18 Replies to “Biden And Trudeau Now Tied For Laughing Stocks Of The World”

  1. Friends, who needs friends.
    I lie and buy my friends as I need them.
    Welcome to Trudeauland and unfortunately, YOU’RE IN IT!
    Remember…’We’re All in this Together’.
    As long as you keep voting my crooked ass in and paying for my whimsical spending.

  2. Resident Houseplant. Before dementia, Biden was probably almost as dumb as Justine. Now it’s too close to call.

    1. At least Prinz Dummkopf has nice hair, doesn’t he? Still, a bozo wearing a rug and stick-on eyebrows remains a bozo.

  3. He said “Trump clone” as if that were a BAD thing? Hahaha ha ha ha … Even here in the People’s Republic of CA, people are DESPERATE to have a POTUS like PDJT … again. Please!!!!!

  4. I honestly believe they thought, or still believe, that the Vax vs unvaxxed war would do them some political good.
    What it has done has brought groups that they had tried to seperate, for their political benefit, together.
    For the left who pray on the so called “victims”, their vax policy has been overly detrimental to that group.

    It is kinda funny to sit back and watch their world burn.

  5. The news around the world is not necessarily ’bout the the two knuckle heads that run the north of north America.
    For those around the world that are interested in the affairs of men, they must know that the two here are the most useless men that ever got to position of power since the shepherd of Sumer, Etana.
    One spent his whole life in the US congress, this is unfathomable how could this happen in a free country. Never he tasted the vagaries of real life.
    The other spent his whole life doing nothing but learned the scrip written for him by a cabal of totalitarian minds. Never he tasted the vagaries of real life.

    If the population of the world knew these things, the north American electorate would be the laughing stock.

    Better play with two worthless piles of shit, the rest of the world could not care less.

  6. Justin and Joe, the two J’s would make a good comedy team if they were not playing the serious game of politics that can have dire consequences for the people they represent.
    We don’t need to worry about a second term for Joe, he’ll be lucky to get through his first.
    Justin is lucky, he has served one term and ended his second at half time to grab more power. If re-elected the people of Canada are announcing they are not exactly the smartest population in the World.
    All we can do is pray some of the hungry dictators of the globe don’t take advantage of the situation with J& J.
    We already know China is pulling for Justin, their little potato.

  7. Biden putting down the Black man must seem just like old times for the old Democrat, a role he has never forgotten for a mind that appears to have forgotten much. He can bring out the old racism, disguise it with partisanship, and the left will be onboard. I suppose the Spawn could be pictured with him in full mocking Black-face, sporting a banana in his crotch and jumping around like a monkey. A good pair and one for which the institutional left should be proud.

  8. Man, I’d like to choke that Biden fucker until his eyes pop out of their sockets.

    Seriously: run right out of witty stuff to say about him. He just deserves to die painfully.

  9. Maybe the US & Canadian leaders are laughing stocks, but here in Australia, we have the pleasure of the entire nation being seen as one.