40 Replies to “Vote Liberal Or Else”

      1. Taking the poison jab is a personal choice. No one was forced to accept a vaccine jab for SARS, West Nile, H1N1 or any of the usual childhood diseases out there. Forcing people now is pure evil tyranny.

        1. If the vaccines are so effective and so “safe” why the increasingly desperate methods of “persuasion”?

          What is the “timetable and whose timetable is it?

  1. Of course Prinz Dummkopf would never consider that threat as an act of war, which it is. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his future retirement there.

  2. Reverse psychology by Xi? He may have O’Stoole wrapped up and wants incentive to get people to vote Lib/CPC instead of PPC.

    1. May have???

      OStool and every other Politician that goes to OTTAWA is fully bought n paid for. By any number of Eastern Elites controlled by Globalists and that Filthy fucking cabal from Community China

      Prove me wrong??

  3. Xi likely can’t stand the Spawn but knows a reliable communist toady when he sees one. When your goal is world dominance, interfering in foreign elections is literally child’s play when dealing with Canada.

    1. interfering in foreign elections is literally child’s play when dealing with Canada

      That’s because we have a middle-aged pre-adolescent in charge.

  4. Pffffffttt…and a Conservative gov’t would be different how again?
    Personally I think China is effing with our heads.

  5. But remember Maxipads, stay the course, real world does not matter. All not with you are impure and the same libcons libcons libcons etc.

    1. That would be “Arty-tillery”…? 🙂

      President Xi commands Canadian voters to support the “admirer of dick-tater-ship”…ha, ha, ha.

      Canada is nominally still democracy, so Canadians can vote for whoever they want to, including “Crown Prinz von Dummkopf”.
      The PMO direly needs a wardrobe change…chinese communist socks are so passe’.


      I’m voting to END Canada’s relationship with the “Dick-tater-ship”™ in the PMO.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

  6. Somewhere approximately 8500km west of Vancouver a white Persian cat is being carefully petted by an old varicose veined gold ringed hand attached to a white tang suit surrounded by evil cackling laughter and multiple video screens with blank faced world leaders staring back.

  7. In all sincerity: FÜCK OFF CHINA.

    If this country had any balls, its voters would rise up and elect a conservative majority, O’Toole or not. Put another way, what would the national reaction be had that message come from Washington?


  8. Go ahead, mates! Vote PPC! That will make a “huge/yuge” difference!

    As in, exactly, no difference, except to deprive the Canadian public of the opportunity to rid themselves of the current administration.

    So, tell me, again, where do we go after that?

    You lot seem to know quite a bit about this thing, which none of us wanted.

    1. Being a slightly less offensive commie than what we got now doesn’t get my vote. If canada collapses sooner than later because Trudeau gets in, so much the better.

      I’m only voting ppc because maverick doesn’t have a candidate in my riding.

      At least I’ll die knowing I never once voted for a commie.

      1. I’m only voting ppc because maverick doesn’t have a candidate in my riding.

        At least I’ll die knowing I never once voted for a commie.

        That makes two of us. There’s no Maverick candidate in my area and I never voted for a communist and never well.

    2. “So, tell me, again, where do we go after that?”
      Are you blind David?
      We are F.U.B.A.R.
      How do you propose Canada recover from our current position?
      Our income is considerably less than our owing and there is zero mainstream appetite to reduce our spending.
      You know what comes next.
      Our parasites sell off all our natural resources abroad to buy themselves just a few more month at the trough..

      Does it matter what colour suite they wear?
      Rid ourselves of this administration?
      You jest?
      This administration will continue as long as they can steal freely,who our elected “representatives” be, has not mattered for decades.
      Fire them all is Canada’s only hope and you know that will never happen.
      A Independent west will arise,once Ottawa presents us with the bill for their “help”.
      Because open warfare will be cheaper than continuing the Kleptocracy.
      There is the answer..
      Glad you asked?

      1. Agreed! An independent Western Republic is the only hope for Canadian Patriots! I’m in Ontario and I beseech Westerners to get it done!!

    3. Aww, geez… another one!

      I’ll say this again, hopefully for the last time this election cycle. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO WINS THIS ELECTION. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE, no matter what the chicoms do?

    4. David, a conservative government will be a virtual carbon copy of the current administration.

      A vote for the NDP,LPC or CPC all lead to the same worldwide, totalitarian dystopia. The only difference being how quickly you arrive at that destination.

      You can’t vote your way out of this.

      Barring a miracle, financial and societal collapse are now inevitable.

      I wish i had better news for you.

  9. What, did China run out of Dominion voting machines or something? I am pretty sure Xi knows how to get whatever election result he wants.