10 Replies to “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”

  1. Megyn Kelly mentioned that NBC reportedly offered Maddow $35 million per year to continue her show. When that kind of money is thrown at a minor propagandist for the left, you begin to see why all the legacy media are pushing insanely left policies. That is where the money is.

    And that kind of money is enough to keep Maddow and other leftists who clearly are not very stable in terms of mental health, with minds firmly stuck in the leftist fantasy world.

    1. “Megyn Kelly mentioned that NBC reportedly offered Maddow $35 million per year to continue her show…That is where the money is.”

      Kelly’s contract with Fox = $15M per year
      Kelly’s contract with NBC = $23M per year
      Hannity’s contract with Fox = $15M per year
      Hannity’s contract with Premiere = $20M per year
      Limbaugh’s contract with Premiere = >$38M per year

      The list goes on.

      I don’t think you’re wrong, though, to point out the big money involved. It’s just that it’s not limited to “the left”.

      As a general rule, it may be wise to take anything uttered by any big-name political commentator or media pundit with a heaping teaspoon of salt, especially if you find that they’re telling you exactly what you want to here. They’re not being paid millions to tell you the truth — they’re all being paid millions so that they or their bosses can sell ad space and subscriptions.

      1. But Maddow’s audience is a tiny fraction of Rush’s and the others. They are paying her huge money to reach a very small audience with her leftist propaganda.

      2. Ted

        And what is needed is the REAL source of the money! As in O’Buttholes 60 million memoir advance, it’s bought and paid for by those who benefit the most , usually big corp!

      3. Ted, please provide links to any of Megyn Kelly’s YouTube channel or podcasts that illustrate her lying or deliberately exaggerating.

      4. Ted… You may be on to something. To be honest, I don’t trust any of them, on either side. I do, however, verify, and IMHO, the left deceives far more than the right.

      5. No critical thought or context here eh Ted Rachel? How much do/did each of them get paid per viewer?
        Your response describes just you and her ilk – thruthists.

        Where lies become truth, just like progressivism becomes liberalism. Patently untrue, but perhaps morally right.
        LOL at these Gumby logic and semantic word game fools nobody watches.
        Given her abysmal ratings, perhaps CBC is interested in Rachel, and not just for her illogic but her ability to spin leftist lies.

  2. Kind of amusing to see Megyn Kelly go all Edward R. Murrow after she signed a whopping $69 million dollar deal to leave Fox to go to NBC back in the day so let’s not bring up the money aspect shall we?
    Maddow may not have acknowledged her mistakes or her willful propagandizing but anyone witnessing Kelly’s nerf ball interview with James Alefantis could say the same thing about her.
    No hard nosed interviewer I know opens up with: “What a terrible ordeal this must have been for you”
    How’s that for an icebreaker?
    As opposed to: How is it that an owner of a Pizza dive is the 49th most powerful person in D.C. …can you explain that for the folks at home?”