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  1. I was in college. After my morning class I heard the news. We stood in the hallways watching the TVs for the next couple hours when the second and third plane crashed. It was hard to believe what was happening

    1. I was waiting for my limo to the airport to fly to New York. I went anyway – thinking so what – and then waited for hours to return home

  2. Marriage Is Like A Deck Of Cards…
    In The Beginning All You Need Is Two Hearts and A Diamond.
    By The End, You Wish You Had A Club And A Spade.

  3. Who benefits from the actions of the Biden Crime Family?

    1. Russia – via approval of the Nordstream pipeline, thereby facilitating NATO ‘s dependence on Russia for a supply of essential energy. (Is Joe, aka President Houseplant, in Putin’s pocket? The question almost answers itself.)

    2. Islamic Jihad – a better-armed, and defended Afghanistan is now a more effective base for Jihadist training camps than it was prior to 9/11, from which to mount terrorist attacks on the Western World.

    3. China – the Biden Crime Family’s overt timidity (never mind its complete and utter inability to formulate and execute any rational strategy) in Afghanistan leads directly to more aggressive actions by China to throttle any lingering inkling of Democracy in Taiwan. Tawan is done. Yet another redline that will be minimized and ignored.

    4. South American Drug Cartels – the Biden Crime Family’s intense focus on creating and maintaining a wholly open and unregulated southern US border facilitates Cartel access to the US population as consumers of meth-amphetamine, heroin and fentanyl.

    5. All Enemies of the United States – cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline. Ready access to the fuel necessary to support the military is essential in times of war. (Witness the German’s focus on, and success in developing coal-based liquid fuels in WWII.) Completion of the Keystone Pipeline would have ensured American access to a boundless supply of oil and gas from our closest, friendliest and largest trading partner, facilitated by easy cross-border transport.

    There is no such thing as coincidence. There is only enrichment of the Biden crime family and the pending destruction of the United States of America, as a consequence of greasing America’s most consequential crime family.

    1. ASs they say in the classics:

      “Once is an Incident.
      Twice is “coincidence”.
      Three times is ENEMY ACTION.”

  4. September 11, 2001. I was working for an airline and was on a day off. Stopped by a friends place to pick him up to go bird hunting, he came outside in his sock feet and asked if I had been watching what was happening in New York. Didn’t have cable even back then so I had no idea. Went inside his house and he, his wife and I watched endless replays of aircraft hitting the twin towers. I remember saying that morning that the world as we know it has just changed forever. I wish I had been wrong.

    1. During one of my lectures at Armpit College that day, one of my students asked me what was going to happen. The only thing I could think of saying was that we could well be in store for some hard times, lasting, maybe, 20 years.

  5. Watching the news in the early AM while drilling a gas well outside Nordegg, Alberta. Gave my report and said turn on the news, an aircraft just flew into the World Trade Center. By the time I hung up the second aircraft had flown into the other tower.

    1. Like you, I was preparing my morning report at a drilling site southwest of Grande Prairie. We had CNN on in the background. I watched everything live, from the very first mention of “some sort of accident at the World Trade Center.” I watched the second plane hit the South Tower.
      I kept getting phone calls from Calgary wondering where their morning report was. I kept telling them WWIII just started. I told them to get out of their office tower and go home and hug their kids.

      One month later I drove to New York City. I just had to see it for myself. I will never forget the smell coming from the debris pile which was still burning and about 5-6 stories tall.

      1. I made the 90 Mile drive the following Saturday, because like you, I wanted to see it for myself. Seeing all those photographs of the missing, plastered on every available surface was something I’ll never forget.

  6. I was on my way to my job at Armpit College.

    The bus I was on stopped at a timing point and I heard the driver yell out that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. I was sitting near the back and some of the adjacent seats were occupied by certain foreigners. They already seemed to know what was going on, laughing at the driver’s reaction and pointing in his direction. (They weren’t from the Middle East, but I gathered that they shared a similar belief system with the hijackers.)

    The events of that day were of major concern to everyone I dealt with, including my students. The one event that my colleagues and I compared the incident to was JFK’s assassination as we recalled having a similar feeling of uncertainty and apprehension.

  7. I have a recollection of George W Bush saying that the war in Afghanistan would last about 20 years.
    All for not. Right Joe?

