets to ask questions over the phone.

    1. Funny. Lilley is the fake conservative out there. Good for that retard.
      Toronto Sun is a fake conservative rag

      1. Yeah, that’s nice dear. You must be getting close to the moment when you declare that everyone here is a “fake conservative” and “fuck this place”. You know, like you did last few times? Election is over so you no longer have to simp for Grand Maxipad….

    1. Nah my little crypto mining rig is still generating $$$$$ this am.
      I cashed in about a month back and restarted.

    2. Save your cash for genuine investments.
      Like Indonesian gold mining projects, Houston-based energy trading firms, and Argentina government bonds.

  6. Medical fascism and newspeak.

    “American Medical Association Instructs Doctors to Deceive”
    “It strains credulity that the AMA would actually tell doctors to substitute a factual data point with an outright lie. But with this swap, are they not telling doctors to state that people are dead, when in fact they’ve only been hospitalized with COVID-19?”


  7. FYI – Investments of the Canada Pension Plan ( https://www.cppinvestments.com/ )
    AS at March 31/21 the plan had $497.2 Billion in assets. Of that $141.75 B (28.5%) was in 1370 different Publicly Traded Equities.
    Of the 1370 investments only 19 were Canadian ($7.524 B or 5.31% of Public Equities), 198 from China ($20.582 B or 14.52% of Public Equities) and 444 from U.S ($59.162 B or 41.74% of Public Equities).

  8. Biden flunkies finally get around to freeing the number one fugitive on their most unwanted list, Meng the dragon lady.
    American collectivists learned something from our boy blunder – the joy of deferred, aka non prosecutions.
    No JWR’s to put careers on the line to stop crony corruption and criminal enterprises.
    It won’t mean the Michaels’ return. Little potato offended China so they must pay.

    “Meng will be released on her own recognizance and on Dec. 1 all charges dropped if she complies with provisions of the deferred-prosecution agreement, a federal prosecutor explained.”