30 Replies to “Ezra Wins”

  1. I suspect this ruling was due more to Justin falling out of favour than an actual legal or ethical matter.

    Since when did the appointed judicial activists care about right and wrong?

    1. O K
      Yes, the courts shut down reporting on his sex scandal in 2019. And the Oh’ Tool should ask him about it during the debate, but he won’t!

  2. Will they be allowed to ask any questions? Or is Justine more adept at hiding the fact of his scripted questions? More adept than Byedin-Heiress?

  3. I watched live on the Zoom call. The lawyer from Trudeau’s “independent” election commission went on, and on, and on, and on trying to baffle the Judge with B.S. which I believe helped Rebel’s side. One of the highlights, for me, was when the Judge admonished the election commission’s lawyer for repeatedly pronouncing the Judge’s name wrong.
    I cannot imagine how pissed the Loozers, Butt’s the the Turd must be at hearing the verdict. What a great day. Thank you Judge!

    1. Can you clarify something for an uninformed clod that has no grasp of your ability to determine what a real news is?

      How much more is the Toronto Star or the CBC real journalism than Rebel News?
      And while your at it include the qualities that make them real.

      1. Simple! Any outlet that tells him what he wants to hear is credible.

        That, and the unfortunate circumstance that all of the news media (with few exceptions — Rebel being one of them) are basically UnMe’s echo chamber, so it’s easy to side with the mob majority. Anybody that says differently is “fake” according to UnMe, regardless of what the facts say.

      2. “How much more is the Toronto Star or the CBC real journalism than Rebel News?”

        100% more. Those two at least make a stab at pretending to care about reality. RN does not. They are pure unadulterated pandering. See also ‘Breittard’

        1. Show me one story on CBC that isn’t garbage.
          Show me one where they acted like actual journalists.

          Every story on their website contains lies of commission or lies of omission.

    2. No matter how much your mother claims “Domebabies” is not a sports team that her boyfriends are cheering for.

    3. I don’t like Rebel either but I send them money each and every month because they are the only media with the exception of True North that don’t have their head up Trudeau’s shiny pony.

    1. O’Stoole is more worried. He wants to kiss the asses of the twits with the corrupt MSM even while they shit in his face.

  4. I too watched the Zoom call. While I do not think it was a factor in the Justice’s decision, for the Commission counsel to not know the pronunciation of her name was a professional own-goal. Rebel’s counsel, OTOH, often referred to the Madame Justice as M’Lady is as if he researched the Justice and understood her predilections for court room demeanor.

    Pretty cool to watch a courtroom live. Thanks Rebel News for emailing the Zoom link.

    1. Its not unknown for the Federal bureaucracy to intentionally tie their own shoe laces together so they can look like they just bumbled their way to a loss instead of owning up to sticking a shiv in Justine’s backside. Alternatively, if you were even more devious, you’d find your most incompetent litigation team and then say with a straight face “well, I guess they just had a bad day. Oh, well.”

  5. Well that didn’t last long. Rebel News still not being allowed into the debates…”Debate commission says all 11 must have a PCR test which could take 24 hrs. to process.
    What a joke.

    1. That is a joke. Why can’t they get in if they are vacvinated? Did everyone else gave to take a PCR test?

    2. That is ridiculous especially if they are vaccinated especially because antigen tests are sensitive enough and take 15 minutes.

      1. Their antigen tests were rejected.
        When you are not wanted in the “club” they will make up any excuse to keep you out.

    3. We get PCR test results at work in less than 12 hours.

      Are all the other reporters tested or vaccinated?