  8. Las Vegas, big trade show, lodging at the Rio where the working girls were long-haired (nice wig, honey) thin and spacey. A river of white rental cars flowed east out of the city until the lots ran dry. Thankfully I had driven there, and possessed my usual (Red Pontiac) autonomy. Lost a brother-in-law in the towers. He’d just been transferred to that office two weeks prior to the attack. He was vaporized, and his family … destroyed.

    Never forget; because President Houseplant has equipped Afghanistan as a more secure, more effective site for jihadist training camps; and they will come again.

  9. From your lips to God’s ear dept:
    Keean Bexte@TheRealKeean·6h
    A coalition government between Erin O’Toole and Maxime Bernier would be tolerable.

    1. Tolerable to whom?
      Max is going to win one seat (his own) if he is lucky. Why the hell would he join a coalition with the party he is trying to destroy?

      1. chris, you trying to out colon the real COLON R~4? Andy Scheep spent lots of $$$$$ to fight against the only real conservative who running. As some pundits pointed out, the 2019 election was CPC fighting PPC. If they had spent the same effort attacking libs, they may have won a majority. You should get out more , and read some real analysis, not your liberal dreck. As to your sister in stupid, the COLON, like you she is mentally challenged.

      2. Yet the PPC is rising in the polls and are now only 5 points behind the Free-Everything-For-Losers Party. I’d rather see Max holding the balance of power in Canada than Jagmeet Singh. He’s building a national party from the ground up by espousing traditional ‘Canadian Values’ and is garnering almost unprecedented support for a new and supposedly fringe party. The PPC is the party to watch this coming election.

    2. So if Maxipad is lucky and his entire party wins one seat (and that’s a long shot) he might be allowed to lick O’Cueball’s wrinkled scrotum? Max truly is a strategic mastermind, a Canadian equivalent of Janusz Korwin Mikke.

      1. FYI ..PPC is polling at 21% in Alberta. Seats there are possible.

        source: Ipsos via Ezra’s twitter

        1. I was going to vote PPC. Alas, they are not competitive in my riding, but Cons are. I am starting to drift towards voting Conservative. If I do note for them, it will be with great reluctance.

        2. bluetech, if you’re correct about the ppc having 21% in AB,,, I hope you’ll be proud having all the new ndp and liberal MP’s representing your province in parliament.
          Enjoy the decline !

  10. I was on days off in bed sleeping and my wife came and woke me. We were watching when the second plane hit. After a little bit, i went and checked the Drudge Report. There was a picture of the towers with laser beams coming down. That was weird, i have not heard or seen anyone talk about that picture to this day.

  11. I knew that it was one of those things that changes the path of history, I folded up the next day’s Calgary Herald with its front page headlines and picture and tucked it up above some ceiling tiles, it’s still there.

    1. I used to read the NYT back then. I used to reserve it at a nearby newsstand and, because I was there regularly and the some of the staff got to know me, a copy of the paper for that day was set aside. I’ve got it tucked away somewhere. I’ll probably find it again when I clear out my place when I finally decide to move out.

      1. On September 11th, 2001… I saw the TV coverage of the tragic events in the U.S.A. as it unfolded after the first plane crashed. Like everyone, I was in state of shock and sorrow. The next day, I bought as many newspapers as I could find and set them aside to read at a later date. I couldn’t yet bear to read them nor look at the photos. Come to think of it, I never did read those newspapers.

        Why would anyone want to do this, I remember thinking?

        Now 20 years later, it seems all too clear why this happened.

        1. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised that Georgy Porgy Soros was behind it. There have been rumours that he was responsible for the series of financial collapses throughout Asia a few years earlier as he allegedly manipulated currencies. So, why not disrupt that of a larger country by attacking its financial centre?

          It’s not as if he has a humanitarian streak in him, right?

  12. Our morning routine never had a tv on…… for some reason my wife turned on the tv that day…… weird…….. as I was watching I called my mom. We watched the second plane and both thought it was a replay….. that’s when I realized shit hit the fan.

    My wife and I found out were were expecting our second child in august 2001 and were excited to know the gender….. In the days after CNN would have the names of the victims scroll across the screen. Julianna Valentine McCourt was 4 years old flying from Boston to Disneyland for her 4th birthday…..

    My wife looked at me and said if our baby is a girl her name is Julianna valentine………

    I nodded. (Im Jeff. She is Jen. Our older son is Josh and we were married Valentine’s Day. ).

    We had a son who has a story on how he was named.

    I google julianna valentine maccourt a couple times a year.

