When will the UN be sending soldiers to Australia to arrest the politicians?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more insane, this is the latest from the Land Down Under:

Intrastate travel within Australia is also severely restricted. And the government of South Australia, one of the country’s six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. People in South Australia will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text them at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person. “We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” Premier Steven Marshall explained. “I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.”

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  1. Can I get a Seig Heil! ?

    (for the government – this is referring to the policies that are being put in place by the government of Aus. This is not because the regulars who visit here believe any of that racist supremicist crap. The policies being brought in today are worse than almost anything that the national socialists did. If you’re not smart enough to understand how limiting freedom in this way is wrong then you’re a major part of the problem. And if you don’t see how personal gun ownership is the only way to stop this garbage then you’re the sort who saw nothing wrong with planning the cattle cars to the camps.)

    1. I have friends who left the Soviet Union after its collapse. This is similar to the travel controls the bolshevik/communists enforced on the “citizens” imprisoned in that diabolical system. If you didn’t have a permit to leave your specific area, you didn’t leave your area. Police could ask you at any time for your papers. If you weren’t in the place the government apparatchiks said you were supposed to be, you were in trouble with the all-powerful state. The commies really hated the people they ruled over. Hence the unnumbered millions they murdered. They were experts at government terror and democide.

      I haven’t talked to any of my old friends in a while…I wonder if they now regret coming to the “free west”.

      1. Yes. How the tides have turned. Now many want the west to have papers, and the east laughs at those who think that they are free but live as thralls.

        1. You speak truth. My eastern friends would listen to me bitch about all things government during our coffee chats, and they would say: “you aren’t anything like your other Canadians; I was beginning to think all Canadians were stupid and believed everything the government says. In the Soviet Union, nobody believed anything until the government officially denied it.”

          As Mencken said, (and is often quoted here), Canadians are going to get what they deserve, good and hard.

        2. I remember another story told to me by a friend who left Ukraine as soon as she could. I was sick to my stomach when I heard it, and I will never forget the evil of soviet communism.

          My friend was probably around ten years of age, and in school her teacher instructed the class in the glories of the atheistic state. “Many old people still believe in the existence of God,” said the teacher. “If you know any old people, go up to them and ask them if they believe. If they say yes, then ridicule their stupidity and primitiveness. They are retrograde to communist progress. If they get upset, laugh at them and tell them they disgust you. We must demoralize all these people. It will hurt them even more if they love you.”

          Unfortunately my friend was young and foolish enough to do as instructed. The next time she visited her grandmother, she asked her the question. When grandmother said “of course I believe in God, my child”, my friend proceeded to rip her grandmother’s heart out with the hateful imprecations her teacher supplied her with. Her grandmother did then cry, and my friend laughed at her, again as instructed. My friend told me this story many, many years later in tears. She was never able to beg her grandmother’s forgiveness, as the old woman had passed before my friend was able to come to her senses and throw off the Bolshevik brainwashing.

          I didn’t like government before I heard the many stories of my ex-Communist emigre friends, but after hearing them and seeing what damaged souls the system they fled created, and I have come to loathe and despise almost all governments. The communist system was scientifically perfected to destroy the human spirit.

          1. I wish I could disagree with you. For some there is no joy, there is only stripping joy from others. If that means destroying them, then so be it.

            I think that this is where the legends of vampires and werewolves came from. Legendary villains borne from the basest instincts of man: remove from others that which gives them joy, and feed upon their misery.

            What is wrong with us (as a species) that some want to bring us back to such an existence? I fear that is is the same difference as those of us who read 1984 and see it as a cautionary tale versus those who read it and think “ah, so that’s how it’s done!”. What a paradise we could have if everyone saw it as cautionary!

            Sleep time for me. Be well, my (unknown) friend.

          2. For some there is no joy, there is only stripping joy from others. If that means destroying them, then so be it.

            You just described my department administrators at Armpit College. They both hated me so much that nothing was too low or too vile for them to try, short of an actual crime.

          3. Old and worn out. We are witnessing the same thing happening in Canada. I have always known that my fellow Canadians were not very bright on average but the past two years have shown me that it is even worse. They are clamoring to be slaves to a government run by inferior, evil people. A government that has been using irrational fear as the tool to scare the stupid sheep into submission. No matter how many times they are told the truth, such as the flu has a 99.8% recovery rate they insist on believing the lie that it is a pandemic. I believe that violence against both them and the state is on the way.

