11 Replies to “Trust The Science”

  1. Look closer, Dr. Corley likely has a connection as well. He wouldn’t have randomly joined them out of the blue.

    1. I have a ton of facts based science and no place to publish it.
      The mechanical process of how our planet works.
      I figured, if you want to harvest it’s energies efficiently, you should understand how our planet works.
      Freebie here in harnessing tides…

      A track type of turbine which rotates the same way with tide coming in and going out.
      I became more inventive and had the blades fold in to cut down friction.
      Southern Hemisphere is the opposite as it’s rotation is the opposite.
      Now, that is understanding our planet and creating technology to accommodate it.

  2. They denounced the lab origin theory because they know they are all party to creating the pandemic and share responsibility for the deaths of millions.

    If people knew they were responsible, they would be dragged out of their cozy homes and offices and clubbed to death.

    It is the same reason that Fauci has lied repeatedly about his involvement and support for gain of function research.

  3. The Communist Cesspool Party – China developed this bio weapon. How or why it was released is a red hearing. The CCP-China should be prosecuted. So what do our a$$holes/leaders do? They punish us. It seems that all governments have turned into 1 giant cesspool.

    Elections don’t matter when all there is are cesspoolers.

    Go WEXIT

  4. It seems that all scientists, no matter where they are from, just say what they are told to say by the people that pay them.
    Virus, climate, gender as a social construct…….

  5. Government Experts.
    At their finest.

    A whole bunch of our bureaucrats need similar examination.
    Interrogation along the lines of : Are you evil?
    Or are you stupid?
    Their actions already speak for them.
    Their motives remain unclear.

    But in this age of universal deceit,words mean nothing.
    By their actions we see their truths.
    Reward them accordingly.

    On the CBC hit piece on Max,we see the comedy of the Tyrants condemning the resisters as “Rightwing extremists”,
    Ignoring the factual message of Government Madness,State overreach and Mob abuse and inventing a strawman argument of “some American Freedom Group uses these same words”..A quote from Andrew Jackson.
    Canadians are slow,real slow.
    Even after the Supreme Court rules “We have no right to rights,freedoms or our own decisions: cause “Emergency””,the clucks cackle on about how free we are.
    And claim the current fools who seek to censor our words,imprison us for dissent and wrong think,while they insist on “helping us” against our will..are “Moderates”.

    These last 18 months have solved one Mystery of History for me.
    I clearly understand the Collapse of 1930s Germany,in ways I never could before.

    Compliance with evil is evil.
    Act accordingly.

    We,the collective,have suffered more financial damage and loss of institutional trust these last two years,than even a real plague pandemic would have cost.

    The damage done by these helpers,has been far too high.
    “We will save you from the Dread Covid (Mortality Rate 0.015) and civilization..By killing you and destroying civilization”

    18 months of Pandemic theatre and still no accurate means of self testing..
    And no agreed upon primary treatment..
    “Wait at home until you cannot breathe” Is not treatment..
    Yet is the standard for State Run Healthcare.

    Tells me all I need to know.

  6. “Drag a $100 bill through a trailer camp…er…laboratory, and there’s no telling what you will find.”

    James Carville.