    I cried at the 9-11 memorial site when I saw her name.

    1. What if you don’t own the car you drive? What if you have a company car? What if you drive a stolen car? See the absurdity. Who at the DMV will be given authority to your medical records?

  13. Still think those planes brought them buildings down?

    More people are wacked on Chinese supplied fentanyl every year.

    Wake up

  14. Our oldest daughter called after 9am and said some idiot crashed a plane into the WTC. We are thinking a Piper plane and we’re shocked when we saw a gaping hole in the north tower. Then within minutes the second plane crashed. Still stunned we saw the Pentagon crash and knew this was not random.

    1. I am still astounded that there are people who saw what happened and still don’t believe it. The stupid is strong out there.

      1. I found the conspiracy theories that erupted after 9/11 so bizarre, they inspired me to study the phenomenon of conspiracy theories, themselves.

        IMO, the stupidest theory of all arising from that day was that planted demolition charges were used to collapse both towers. The level of stupidity and general ignorance of reality that is needed to believe that fantasy is mind-numbing. Truly!

        I especially enjoy it when people who weren’t even alive when JFK was shot want to explain to me that they are the ones who know the ins and outs of what really happened that day.

  15. I was living in Victoria BC at the time, walking distance from work (RCN). Woke up and turned on the morning news before report going to work. Public Works was to start striking that day and it could have been an issue getting on base. Saw the North Tower of fire and hearing the reports. Then watched the second plain hit the South Tower. Quickly got into uniform and proceeded to work. By 0800 was on the brow of ship with a load C7. Did not get to see my wife for almost a month due to heightened readiness.

    1. I had a civilian job at the Dundurn (Saskatchewan) Military Camp. Mine was a 6 month term position and I really needed the money, as I was also a part-time University student. So I was kinda PO’d about the civil service strike…the Union had expected me to take part in picketing at a Federal facility in Saskatoon that day. I declined to go, as I was also an Officer in the Army Reserve, and felt striking against the military would be a bit hypocritical, so I stayed home. Surprisingly, the Union understood my position, and didn’t pressure me. When the second plane hit the towers, it was obviously no longer a freak accident, but an act of war. I put on my uniform and went to the Armoury, as I felt if we were put on alert, I’d have to be there anyway. But there was no fan-out of the Reserves that day.

  16. I was in the hospital with my wife giving birth to our first of two sons as a nurse came in the room and told us that a plane hit the first tower. Both my wife and I are flight attendants so September 11th has left a lasting impression on our family.

  17. It was easy to see who the enemy was then, Al-Qaeda had just killed 3,000 innocent civilians. Now the enemy is much more subtle:

    Stop Mental-Health Data Mining of Our Kids – We do not need the federal government partnering with Google to red-flag citizens.

    “Just last week, the Federal Trade Commission approved a settlement with Google/YouTube over its violation of the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. YouTube had been stealthily mining data of unsuspecting YouTube users under the age of 13.”

    Earlier this summer, Google agreed to a $13 million settlement over its Street View program, whose roaming cars in more than 30 countries secretly collected emails, passwords, and other personal data from Wi-Fi networks. The Wall Street Journal reported on how the company’s dishonest dismissal of the breach as a “mistake” was exposed by investigators who found that “Google engineers built software and embedded it into Street View vehicles to intentionally intercept the data from 2007 to 2010.”

    Under the cloak of “science,” Big Tech and Big Government are on the cusp of instituting a mental-health social-credit-score system incorporating dubious predictive analytics.
    Who defines “mental health” risk factors?

  18. I was in Los Angeles on a business trip and luckily me and my colleagues managed to get one of the last rental cars the next day to drive all the way back to the island. We weren’t supposed to fly home until the Friday but our client felt we should get home.

  19. Just finished watching a History Channel special about the rise and fall of the World Trade Center. It brought back a flood of feelings and filled in a lot of technical history on how and why different critical components were built and the role those components would play on 9/11. But of course everyone knows (except for a handful of thick skulls like me) fire can’t melt steel…

    1. Fire didn’t have to melt steel (although it easily can. If you ever get the chance to stand in front of a forest fire you will understand just how hot fire can get).

      I just had to soften the steel up enough for it to buckle.

