34 Replies to “Let Them Eat Taser”

    1. It’ll be a nothing burger as any ‘Real Trump Supporters’ are told to stay away.
      Like at the Biden Administration Swearing in, his supporters were warned to stay away when they set up all that fencing and called in the Reserves in Washington.

  1. A ‘Justice for J6’ protest is scheduled for Sept. 18 in DC. It’ll be far from nothing. It’ll be “the Civil War on Steroids!”

      1. It’s a guarantee that everyone who goes violent will be FBI or in their employ. Remember the Michigan conspiracy to kidnap the governor was virtually all FBI cajoling a few rednecks to violence. The rednecks were likely there for free beer or weed.

    1. There are massive worldwide protests against the COVnazis planned for Sept 18.

      If you don’t stand now, you won’t stand later.

    1. Let me guess–she’d also be the sort who’d approve of forcing a baker to make a cake for, shall we say, certain people?

        1. “Did someone say cake?”
          Yeah, too late though. It looks like she scarfed down the cake and a baker.. or two…maybe three.
          I had to flip my device sideways for widescreen.

    2. I was unable not to laugh. She’s had 18 months to reduce her primary COVID risk, and she’s still a fucking land whale. But she’s teary-eyed, worried about her “health”, you guys.

    3. James

      OMG….I’m surprised she didn’t have a Cardiac right there and then for all the CTV world to see. Quite the performance….for Said “Land Whale”

      Not a hope in hell for Any disgusting KARENS such as this…. this shit has 2 sides dear.
      …and the media filth right there to Ensure the correct “message” is sent…right.??

      No VAX..?? BAAAAAd peoplekind
      Vaxxed..?? Model Citizen

      Funny that – I seem to recall 10’s of thousands of these VERY SAME BITCHES screaming; “My Body – My Choice”

  2. Will they also have 25,000 national guard personnel? And don’t forget the fainting couch for AOC.

  3. I’m more worried about “the plan” than I am about the fencing. Somehow, the idea that the chickens would prefer to keep themselves cooped up appeals to me.

  4. Very mean days ahead folks, if you don’t have the courage to fight back you will become a slave. We have past the time for just saying no we will not comply.

    1. I agree, the bugg2rs in Aus/NZ aren’t even hiding it anymore, they are totally saying it’s part of the NWO and you just better get used to it.

      People can’t even go home, they will be a permanent fixture at the “Well Camps” until they take the shot. I wonder, when the costs of these Well Camps goes up will they make the inmates work for their lodging – it is only fair right??

      If you aren’t awake now you will never be.

  5. There is a protest planned to highlight that they have been keeping hundreds of people locked up, while the FBI can find no evidence of any “organized plot” to overthrow the government, and they plan to use this protest the same way they used J6, as propaganda designed to deprive Americans of the right to free speech and assembly as “guaranteed” in the 1st amendment.

    There is no mystery here. As for the unvaccinated bit, that’s more of their long standing propaganda motif of painting white men as “scary.” They send Antifa out to burn cities, then use propaganda to displace the fear onto white men. Hitler did the same thing with his Brownshirts. Scared of COVID? Let’s displace that fear onto white men!

    I think people should get vaccinated if they are over 50, but it’s not hard to see that the Democrats are playing politics with issues of public health. They would rather have the propaganda than that people be vaccinated so they harm their case by politicizing vaccinations.

    “One death is a tragedy, 100,000 deaths is a statistic” – Long time lefty truism.

    1. “…I think people should get vaccinated if they are over 50…”

      Screw you Charlie Brown….No offense TIM BUT WTF are you on by picking an arbitrary number outa yer ass..??
      Do the Severe Adverse Reactions stop at those aged 50.?
      Is the Vaxx that intelligent.??
      Or are you actually someone who would prefer to see those over 50 simply shrivel up and die..??

      Pretty damned arbitrary to me… and STUPID.
      I’m not vaxxed – 69 tomorrow and have no intention of putting that GLOBALIST Designed FILTH into my system. Nor do I buy the Govt mantra/ COERCION with their 2021 version of “ARBEIT MACHT FRIE”….capisce.??

      1. steakman, as a real old guy, they can shove this shit where the sun don’t shine and not in my old body. I will die when God says it is my time to die.

    2. If you want to ruin your health and perhaps terminate your life, take the death shot. But don’t encourage others to do so. Time to stop talking.

    1. Lev.

      100% Bang on the Buck.
      For Short term Profit taking – !00’s of Billions
      …and a large helping of Genocide.

      Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance: 2015

      “…We need to increase Public understanding of the need for medical Counter Measures for things such as Pan Corona Virus Vaccine. A Key Driver is the Media and the Economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to get to the REAL ISSUES. “Investors” will respond if they see “Profit” at the end of the Process…”

      But he was only joking right.??