      2. Back in the 70’s I read about a Russian man that wanted to travel to another district to attend his father’s funeral. His request was denied. The reason was that it would not advance the state’s cause. When the USSR died in 1991, its cancerous cells had already spread out and started growing everywhere else.

    2. The SS was a particularly important tool of Nazi terror. Its members would staff the concentration camps, in which perceived enemies of the regime were imprisoned.In addition, SS chief Heinrich Himmler also gained control over the regular (nonparty) police. Under Himmler and his deputy, Reinhard Heydrich, the SS centralized the German political police forces within a new agency, the Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei; Secret State Police). Together with a newly unified nationwide criminal police force, these plainclothes detectives used ruthless methods to identify and arrest political opponents and others who refused to conform to the policies of the Nazi regime.

    1. Trudeau IS following it. Just like every canadian government before him, and just like otoole will. To bastardise a phrase from an old econ prof of mine, freedom is downwardly inelastic. Governments taketh, but seldom giveth away.

    2. Of course he would – do you know how many dick pics the Aussie gov will be receiving now! That would be heaven for Justin!

  2. This is what? Step 256 of an 80 year robbery of liberty. Im not about to chastise Australia for selling out their freedom. We’ve all let it happen. Bit by bit for the last several decades at least. Part of the ebb and flow of liberty for millenia I suppose.

    “A republic, if you can keep it.” Apt words that apply to all of western civilization.

  3. Better to die free than to live in fear as a slave.
    It’s looking more and more like the good people of Australia may have to end up fighting a revolutionary war, if they want their liberties back.

  4. What possible consequences could there be for escaping house arrest?

    Anyway I’ve heard people say Aussies are wimps for not resisting this stuff but let me tell you I now see why. I work with people in the UK and during their prison lockdown they were completely broken. Dehumanized zombies compared to now. It’ll happen here.

  5. My understanding is (for now at least) that this app is only for people under the quarantine not for the population in general. Just to be clear, it is still a nightmarish, fascist, 100% evil, bullshit.

    1. Under quarantine. Yeah.
      In other words, one box checked by some bureaucrat, helping to rationalize the “us’s” versus the “thems”.
      I feel much better.

  6. The Aussie Nazis are also arresting and detaining indefinitely any new political opposition.
    The fascists call the political pursuit of freedom, “incitment.”.
    The fascists have taken over… Turdholeland is next on the Nazi hit list.
    The Aus cops are some of the worst most cowardly mofos I have ever witnessed. Surprised that the population haven’t fragged some of those Nazi cowards.
    How long before the Aus population realize they are CCP lobsters in the pot and if they want their freedom back they”ll have to fight for it… freedom or slavery.

  7. Anybody wondering when Australia proudly announces the “Room 101” rollout to cure vaccine hesitancy and CRUSH bad social distancing manners. It’s more like the land upside down than down under. Alice has fallen wayyyy down the rabbit hole and broken her neck. She’s not getting out of this dystopian fractured fairy tale.

    1. For those with longer memories, Australia was MEANT to have rolled out a tracking app about May last year. This was a Federal thing and was intended, via the magic of WiFi and BluTooth, to recover if your phone had spent more than 15 minutes close to another phone.
      Then, should you become a New Daily Case they could use the app to work out all the other phones you had been with and instruct those phone owners to report for processing.
      This app was meant to have been a cornerstone on ‘Returning to Normal’.
      – apart from the sheep no one downloaded it
      – The app tracked phone to phone contact. So if you had to leave your phone somewhere – say next to your car keys at a swingers party, or in a change room locker – the phone would pick up the other phones and not the owners.
      – Also, WiFi and BluTooth. Switch them off for whatever reason and the app doesn’t work.

      This app was quietly never mentioned again after a few weeks. I honestly doubt many Australians would remember it without prompting.

  8. Whatever happened to the Australian Trucker’s Strike?

    Wasn’t that supposed to be earlier this week?

    1. As I understand it, they Struck up on the Qlds border as a clear warning they weren’t bluffing and the States backed down.
      So it worked 🙂

      Of course the MSM wouldn’t cover it in case they gave anyone else ideas that you actually CAN force the Premiers to react to the people.