  20. Was into the second year of my PhD, sleeping in, nothing planned until noon. Wife came into the bedroom and woke me up. “A plane just crashed into a skyscraper in New York she said”. We turned on the news and watched in horror…
    Later that day a Pakistani secretary in our department’s office: “If only Americans stopped meddling in the world, this would not have happened” That line, at that time, was more of an awakening then the planes hitting those buildings…
    They really really hate us and want us dead.
    Later that day I heard about Concordia students of the enricher variety celebrating on the streets of Montreal…

    1. COLON R~4 a Pee h8 Dee, no wonder you are so stupid. Just had an exchange with a family member, telling her that her superior education was what caused her to be unable to see reality, now I know the foundation of yer stupidity

      1. Let me guess, your family member looked at you, smiled warmly and said “it is ok dear we still love you”.
        Please pass my sincere condolences to your family for having your a member. It speaks highly of their moral character that, they supported the carless girl and refused to abort you after her truck stop washroom adventures. And that they continue giving you the support you need to this day. You should be grateful.

  21. https://donsurber.blogspot.com/2021/09/dowd-and-noonan-should-retire.html

    “9/11 was not the seismic shift in 2001. 12/11 was. We have known since the Iranian hostage crisis that Muslim terrorists want us dead.

    “12/11/2001 was the date we allowed Red China to join the World Trade Organization as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Bush 43 sold the nation out for the slave labor then-Chairman Jiang Zemin promised. Since then, $4 trillion has shifted from the United States alone to Red China in the form of trade surpluses.”

  22. Working nightshift building logging roads so I was sleeping when my wife shook me to tell me to come on out to the front room as an airliner had hit the Twin Towers. She’d been ironing clothes while watching tv when they interrupted with the news and I got there just in time to watch the 2nd plane hit. 🙁 Of all the images in my head one that really still stands out is after the towers fell and the dust was billowing was the thousands and thousands of pieces of paper fluttering like leaves in a big wind . And thinking that these pieces of paper survived while the people using them hadn’t.

  23. What I was doing when it happened is of no importance. People died and our way of life was altered for the worse.

  24. The 2007 / 2008 financial crisis, the OJ trial, 9/11 and the weak response plus the 2020 US stolen federal election have destroyed my trust in all of our foundational institutions.

  25. I was on a flight, west of NYC and DC, probably over PA or WV somewhere. Then emergency landing in Little Rock.
    Managed to rent a car, drove to my meetings in OK and, then drove back up to Ontario 2-3 days later.
    Strange days.

  26. After teaching a boring first-year class, I heard about the two planes hitting the World Trade Center, and went to the Student Union to watch the TV coverage. Sitting next to me as an well-dressed Arab student wearing a big smile on his face the whole time. He was small and skinny (maybe 5’7″, 110 lbs) — much smaller than me — so I wanted to punch him out. But that would mean losing my cushy tenured professor job, so I didn’t.

  27. I had just graduated High school that summer and my mom woke me up just in time to witness the second plane crash. I was confused at first and then horrified when it became evident what was happening. A short time later I was flying to New Zealand and when I arrived I saw a large crowd had gathered around a small tv. We were watching live the opening invasion of Afghanistan.

  28. Seeing Theresa Tam on tv more frequently talking 4th wave. In her infinite wisdom,wonder if she would have recommended having an election in the midst of it all?

    1. The media was telling Trudeau he had a clear majority numbers to get another 5 year mandate and he’s so loved by everyone especially his base supporters of soccer mom’s.
      Well, nobody told him their getting pissed and tired of the government lockdowns and changing the narrative all the time to getting back to ‘normal’.
      Whatever that is now.

      What I find truly amazing and weird is how intelligent people still follow the media like they are absolute truth tellers and wouldn’t lie or fabricate anything on this Pandemic.
      How the ‘unvaccinated’ are the selfish ones for not eagerly getting the life saving jab to lower future hospitals being overrun by their stupidity of not getting vaccinated.
      No matter what evidence you try and show, your not the experts even though you try and show facts and documentation, your the selfish one for putting society on hold as they eagerly wait for the ‘boosters’ to come.
      Herd immunity was supposed to be 80% where no one catches the virus anymore as everyone had their two shots but the ‘unvaccinated’ fucked that up.

      1. Slightly related, yes, Tam lies, and Trudeau lies:
        The G&M has an excerpt from Jody Wilson Raybold’s book.
        She nails the creepy boy to the wall. Powerful!

        Can anyone post the link?
        My computer gives me trouble.

