29 Replies to “What Would We Do Without Climate Funding?”

  1. A CNN article on this topic suggested that the tusks, the most impressive feature of the Woolly Mammoth in my view, would be genetically removed in order to minimize injuries. Clever, right? Launching a new snack for Polar Bears, to say the least.

  2. There is proof that there are researchers who are crap artists, grifters, and freeloaders, creating work for themselves to continue sponging off the rest of us.

    Sure beats working for a living, doesn’t it?

  3. Going around your elbow to get to your a**hol@. And someone funded this. Its inexplicable why anyone would believe things on the planet must, or should be completely static. Climate is dynamic, life is dynamic, things change, and extinctions are a natural part of the progression of life on earth. But then, some people actually believe there is a “perfect” temperature, as well, and that having departed from that “perfect” temperature (each of them likely yearning for the weather conditions that existed that one perfect summer they were home from middle school) we are all therefore doomed. Yes, we need giant, tuskless trans lawnmowers roaming aimlessly about…can’t even keep the tourists from attempting suicide via Yellowstone bison. Yet another reason to “Build the Wall.”

  4. Computer modelling: the gift to research grifters! It used to be much harder to confect results even for the bright. (I speak from experience 1974 Physics 101 practicals, trying to produce results without actually doing the experiments). Computer models are the original sin which allows narrative driven conclusions aided and abetted by research grants from interested parties, to replace messy reality.

    1. My Physics professor called it … “dry-labbing”. He gave me an ‘F’ on my momentum lab “experiment” when I first bullshitted my way through a failed “experiment”. He restored my grade to ‘B’ after I took the time to do it right. Did it in REALITY. Seems as though my (excellent) Physics Professor had very keen bullshit radar.

      Yeah, computer models and the internet would have been real handy in 1976. Which reminds just how LITTLE kids of today can ACTUALLY be learning with all the “aids” at their disposal (on the Internet).

    2. My entire Ph. D. research was computer modelling. Using software to see if a certain renewable energy system would work was cheaper and quicker than spending money on hardware only to find out it’s a dud.

      When research funding is tight, one tends to be careful how one spends the money.

  5. Well this is even more scary. PCA or Personal Carbon Allowance. So with the contact tracing that we allowed with the Fauci Flu. The Green Commies want it made law that each person gets an annual carbon allowance that is reduced each year. So much for gasoline, home heating, lighting etc. And some Bureaucrat decides how hot or cold your house is etc. Or how much you travel. Find the wall Pancho. Find a wall and use it. They have made everyone into slaves to their system. https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/personal-carbon-allowances-pushed-fight-global-warming

      1. Can meat rationing also follow ?
        Meat only on your birthday.
        Can’t guarantee it won’t be bugs, lab grown good or Soylent.

  6. Say what you want about it, I’m stoked to have a mammoth farm. Just think of the mammoth steaks, the mammoth milk, the mammoth wool… the mammoth-sized pies left in the pastures…

    1. Your mention of steaks reminds me of the episode of the TV series Northern Exposure when a mammoth was found after a patch of ice had melted. Someone eventually cut it up and had part of it for supper.

      Of course, there’s going to be a Mammoth Park, but will they go around tipping over tourist vehicles with their tusks? Since they were vegetarians, I guess they were vegetarians, they won’t try to eat them.

  7. So, mammoths will trample the new trees which grow in the arctic, preventing it from getting too warm. Uh-huh.

    They do realize that mammoths were buried under said glaciation. I’m sure decades of research told them that.

    Maybe he just realized that if he puts ‘climate change’ into his research papers, he’ll get more money for his genome work.

    1. “Maybe he just realized that if he puts ‘climate change’ into his research papers, he’ll get more money for his genome work.”

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner! You nailed it.

      Personally, I think resurrecting the Wooly Mammoth would be very cool, as an experiment in its own right. Magnificent animals.

  8. How ironic … This *cough* *cough* … Professor is imitating Dr. Michael Crichton (hey Jill Byedin-Heiress! That would be a REAL Doctor) … who wrote Jurassic Park wherein Extinct DYNO-Saurs are cloned and bright back to life.


    Dr. Michael Crichton ALSO wrote State of Fear wherein the extinct idea of man-made global warming, cum climate change is brought back to life by college Professors like this rent-seeking FRAUD! Life finds a way … to imitate art.

    1. Dr. Crichton is currently unavailable, having died more than a dozen years ago.

  9. Ooh my god, please.
    What a hunting trip that would be.

    I’m thinking bent French horn welded to trombone parts for a call you’d have to carry around with you in your camo painted Kenworth you’d need to get the meat home.
    I’m all in.

    Too many trees in the arctic, yeah, I’ll go along with that , if that what it takes, sure thing professor.

    1. What about all the mammoth bones they found in Mexico City, while building the airport, were they vacationers?

      Can we resurrect the prehistoric camels that used to roam our landscapes, to ease our brutally cold winters, too? Only in the winter, though, wouldn’t want that warming trend to continue past winter….

      Most people think we are in a static system, like a lab oven, where the conditions are fixed, for the most part. They give no thought or credence to the fact that we live on a tiny rock, just the right distance from a nuclear fusion star, to have liquid surface water and a breathable atmosphere. We lack the lifespan to truly appreciate geologic time scales. If all of the life forms that ever lived on the planet were still alive, there wouldn’t be much room to move around!

      1. Just ask any of these FRAUDS … “what IS the ‘ideal’ temperature of the planet?” Like Hawaii? or Santa Barbara where it is a balmy 82 deg.F virtually every day of the year?

  10. Bob Barker says I can not have an elephant because our climate is too cold.
    I want a Howdah on a mammoth for off road adventures.

  11. Bring them all back.Especially the Shortfaced Bear,the sabre tooth Lion and their companion parasites..
    I want to see swarms of Mammoth Mosquitos rising from the swamps..
    Ain’t Climate Change amazing?
    It causes everything and can do anything..
    Just like the Cult of Calamitous Climate,who hold to “The Science” and can prove anything they desire,yet they cannot define what this Climate Change,that they are so certain of,is.
    The key to pseudo science.
    No defined terms.
    No means of measurement.
    Flexible goalposts.

  12. “What about all the mammoth bones they found in Mexico City, while building the airport, were they vacationers?”

    My guess is that those were probably Columbian Mammoths. They lived all over North America and we’re not as whooly as the other kind.

    I’m actually in favor of bringing back extinct Megafauna, not because I believe in Climate Change crap, but just because I think it’s a cool idea. Also it really trips up stupid liberals when you mention that they were all pretty much hunted to extinction by the native peoples of Australia, North America and elsewhere. They think they’re all noble savage ecologicalists like Disney’s Pocahontas.