  9. To clarify for those playing at home, this is – for now – part of the Isolation Process for anyone who DARED follow all the government supported adverts and Holiday In Australia (to support the Tourism Industry) and was stupid enough to cross a state border.
    Under the Australian Constitution when Federation kicked in in 1901 the States made sure they still had most of their old rights. One of those rights was ‘health’ and in simple terms this is why tinpot State Premiers get to stand in front of the cameras and tell their serfs that THEY will look after their health. Federally the government has little they can do to stop them, because Constitution.
    Of course having a professional grade fence sitter who wants to be everyone’s friend as Prime Minister hasn’t helped, as Sco Mo lacks the balls to slap the Premiers around and tell them to stop measuring their dicks in public (Looking at Dan and Gladys here… GET OVER YOURSELVES!)
    So, the States get to say ‘hey, 14 days isolation for crossing the border’ and the Media goes Squeee in agreement.

    SO, under the existing system you would be locked up and the police would ring you from time to time and tell you to come to the window and wave in order to prove you were not standing up in public drinking beer or anything dangerous like that.

    As I understand it, this app is intended – for now at least – to remove the need for the police to come to your place of isolation all the time. Now, under the wonders of 5G, your phone will demand you come to the window and take a selfie and the police can get back to polishing their wacky sticks or whatever they do when we are not looking.

    (of interest – you need to be double jabbed to even use this app, because… vaccination when you are ISOLATED will prevent you from… something… travelling to Israel I guess… What happens if you have refused to place your body at risk of blood clot deaths (which are roughly the same as actual ‘With Covid’ death claims this year btw) and don’t have a Jab I do not know. Guess you have to go stay in a bank vault in Snowtown or something)

    So, pragmatically, as a method to make the Isolation process easier… I guess. (Related question on why Isolation is required in the first place of course). However exactly why S.A. Premier Steve Marshmellow thinks that this app is some sort of cutting edge technology the world would be remotely interested in is anyone’s guess. Grud, South Australia is filled to the suburbs with the Defence Industry making actual cutting edge technology (which Biden will one day gift to our enemies, but at least we are trying), and Marshall is getting all tight in the undies over a sodding PHONE APP?!

    yeah, Well done everyone. Well done.

      1. Thanks.
        I am not trying to justify the actions of our ‘Betters’ in their brave attempts to keep us safe… for the greater good.
        (The Greater Good)
        I just believe that clarity of information allows everyone to have clarity of response. If we are to fight back we must know what we are fighting against.
        (also – disclaimer – I do know Steve Marshall. We are on “I’ve met you before, haven’t I?” type levels of friendship and I was flattered last year when he made a point of coming up to say hello when he was being shown around a high school level STEM expo type event my Day Job Employer was taking part in. However I really believe he is surrounded by the wrong type of ‘Experts’. Remember the South Australia ‘Expert’ was the same mad cat lady who told the entire state that catching a football accidently kicked into the crowd at an AFL match was a Covid vector and you should do everything in your power to avoid touching it. Experts… Yes…)

    1. That’s why Trudeau so desperately wants to get that app going here – all the dick pics he could hope for.

    2. Mike …. I had exactly the same thought …. Richard / Dick Long would be making an appearance!!

  10. The house of cards will come down sooner or later. This master plan is already partially unravelling, more and more people are starting to question the overall narrative as they realize the lack of logic in blaming the future severity of the pandemic on the unvaccinated. Using their own logic, if the unvaccinated want to die, why is that a problem for the regime and its supporters?

    Using our logic, if we think our chances of survival are better without vaccination, and statistics begin to emerge (as in Israel and certain other places) that we are right, then the self-interest of individuals in the media, the medical profession and elites in general will start to erode their confidence and swing opinion back to our side. I don’t think the propaganda has been so effective that nobody would notice fatal flaws in the narrative. Some of course will not see this in part to save face, but others will simply want to be on the right side of a struggle for survival.

    We need to stand our ground calmly and wait for the inevitable time of realization among the majority that they have been duped. This may also happen with climate change fraud. Our elites keep rolling the dice on that, telling fibs that are not that hard to see through, such as events now being proof of climate change when they can’t hide the fact that similar or worse events happened inconveniently far back in the historical record. This sort of thing is more difficult to hide than they might imagine. The facts are stored safely in too many places for them to make those facts disappear.

    I am optimistic that things will change for the better because the young will not want to live the way boomers in power want them to live, the first line of dissent will always be that the boomers are (or were) best known for being the most lawless, licentious generation that ever lived. I know because I am a boomer. I’ve told my kids that they cannot trust this generation (I realize JT is younger but he’s just a paid agent of a boomer cabal that runs the LPC, if they became dissatisfied with his useful work for them, they would apply the knife and get a new puppet).