    2. I think she (sic) is lying still. Will people still believe her when we are experiencing the 10 wave….I’m sure some will. I just read where Elections Canada now says that we may not know the results of the election for a couple of days because of the high number of mail in ballots in closely contested ridings, caused by this pandemic. I remember hearing this during another election not too long ago. Be ready for a landslide win for the turd. He’ll get more elected seats than are available. ……. Steve O

      1. Maybe we won’t have final tallies, but the mail- in vote should not be wildly different from the in person vote. If it is, there needs to be an investigation.

        1. I think the mail-in-voting numbers will be extremely small as you need to request it from the government.
          I believe the media estimates around 200,000 voters may go this route.
          With all this extra work, far easier just to go early as I can see election day will be nuts as it’s very slow, long lines, double spaced as they also add your name to a contact tracing list…

  29. I was working for bank of america then and dealt with a guy on a daily basis who was on the 11th fl of WTC bldg 2. He told me afterwards that all of the older employees who had gone through the 1993 bombing did not hesitate to leave their desks and evacuate. I was scheduled for training in that same building the following week, of course that never happened.

  30. I remember some time after the event a workmate telling me he had to leave his job site because he didn’t feel safe when all the Muslims working there were cheering on the attackers. There were lots of reports of this kind of behaviour, but the MSM assured us they were all lies.

  31. I was at my home in south Boston, near the JFK library. I was working from home that day. When I first saw what was happening on TV that morning the first thing that went through my head was that the Marriott hotel room I’d occupied in one of the towers 2 weeks earlier literally no longer existed. The flight I sometimes took from Logan to San Francisco was one of the hijacked planes. But my experience pales with that of a colleague who was in the south tower that day. He escaped but saw things that caused long term PTSD.

    Shortly afterwards I moved back to Canada.

  32. Yes, I’m a pig.
    I was listening to the ‘Howard Stern’ show on the radio at the sawmill where we were building log houses and timberframes and he became serious that a plane just hit the world trade center and people were still speculating if it was an accident as emergency responders were rushing to the scene.
    He was explaining of getting a second report of another plane crashing into the trade center.
    Within another few minutes, it was ordered that all air traffic was closed on US Airspace and planes must land at the nearest available runways.

  33. I was at work when the super came in with the news. Our internet was rather limited then, and I remember watching how it slowly choked that day with the increasing traffic. I remember losing all rational thought, and started believing, once the second plane hit, that we were all at risk. My paranoia became too strong to ignore, as I went home around noon unable to continue working.
    I also remember being glued to the tv, watching CNN for hours into the night. (I still had cable then, and CNN was still a credible news source in those days.)

    Things didn’t improve over time, as that workplace got increasingly more hostile, to the point where I had to eventually give up that job.

    1. I, as you, watched cnn back then. I’d like to ask you if you remember watching an interview on cnn that night/perhaps late evening. It was a group of about ten people that were supposed to be relatives of the dude who was quoted at the time stating, “Let’s roll !” (in the passenger take over from the hijackers) I just searched it and his name was Todd Beamer.

      I can still remember that interview with this family, and thinking, this is the fakest, most staged thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It looked like a collection of actors, playing parts, from older people to young kids, none of which seemed the least bit emotionally distrait, or upset with anything about losing the guy named Todd, or even that they were interconnected and family themselves.

      It’s not like I don’t believe that Al-Qaida flew planes into the towers, or that the towers fell because of the jets, but this Todd Beamer thing, and the story about “Let’s roll” is 100% fake, and I think the start of the propaganda to get Americans ready to fight back against Al-Qaida and to go to war. Maybe even to be used as a recruitment to sign-up.

      It was so fake, I taped days of cnn on VHS tapes to catch a rebroadcast of the supposed important family interview,,, it was never shown again, not in the days following, not on any anniversary dates, never.

      I believe 9/11/01, but I’ll never believe the “Let’s roll” story.

      1. Sorry… I can’t remember having that impression. But I watched so much news that day, and it was so long ago, that the details of specific reports are pretty vague. One impression I do remember having was seeing a report of explosions in Afghanistan from what apparently looked like an air strike later that day/night, and thinking that WWIII may just be around the corner.

        Of course, I was still in a bit of a state of shock watching the rising smoke and ash from where the towers once stood, so my mind was all over the place.

  34. I was in Port Macquarie, NSW. My wife and I had planned to drive up to Queensland in the morning. Then we turned on the TV and watched in shock and horror as the towers came down.

