Wuhan View

In the comments: I saw it as it happened. It is worth mentioning that they were removed from the set immediately after a discussion about the importance of being vaxxed.

I’ll admit to being gobsmacked. I had no idea we had a reader who watches The View.

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  1. Were they symptomatic? Was this a clinical diagnosis (a physician present)? No? Then there was no COVID and their network is populated with idiots (kind of a given).

    1. They caught a Virulent NEW strain called KamelToe Variant.
      Poor bastard’s I heard about that variant. Look what it has done to Poor Joe Biden.
      I heard it was so bad, that KamelToe Harris the VP is banned from the border.
      Her Vagina has become like a giant Incubator, just bubbling with yeast infections and covid.
      Enough yeast floating around airborne to operate several bakeries.

  2. See… the Death Goo is not 100%

    Two more Typhoid Marie out there.

    Let’s discuss in this echo-chamber, how right I am.

  3. 4 people on the panel. 2 “breakthrough” cases. What does that work out to?

    Pandemic of the Unvaccinated!!!

  4. I saw it as it happened. It is worth mentioning that they were removed from the set immediately after a discussion about the importance of being vaxxed.

      1. I’ve never watched before, my wife mentioned Kameltoe was scheduled and I had a hunch that hilarity would ensue. I was not disappointed.

    1. He watched the View – are we supposed to hate and wish harm to Rt41Rebel? Someone help me.

      Maybe he was interested in another opinion – either way he is evil now.

      1. Yawn. Still haven’t found anyone who can dumb-down the difference between “my choice” and “coercion” enough for you to understand it, then?

        And how it applies to not just medical choice, but entertainment choice, and travel choice, and vocational choice, and spousal choice, and …

          1. But then you would have to call them horses.

            “The old grey mare, well, she ain’t what she used to be……”

    1. No….you are not missing out. Think of it as a prostate exam by a doctor with arthritic knuckles the size of a golf ball.

    2. It is a TV show with people who have different opinions than ours…outrageous.

      They are left wing and women and fat… the holy fn trinity of Satan.

      1. They are also incredibly stupid…..because opinions that are based on feelings and not facts aren’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.

        1. fn A… left, women, fat and opinions…. Four Horseman of the apocalypse.

          You and I are on the same page…we should be best friends!!!

          You can help me with my spelling… people notice that here.

  5. Looking at those two chicks my money is they both have a lot of underlying medical issues on top of their obvious obesity. I wonder how long they have to live?

    1. Shhh…don’t mention the O word.

      Remember, the ‘ro only hits bad people who do bad things. When it hits good people who do good things, its only because of the bad people doing bad things.

      Or something.

      But, yeah, since 75% of those hospitalized are chubbies…

    2. The two people I knew personally who died of COVID were big fatties. The dude especially. The overwhelmingly majority of the pix I see of the dead in the news are obese. And yet the media never mention. “EVERYONE’S AT RISK PEOPLE. GET VAXXED OR BE SHUN FROM SOCIETY FOREVER.” Riiiiiiiiiiight.

          1. Ken Kulak. Lucky bastard.

            But seriously, he was terrific.
            Jog my memory. Did he escape BEFORE the scamdemic?

          2. I can’t find any postings by him after June 2019, MeNo, so I think he did. I can’t find the correct keywords to find the post about his memorial that was listed here and that provided a biography.

            RIP Ken.

  6. Eh, probably a publicity stunt. Both of the ones talking at the time? Now they generate a buzz for Harris and can also go on and on about their near near death experience but for the vax or something.

    1. It’s like when Fredo Cuomo supposedly had it.
      While trying to manufacture more mass hysteria, they overlook that they continued to do the show. If that was real, the show would end and all present would be sent to quarantine.

  7. Scripted. Nothing on TV is real, folks. Stupid people like it though.
    No closer to reality as Joy Behar is at being a standup comedian and Ana Navarro a former Republican strategist.

    1. ” a former Republican strategist.”

      So, brain death was her underlying condition ?


        1. They don’t…it makes it so much more funny. The four horseman comment above… the guy agreed with me – awesome.

          And 50% comment…he walked right into it…I’m still laughing.

