But Alex Jones is the Crazy One

Jonathan Kay: Why the Canadian left believes kooky theories about coded messages to Nazis

This has got to be the first election in the history of any democratic nation in which the incumbent self-describes as the leader of a genocide state. Yet he also tells us he’s done a bang-up job. You’d think the whole ongoing-genocide thing would be a significant campaign issue, right? At least up there with high ATM fees and electric-car tax credits. But it’s not, because everyone involved — Trudeau, in particular — knows that most voters inhabit a reality-based existence. And so they’re going to have little patience with Matrix-like conspiracy theories about Canada being a nordic Rwanda.

You can see how this complete reversal in tone generates cognitive dissonance for partisans. One moment, Canadians are history’s greatest monsters. (It’s been three months since Justin Trudeau ordered Canadian flags lowered, following the discovery of bodies of children who attended residential schools. When asked when he’ll put the flags back up, a spokesperson said Trudeau was waiting for some unspecified Indigenous community to make the decision for him.) Then the writ gets dropped. And suddenly, patriotism comes back into fashion, and we’re told that life in Canada — far from being a white supremacist dystopia — is so awesome that our PM deserves another term.

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  1. This David Fisman character is exactly who Thomas Sowell was talking about when he denounces “intellectuals who face no consequences to the implementation of their ideas”.

    O’Stoole has a 14 word tweet? And thats a clear signal to Nazi’s?

    Fisman is both highly educated (hard sciences) and highly indoctrinated. Thomas Sowell’s “annointed”.

  2. Seeking to get elected over the dead bodies of indigenous children…not a good look.

    Where’s the $5 Billion to exhume and forensically analyze all the dead children?

    “Ach ja, ja, I gave zat money to ze Indians for my fresh water promise vhich I broke so long ago!”

    Yeah, looks pretty NaZi like, and when do I get my yellow star with the biohazard symbol on it?

    Justin says, “Elect me I’m a craven lying politician working for my own gain and the donor class who are pumping me with MONEY!”

    “Und ven I’m shoed in, you can rest assured zat vee vill ask all ze right VacciNazi questions. Because you never know ven a genocide can just spontaneously happen out ov zhin air nicht war?”

    Thanks for completing our “Complete Idiots Guide to The Election.”


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. Nonononononono! We can’t exhume the bodies as that would be disrespectful to the dead, right?

  3. I wonder if Justin discussed this strategy when he called Hillary?
    “Hillawee, I was thinking of bwranding my opponenths a basket of depworableths”

    All that’s missing now is Michael Moore telling the voters of Canada which candidate other than Trudeau would be the biggest FU to the establishment.

  4. following the discovery of bodies of children who attended residential schools

    Following the discovery of what now, Mr. Kay?

  5. Kay doesn’t understand the depth of the stupidity of the average Canadian. Trudeau does. The carrot is ‘if you vote for me you’ll get free stuff’. The stick is ‘if you vote for the other guy you’re you’re a racist genocidal Nazi who wants destroy the environment and healthcare system’. Pretty simple really, are you for free stuff or are you the scum of the earth?

    1. As George Carlin said….”Think of how stupid the average person is….and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.”

      1. LOL…would that it weren’t so but I’m afraid he’s right.
        I wonder what George would say today?