    The next day we set out. We met a park ranger at one of our stops. She began cooing about “all the poverty in the world” as though that justified it. I felt like slapping her in the face. Fortunately her reaction was not typical in Australia.

  35. Ok folks you’ve got just 100 days left to get your edgy comments in here and elsewhere on the interwebs before Dear Leader SHUTS IT DOWN.

    “But on Friday, Trudeau told dozens of people gathered in a restaurant in Scarborough, Ont., that the pandemic hit racialized people harder than others and saw an increase in hatred and intolerance. The rise in hate has been aggravated by COVID-19 but the issue is “bigger than that,” he added.

    “We see more and more white supremacist groups and racist groups taking toeholds on the internet, and more and more in our communities,” he said.

    After defending his government’s record on supporting racialized communities, Trudeau promised to introduce a new law combating online hate in 100 days of his new mandate if re-elected.”


    Too bad for Trudeau that the English-language debate moderator, Shachi Kurl, may have single-handedly sunk the Liberal campaign in Quebec, and by extension the country as a whole, with her assertion (dressed up as a question) that Quebec is a racist and discriminatory society.

    Francois Legault, who had endorsed Erin O’Toole earlier that day, responded by telling Quebecers they should absolutely not vote for any of the 3 parties (Libs, NDP, Greens) that oppose Bills 21 and 96, related to secularism and the French language.

    So Shachi Kurl, no doubt for her own anti-white reasons, has inadvertently started a war between Trudeau and Legault (the most popular politician in the country), a war that Trudeau can’t possibly win. Not only that, but her statement will no doubt lead to an uptick in separatist sentiment in Quebec. What’s not to like?

    So I’d like to thank Shachi Kurl (my new favorite third world invader) for her service by — in the short term — helping Trudeau lose this election, and by — in the long term — helping Quebec separatists finally break this gay country up once and for all.

    1. “The rise in hate has been aggravated by COVID-19 but the issue is “bigger than that,” he added.” Yes, the issue has been aggravated by Trudesu himself. For example, he has deliberately set groups up in opposition to one another. Traditional Canada is being needlessly destroyed. Instead of seeking ways to reconcile differences, he promotes anger and antagonism. I think O’Toole would do a better job of looking after all of Canada — should he get the chance.

    2. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t her intended purpose, but fun to watch nonetheless.

      The xenophobic Quebec culture vs the anti-racist, anti-fascist, fascist progressive feminist boy toy!

      I hope neither survives!

      Pass the popcorn!

      1. I see a racist hateful Fwenchweasel hatin on a racist hateful Indian femmie hatin on a Fwenchweasel.
        What’s not to like.
        Throw in a knife and a bottle of wine.

    3. Jody Wilson Raybold will be the powerhouse that sinks Trudeau.
      Her story in Globe and Mail today leaves nothing to the imagination.
      He is slime.

      1. If her revelations don’t sink Turdoo, nothing will.
        If common sense would prevail, he would be sunk even without her revelations.

  36. I was attending a team building scavenger hunt. My coworkers and I were gathered in the parking lot at Fitzroy Provincial Park waiting for the last person of our group to arrive. When he arrived, he told us that he heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the WTC. No one could believe it was true. So we began our scavenger hunt in the woods. It wasn’t until the hunt was over and we arrived at the restaurant for lunch that we learned not only was our coworker right about the WTC, but that it was bigger than one plane.

    I still remember watching with a dispassionate stunned sensation footage of the second plane hit the building.

  37. I was at work.I always play the radio and from the reports recall my first impression being someone accidentally flew a small plane into one of the towers. Confusing information followed as the second aircraft hit. It’s an event similar to JFK assassination as you never forget where you were. At the time my thoughts were it was clearly a terrorist attack. Events of the past few years make me question who actually was the masterminds or who knew and could have stopped it.

  38. I was playing tennis. The first plane has hit a tower and I thought it was a horrible accident and continued to play. Phones started ringing and we realized this was no accident but an attack. People began to leave the courts. One team mate’s husband was on a plane that had been diverted but she did not know that at the time. Another (a transplant from NYC) had several friends working in the WTC . Eventually it was she and i left. I said we should probably go home and she said no, she wanted to play on. Tears in her eyes, she said this was going to be very bad and she wanted a few more moments before going home.