    Some of us boomers became libertarians and don’t have the impulse to control all thought so it is approved boomer-thought (Bill Gates comes to mind on that). And don’t forget, Chairman Xi is a boomer, born in 1953, he was in fact 66 years and 6 months old when COVID19 started its planned rampage.

    Just saying, generation is one thing, legacy is timeless.

    1. I like your optimism, but at this point I see them digging in, rather than admitting to their errors. Although there is absolutely no evidence that unvaxed are any more of a risk than vaxed, we have vaccine passports being implemented everywhere. The public seems to support this because the message is being sent thst unvaxed are a danger. The PM states that unvaxed should not be allowed on planes, trains. The message: unvaxed are a danger. How can anyone combat such irrationality? The media cannot be counted on to tell the truth. It’s Salem witch time all over again.

  11. What this has shown us is rights and liberties mean absolutely nothing if the government wants to take them away.
    No matter what it may say on a piece of paper.

  12. It isn’t about the vaccine, it isn’t about your health, it’s about obedience. What’s bothering our rulers is that some people are refusing to obey so they’re going to teach us all a lesson.

  13. So what happens if someone is sleeping, or the phone is charging, or one has an older phone that won’t run the app, or any one of a hundred other causes.

    Since there is no penalty for not replying, I say nobody should reply, let the police spend time checking on everybody. It is South Australia, if you have any property, when the text comes, put your phone on the charger and you have 15 minutes to be out at the back of your property so the cops have to walk all the way out there to talk to you.

  14. Can’t be.
    Australia counts itself as democracy.
    Is there more to the story?
    Would that be a fake news?

    If true, they sunk into the deep end unexpectedly fast and deep,
    Seems it turned itself what it was in the first place.

    1984 here they come.

  15. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/new-zealand-police-say-they-killed-islamic-state-inspired-extremist-who-stabbed-6-at-supermarket-1.6163492?fbclid=IwAR3hVrxy_UBfbYAh4tWK-pmVG1uhCNbdV-ZUcvGRXhgJlq85mozHsiLjdyA New Zealand police cannot arrest and detain a known ISIS terrorist as it is not legal. 6 innocent civilians get stabbed before he is shot and killed by police who are following him everywhere he goes. However they have locked the whole country down due to covid and imposed draconian restrictions on all the country. They have completely disarmed the citizens as well. This is what Trudeau wants for Kanaduh.

  16. I’m the type that will rip off my nose to spite my face. If you vex me enough, I will spend money to satisfy my vexation. In this instance, I would “lose” my phone…permanently if I must. If supplied with another, (cuz I wouldn’t buy a replacement) I would “lose” that one as well, and continue to “lose” any replacements that might end up at my door. Currently there are other options, but, if there is no other option, then passive resistance, quiet, unmentioned, unannounced, continuous, passive RESISTANCE! With the whole shyte show here in Canadah, I will do the same.

  17. Cell phones are such slippery little suckers.
    Mine have an affinity for water,as I carry the electronic tether in a shirt pocket..All other carry positions interfer with work and result in device destruction.
    Hell I have drown 3 in 3 years,just going boating.
    Gee whats that in the bowl?
    Splashes on impact followed by flush as I catches my balance..
    So how does this Government App work in areas of lousy reception?
    On persons with no phone?
    And do they keep armed guards on the cell towers?
    Cause I foresee some terrible accidents coming to them,real soon.

    Government is all one big lie and a bluff.
    The minions have exactly the power we give them.

    Watcher is right.
    If you are not owner of a fine armament,become one.
    For historically ,those who reasoned with the mob,with empty hands, were buried soon after.
    While those who demonstrated that pain would follow,lived to argue further.
    Ever wonder how the “Riot Gun” got its name?
    Cause in this shitstorm of mass hysteria,fear and scapegoating,,bequeathed upon you by your “Forces of Law and Order”..riots are the order of the day.

    In these financial times,where government orchestration of dollar destruction is the norm,real things will hold trade value.
    Units of trade,those dollars,held in bank accounts,will shrink to zero value as they multiply in number..
    Quality built mechanisms will be useful to other tool using persons..
    Trade must go on.
    But the accepted unit of trade,is unlikely to be government faith based paper…Not while they work so hard to destroy all faith..

    Canadian Elections…What has your candidate done to promote public confidence,reduce mass hysteria and support individual rights??
    Liberals..great brand for the most illiberal scum since 1933.