28 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. It’s rigged. In California you can vote by fax.

    Good luck with your provisional ballots Republican voters.

  2. Speaking of election fraud and such, should we have some kind of betting pool on this election?
    Bet on which liberal has the biggest come from behind win from the mail in votes?
    Guess the province with the top three most improbable come from behind wins, guess the riding, guess the margin of fraud?

    Do the bookies in London take bets on how much fraud the Liberals will commit this election?

  3. Not gonna happen.

    In a way though, there is value in a Newson win so that Cali can continue to swirl down the bowl so as to serve as an example to the rest of the country of how not to run your state. Those videos of L.A.’s Skid Row homeless encampments and the visuals from San Fran’s Poop Map App are gold I tell ya!

      1. Facepalm. And pray tell who will Canada serve as a warning for? Do you Maxipads ever try pause and think about consequences of actions you advocate? You’re already rationalizing why you have helped Little Fidel win and sentenced us all to Gulag.

        1. Out of curiosity and I ask without malice, if these votes are supposed to be deemed conservative and under the same assumption should be voting conservative, is that not an admission that the CPC has abandoned those voters?
          Which leads me to the next question, that if the CPC truly wants to keep these voters should the party be doing something to make these voters cast a vote for the CPC?

          Trust me when I say I understand your frustration, but there’s an old saying about how you can alienate more people by alienating them with vitriol.
          This goes for those on the other side as well
          We can disagree without being disagreeable.

          1. “…if the CPC truly wants to keep these voters…”

            Dude. What part of “corrupt election” has failed to penetrate your fog? The people’s votes don’t get counted, they get thrown in a dumpster and set on fire.

            Why do you think Shiny Pony called this election? So he can use mail-ins to steal it. Just like every other banana republic in history. Why do you think California has vote-by-mail? Same reason.

            The CPC does seem to be trying to get the Pony a majority, but then the Pony owns the media and everything we hear comes to us courtesy of the media. So really, they could be saying all kinds of things and we’d never hear about it. Because it’s -corrupt-.

    1. 25,000 hard working Trump voters will now leave Commiefornia and move here to Montana, keeping us a Red State for a very long time.

  4. Question for my fellow non-democrats-
    Why not have something in place to catch the cheating bastards red handed?

    We know they’ve cheated in the past. We knew they were going to cheat for 4 years before last November. We know they will continue to cheat.

    So why don’t we stop them?

  5. Latest poll results show 57% No, but we all know how well polls have done recently, have we?

    Still, I’m sorry to say, I’m not very optimistic on the outcome of this, what appears to be yet another rigged election.

  6. Only 20 minutes after polls closed it looks like an overwhelming NO vote.

    Were the polls that wrong, or is there massive electoral fraud?

  7. Regarding our Canadian election, I’m signed up to be a PPC scrutineer. They need more. Consider it.

  8. “Newsom wins, with 81 million votes!”

    “But there’s only 16 million registered voters in all of California…”

    “Oops – wrong button.”

  9. Well … now I know what it feels like to be a minority. No longer the State of my birth. Or of my parents birth, or of my grandparents and great grandparents migration. I will be leaving. Soon.

    Now my greatest FEAR is what this absurd “mandate” will do to “slick’s” (Newsom’s) megalomania. What “mandate” will Newsom assume tomorrow? A wealth tax on every Californian who isn’t already dependent on Newsom’s pre-vote $bribe$? Is Gavin gonna fuck me over financially as I leave this degenerating State?

    1. My brief exposure during this recall to Larry Elder … has left me overwhelmingly IMPRESSED. He is EXACTLY the kind of man we need in government. A logical, truthful, clear-thinking, man of experience.

      I expect we have only just BEGUN to hear from Larry Elder. Crossing my fingers he can unseat smarmy, pandering, extreme leftist, Gavin Newsom

  10. Elder seems like a class act to me, so I am quite happy for him this morning. Imagine his life if he had won, the hate-mongering would be so intense against this black Republican, I have little doubt there would have been an assassination attempt in his first six months.

    I will actually enjoy watching California burn to the ground, now. It is more than obvious that is what the majority of citizens there have desired for years, so who am I to question a clear majority wanting to maintain this horrible status quo? Actually, it is quite generous of them to continue to volunteer to be the ‘canary in the coalmine’ on leftism destroying western civilization(although Australia has apparently stolen that job from them).

    Elder is too good for them, and he would have just spent the next 4 years having his reforms sabotaged at every step, anyways. Congratulations on your loss, Larry, I doubt you realize how lucky you are!

    1. Well said.

      Also doubtful exactly what he could have accomplished, as he would be resisted by every other Commiefornia politician.
      Still, the hysterics of the left would have been glorious to watch.

      Good showing Mr Elder.

  11. 64/36. Not even close. The polls turned a couple of weeks ago but I thought it was heading toward 55/45 or maybe 60/40 at best. Yowsa.

    It’s actually better for Republicans that Democrats own California, lock stock and barrel. The state, quite frankly, must burn itself to the ground and must do so under full control of Democrats, for there to be any hope of salvaging something out of her afterwards. Any Republican who holds power will simply be made a scapegoat.

    Although the odds that anything will be salvageable after such a total meltdown are probably very low. Western elites and progressives are utterly hellbent on destroying western society and they do not seem to be failing in that task. There are days I look at my children and wonder if I should ever have brought them into this world. I fear their lives are going to endure darkness the likes of which we could never have fathomed.

    1. A new Dark Ages is certainly possible, given ideas like open borders, open immigration, illegal immigrant amnesty, tons of military materiel and dollars for terrorists (someone might say that this wasn’t the idea, to which I counter, “well than WTF was the idea?”), pushing victim status onto multiple minority groups and encouraging the resulting extremist groups, aiding America’s enemies by enriching them beyond their wildest dreams and ignoring their oppression, tolerance of massive populations of addicts and crime not excluding murder, and so on and so on. I worry about my child too.

      Not sure where to take it – more guns and ammo before they become impossible to obtain seems like a pretty good idea on my less optimistic days. :I

  12. Like Alice in Wonderland it is.
    How can any rational resident of California look at what’s happening around them and come to the conclusion that everything is OK?
    Boggles the mind. Was the election fixed to that extent?

  13. This is a good example of how Juthtin the Turdhole remains as the Basic Dictator of Turdholeland… mail in ballots.
    Anyone believing that the Turdhole election will be honest is delusional’
    Turdhole called an election because like China Joe Biden and Piglosi, he knows the fix is in.
    “Vote splitting” is a mute issue because of this fact.
    Or perhaps some people still believe the fascist politicians and their agents imposing NAZI style segregation/Aparthied and mandatory experimental injections are going to run an honest election. Please.
    The fix is in, thats why Turdhoels handlers called an election.
    Stool could’ve made things interesting if he was even remotely conservative, but he isn’t.
    A fat pension awaits the Stool.