  39. I was getting ready to go into work in downtown Boston when my wife called me. I turned on the TV in time to see the second plane hit. I couldn’t get through to work so I headed downtown on the T. People were streaming away from the city as they thought the John Hancock building might be a target. The streets were already mostly deserted as I crossed one square I watched a Swat team, guns at the ready, go running into the Four Seasons. I later found out that some unlucky middle eastern guy had paid for his room with cash so they arrested him.
    I got to work, called all of my employees to stay home, and left by 1pm. The streets were deserted except for police, as a curfew took effect at 4pm. When I got to my T stop the buses had all been shut down, I was able to snag a lift from a passing police car. I knew the officers from playing darts with them and they were first ones to tell me about the origination of the flights from Boston and the crash of the flight where the passengers fought back. I sat in the back seat with two shotguns and about ten boxes of ammo. My wife and I were worried because we had friends who were firemen at a station near the Trade Center. We got through to a member of their family at about 9pm and found out they had been on Long Island doing training at the time. All of the firemen had survivors guilt, two committed suicide a couple of years later.

  40. I was working at the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre in Halifax. Disbelief followed by a recall of all personnel.

  41. I was living in Silicon Valley at the time (my nom-de-comment here used to be Silicon Valley Jim). My clock-radio awakened me at 6:00 am. I showered and commenced shaving. As I was shaving, the disc jockey mentioned something about the “unbelievable events in New York”, or words to that effect. A few minutes later, the news came on, and I learned what had happened.

  42. Working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and we all rushed up to the next floor after we were told a plane had crashed into the WTC. Watched in horror as the second one flew into the second tower. After flight 93 and the Pentagon strike we all felt it was the start of WW3.

    The later analysis showed how cheaply (1M) it cost Bin Laden to destroy billions of dollars of NYC and many lives. As we all know the warning signs of the pilots training to fly the jet and not worry about landing, the earlier bombing at the WTC, the US fighter jets with no weapons on board, everything we see going on today is just a follow on to the stupidity of the so called US Intelligence Agencies and the military. All they care about is covering their asses along with Joe Bidet.

  43. After having shut down early, barely after starting (I can’t remember why!), my crew and I were driving back to the shop when the news came over the radio. A half French, half Iranian guy in the back seat of the crew cab truck had this smile on his face and one of the other guys told him to “wipe that blanking smile off your face”. I can still see that look.

    I remember how clear and blue the skies were over the next few days as I figured somebody was going to get their sky nuked…

  44. My eldest children were in middle school at the time, and we were all in the final stages of getting them ready to go out the back door and walk to school (only a short walk away). Our routine was for the two boys across the street to come to our house and all 5 kids walked to school out our back gate. We didn’t have any radio or TV on at the time when the boys literally burst into our house with no knock from across the street and shouted … “have you seen it!” … “The building got hit” … “plane”. I switched on the TV and was just absorbing what was going on … and the second plane struck the second tower … live … on my screen in front of me.

    Believe it or not … the newsreaders were still discussing whether the first plane strike was an accident with a small plane when the second airliner struck. Finally the idiot newsreaders started to consider the possibility of this being a coordinated attack. Watching the second airliner made it patently obvious we were being attacked. Idiot newsreaders.

    As I continued to watch, absolutely shocked by the mayhem … it became obvious to me that the buildings were going to collapse. The fires were not going out, but were growing. I know steel softens and has a yield point. Surely the building frame was softening and a giant chunk of it blasted away. I was literally screaming at my TV to GET OUT of the buildings! And clear the sidewalks around them. What I didn’t expect was the complete and total collapse of the buildings. I thought that everything above the fires would collapse … but never considered the power of a pancaking building. I don’t believe we had ever seen ANY building collapse in quite that totally complete manner. And the shear SIZE of it all. Shocking. Horrifying.

    And then … all I remember is my President repeat over and over … Religion of Peace … Religion of Peace … and I was DONE with the GOPe. Then Osama bin Obama is elected … almost as a final boot up America’s ass. I’m still waiting for a UNIVERSAL Islamic condemnation of the despicable act. Still waiting. Still waiting for the Islamic Reformation … which is several centuries too late as it is.

    1. I’m still waiting for a UNIVERSAL Islamic condemnation of the despicable act. Still waiting. Still waiting for the Islamic Reformation … which is several centuries too late as it is.

      One of my colleagues at Armpit College was an Arab from Lebanon. I don’t ever recall him expressing regret about what happened and who did it.