  8. I am curious about the statement “they were removed from the set”. Were wheelbarrows involved? How was this done?

  9. “… I’ll admit to being gobsmacked. I had no idea we had a reader who watches The View. ”

    … a … is the operative word.

    1. Sometimes the TV is left on that channel and the View comes on. I immediately turn off the TV because it is a “Smart” TV and I don’t want it to become dumb.

    1. Dude… didn’t you read my comments? I have changed. I am on your team now – more accurately back on your team.

  10. BS …nobody tested positive for anything. This was a theatrical set up to allow Kameltoe a two-week quarantine period … during which she will not have to take any questions about Haitian resettlement. In hope that whole mess is gone in 4 news cycles.

    1. Exactly. Otherwise the episode would have stopped and all people on the set sent to quarantine. The brain dead who believe that mean tweets make a bad president will take it as gospel.

  11. “I’ll admit to being gobsmacked. I had no idea we had a reader who watches The View.”

    I certainly don’t watch but Michelle Malkin pointed out years ago that the program was hugely popular and influential among politically active housewives so it was important to watch to gain insight into their mindset. You know – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  12. From zerohedge / from the Federalist
    “Just before the segment featuring Navarro and Hostin being led offstage, the panel opened the show complaining about the unvaccinated, with a chyron which read, “Experts: vaccinated not as likely to spread COVID.””

    1. I’d like to know more about these ” experts” and their claim. The claim that the vax reduces spread is always made as a tentative statement and remains unproven. I have not seen anything that even establishes the likelihood of vaxed being non- spreaders. It is a non sterilizing vaccine. How many of our political masters know this? If they did there would be no justification for vaccine passports and mandates. Seems to be a truth that the media and medical mafia want to keep secret.

      1. It seems to me, Linda, that they’ve only recently started using the tentavive mode of claim. Before vaccinations were available, I recall being told by these experts that this was the only way to attain herd immunity and elliminate the vaccine. There was no doubt that they worked. There was also no natural immunity, so they said. Oh yes, and if you got it, you would inevitably die. Trust us and our computer models, said the experts.

      2. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing, LindaL. When you realize that this isn’t about our health or safety, you begin to understand WHY they are doing this.

  13. If they really believed this was a PANDEMIC…
    Why are none of the others in quarantine?
    Just send them home after the show and spread whatever they picked up!

  14. ABC’s “The View” delivered 2.967 million Total Viewers, 394,000 Women 25-54 and 270,000 Women 18-49 during the 1st Quarter 2021, based on Most Current Data from Nielsen Media Research… In fact, season to date, “The View” ranks No. 1 in Households and Total Viewers (2.2 rtg and 2.961 million, respectively) for the first time in its 24-year history at this point in the season. (April 2021)

    occasionally, i see a clip here or there – mocking the content. however, it’s probably not a bad idea to dial it up, once in a while, to see first-hand, what you’re up against. recently, i saw a really old clip with norm macdonald as guest. very funny! barbara walters was scolding him – telling him that (as a comedic guest) he was supposed to be funny.

    sometimes i will take a look at the atlantic, or salon, or any other of the thousands of sites that are so weird, it’s hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously. nonetheless, it is a good idea to take opposition seriously. they are not my friends. they are not your friends.

  15. It looks staged.

    But either way, real or staged, they are shooting themselves in the foot;

    they just confirmed the vaccine does NOT protect from covid !!!

    stupid is as stupid does…

    1. That wasn’t the claim. The claim had always been that the vaccines are 95% effective in preventing serious illness from Covid requiring hospitalization. That was before they discovered that effectiveness declines over a period of several months, therefore requiring boosters.

      They never claimed that the vaccines actually prevented acquiring Covid, which doesn’t exactly fit the definition of the words “vaccines” or “immunize,” now, doesn’t it?

      I still can’t figure out how they actually determined that “95%” result. I don’t think I ever will.

  16. I hope that long anal swab went all the way up, giving them much chagrin for their covid crime .

    Ugh the thought; did I just imagine that?

  17. They suffer a disease far worse than Covid. The pandemic of progressive ignorance, hatred and intolerance. This week alone we witnessed AOC (All Out Crazy)’s overt hatred for the citizens of Israel, principally Jews; and John Kerry’s extreme disinterest in the abuse suffered by Muslims in Chinese prison camps.