24 Replies to “Fear U.S.A.”

  1. Get the vaccine and this will end. Too many people believe that. It’s not going to end.
    By the way, I’m vaccinated.

    1. John, I hope you survive. I guess over 14 thousand deaths from the shots in America and over 30 thousand in the UK are just not enough to convince people that they are being screwed over. The evil is just amazing.

      1. It’s not that they’re not convinced. They already know. How can they not know? This isn’t incompetence. This has all been planned out! If anything, they’re growing impatient because the vaccines aren’t killing people fast enough.

  2. Is there anything to reverse the myocarditis? I guess on the upside , if we need multiple organ transplants (heart, lung…), the Chinese won’t want to harvest them.

  3. Lost my teaching position 20 odd years ago on principle, with kids and a mortgage…same shit, different pile.
    Nobody came to help me, you are on your own. And then you figure it out.
    With my math/physics degree, I went back to the green chain piling lumber and eventually retrained in a finance career.

    Brave lady and good on her for standing up in a withering hurricane of bullshit.
    Do you go home and sleep at night knowing that your job is to kill other folks or severely impair their ability to function?
    So this swell genetic material that causes pericarditis and myocarditis, in individuals who are in the prime of their lives, 19-31 year age group is recommended as safe and effective, but wears off in less than four months. 🙁

    Well here is a fun fact, unlike your liver, heart tissue cells DO NOT REGENERATE. The damage is permanent.


    “The heart is unable to regenerate heart muscle after a heart attack and lost cardiac muscle is replaced by scar tissue. Scar tissue does not contribute to cardiac contractile force and the remaining viable cardiac muscle is thus subject to a greater hemodynamic burden. Over time, the heart muscle eventually fails leading to the development of heart failure and 500,000 patients are diagnosed annually in the United States with heart failure. Thus the inability of the heart to regenerate cardiac muscle, coupled with a predominant fibrotic injury response remain major fundamental obstacles to treating heart disease.”

    Step right up and get your heart tissue killing jab…in this emergency use authorization experiment.
    The problem is the the ostensible cure is worse than the putative disease.

    Dr Mengele your office called! Welcome to “Apocalyptic therapy”.

    God may be coming, because our “dear leaders” are surely deaf, dumb and blind.

    If you are feeling like you were tossed onto the dunghill, you would be correct in that assessment.

    Psalm 113:7 He raises up the poor out of the dust, And lifts up the needy from the dunghill;


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

      1. Yep those kickbacks to their Cayman Island retirement accounts must be piling up.

        And the fun part is the “authorities” swore up and down that the vax wasn’t needed for the 0-18yr range as they have a 99.997% survival rate!

        This is almost as comedic as Revenue Canada telling me years ago that “insulin is not a life sustaining therapy”. 🙂

        When it comes to medical care, government apparatchiks flying their desks, are the very last idiots to entrust your lives to…!


        Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

        1st Saint Nicolaas Army
        Army Group “True North”

    1. Sorry about your situation. One always finds a new way of coping when faced with a life changing scenario. Thanks for sharing your story Hans. Stay well. This killer jab that they’re trying to foist on everyone is not sitting well with millions of people. These murderers need to be prosecuted.

  4. I bet Trudeau’s kids aren’t going to take the ‘real’ jab. Perhaps he’ll use them for a photo op like he did with Sophie, when they both got fake shots.

    1. Turdo and his probably got saline.

      Toronto’s Cruella DeVille, Health Chief, announced yesterday that all children attending school WILL be getting the Clot Shot , mandatory.
      After learning that Pfizer has given the green light for its use across the board in 5-11 year olds.
      Only ones their not going after , yet, are the just born to 4 year olds.

      We will have a ” Children of Men ” world soon.

      1. Maybe you missed this, it was reported here a few days ago, that someone analyzed the video of J.T. and S.T. getting their ‘vaxxes’ and the expert said a fake syringe was used on both of them. So, alledgedly no saline, not even that. Sorry I don’t have the link but it was here at SDA. Perhaps someone here likely has it.

        P.S. see my post here at 8:43 am, the testimonials in that link prove that Americans know what’s going on as well. Of course, it’s no secret.

        1. It’s on Martin Armstrong’s site. It’s speculative, based on what a typical procedure should look like. I’ve seen other vids with people getting the clot shot, same style, one handed.
          Inconclusive, though suspicious.
          Trudeau is a useful idiot to the Globalists, knocking him off may be part of the plan once he has served their nefarious purposes.

  5. What is the desired outcome?

    What is the “deadline” (so to speak?

    What is the payoff?

    Money and power; it’s ALWAYS about one or both.

    May they and theirs burn in Hell for eternity.

    1. Another powerful link! So glad Jodi O’Malley is getting support.
      USA might be getting ready to resist, but after the wasted election here yesterday I have lost hope for Canada

  6. The ‘news’ is so damaged that it is hard to pick what is the truth.
    Not relative truth, what’s someone’s else truth, the actual truth.
    As Rufus once wrote:
    When the truth cannot be clearly made out, what is false is increased through fear. — Quintus Curtius Rufus

    1. The only thing watching the “news” is good for is it makes you aware of what lies they are telling on a particular day. This is what they want you to think and believe and react to…this is what your neighbours are likely thinking and believing and reacting to. Prepare yourself accordingly.

  7. “The further a society drifts from the truth, The more it will hate those that speak it” George Orwell.

  8. A lot of people aren’t going to have much trouble ignoring this. The sensationalistic format is too much like Hard Copy. Can’t understand why they do it that way.

  9. My daughter has mild but concerning facial paralysis just after taking the shot. Despite talking to several doctors, it has never been reported as a Covid side effect. I suspect nothing is being reported as a Covid side effect. Not only that, Big Pharma vaccinated the control groups so there aren’t even valid studies anywhere. This whole thing appears to be a trillion dollar swindle. Follow the money and the carpet bagger politicians. A month after my first shot I had angina for the first time in 7 years. There won’t be a second shot.