17 Replies to “Liberal Elites Want The Toronto Island Airport Shut Down”

  1. Just rename it the Justin Trudeau Airport, and it’ll be fine.

    Every province is this insane asylum of a country should have an airport named after the Imperial Family.

  2. I would like Moronto to shut down and stop infecting the rest of the province with its bullshit. Pave half it over with runways and highways and leave the rest as ghetto. Civilized people don’t live in Moronto downtown (or any other downtown anyway).

    The Moronto Island airport and Porter flying out of it is the best thing that happened to that shithole in decades (that and the 407). Get off Union Station, take shuttle and fly out bypassing the cancer that is Pearson. On top of it Porter is by far the best (i.e. the least bad) Canadian airline.

  3. Wow another great idea…close down a business that pays taxes…and build another park that costs taxes to build and maintain…and doesn’t pay taxes.

    Nope, can’t see any problem with that. You have to give the Laptop Class more parks!

  4. Still trying to figure out why Jack Rub&Tug Layton has the fairy terminal and other sites named after him. Oh, I see now. Adam superlefty Vaughn should be dropped in the lake by Porter on one of their flights. Socialist dogs.

  5. Like when they shut down Edmonton’s downtown airport to sell the land to their developer buddies.

    Then it failed every environmental assessment thanks to oil contamination (dating as far back as the war years).

    Now it’s just a scab of rotten oily concrete and a liability without any revenue for the city.

  6. No surprise. This fascist bastard has been instrumental for years in blocking the creation of a bridge to TOA and getting rid of the silly ferry link. And the result of his opposition is the creation of more pollution, as travelers to Ottawa or Montreal have to use an overcrowded Pearson Airport, necessitating an extra hour of travel time in or out of Toronto via taxicab. You cannot say enough bad things about the cancerous effect of this piece of leftist, entitled trash. It’s no surprise that even in Toronto he’s only electable in Trinity-Spadina.

  7. Clean and green eh?

    Well then.

    If that airport gets shut down it wouldn’t effect air traffic to put up a hundred wind turbines in Toronto harbour now would it?

    Someone should ask Vaughan if he agrees.

  8. Wealthy socialists were given cheap 99 year leases to their island cottages. Taxpayers give them the subsidized ferry service. Shutting the airport would be some nice icing on their cake.

  9. In the interest of creating an inclusive open green space on toronto island, it’s vitally important that we tear down all permanent structures on the island and return it to it’s natural state… including the houses that were given cheap leases that don’t cover the amount of taxes that their value supports, and the multitude of private yacht clubs; it’s only “fair”


  10. As a pilot, I am sorry to see any airport close. I’ve lost so many of my favorite airports that I retired from flying. This is eerily reminiscent of the fate of Chicago’s Miegs field. That was a great airport that I only had the privilege of landing at once. What a great place to practice crosswind landings. Don’t be surprised if the airport is abruptly closed in the dead of night, in a similar way that Meigs was closed.

  11. Probably the same people who complained about the noise from trains running to the Pearson airport after 1) complaining there wasn’t a public transport option; 2) Porter is private enterprize.