Manitoba Kind of Opens

Almost Alberta

Manitobans will be able to enjoy more freedoms this weekend as new public health orders are set to come into effect.

Premier Brian Pallister and Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, announced today that the province will implement new public health orders and guidance on Aug. 7, one month earlier than originally forecast.

CBC and Winnipeg Free Press reporters hit hardest.

Making sure to pull the band-aid off as slowly as possible nothing changes till next Saturday.

27 Replies to “Manitoba Kind of Opens”

  1. Now Manitoba will be added to the list of “bad” provinces. Canada’s journalists will be watching like vultures for every tiny sign of an uptick in cases and interview every “expert” they can find to chastise the Manitoba government.

    I think it’s obvious that the biggest fear of the covid chaos crowd isn’t a concern that people will get sicker in free provinces. It’s a frantic fear that people *won’t* get sicker in free provinces.

    This became obvious when central Canada journalists were suddenly worried about the health and welfare of Albertans because normally those journalists actively cheer and gloat at the misfortune of Albertans.

    1. Who do they get their petroleum products from? Alberta and Saskatchewan. Look it up. They want “green”, too. Well, give it to them, good and hard. Shut down Enbridge Line 5 into Sarnia, Ontario the source of all that runs on petroleum product, planes, trains, cars, trucks, whatever in that part of the country, even Kaybec. Propane, too. Should keep ’em occupied for a while finding “alternatives” to petroleum products they don’t want, while they freeze in the dark. Urnolists, too.
      Tell them the stuff is contaminated with COVID. Yes, they are that stupid.

      1. I wasn’t pro-independence until the rest of Canada became anti-Alberta and anti-Saskatchewan.

        1. My prediction….drum roll please,
          Trudeau has done EVERYTHING in his power to STOP our fossil fuel usage.
          LINE 5 Shut-off Ontario fuel supply.

  2. Ha Ha Manitobans are melting down over the lifting of restrictions.
    Hey as long as they have their Mystery GOO Shots, 3-4 masks and couple of depends on they should be safe.

    1. Well in my town in Manitoba people were actually stopping in the street to discuss how great the news is. We can’t wait to have a mask bonfire after the fire restrictions are lifted of course. Now all we need is rain.

    2. There is always a loud cluster of tools who will fight to the bloddy end to give their freedoms back to the state.

      They will demand our submission to their insanity, and in this country that might be enough.

  3. MB – < one death per day, 14 day average. Statistically insignificant. Cases down 52%. Covid dead as doornail throughout Canada.
    How upsetting that must be to Dr. Trudeau and PM Tam. Good time for an election call (rumour has it the writ drops on August 8th, so voting around the middle of September) in the sweet spot of bribery by debt largesse and the (finally) reflating our economy, victory timed for well ahead of the fall covid inspired climate change lockdown dress rehearsal.

    Because you're not stupid enough to lock down an economy or destroy intimacy with masks over a now nondemic, they will do it to you. They will transfer all the risk to you for their power, as well as sending you the bill, but collectivists must never waste crises.

    To all you let's get the election over with I have this rejoinder. The NDP are way ahead in AB.
    Even if Kenney manages to hold power, he's never going to be the go to guy for AB sovereignty.
    Without AB the whole separation gig is up and Trudeau et al get to screw with western Canada ad nauseum.
    Unless and until AB elects a sovereigntist party, the Laurentian elites will live off the dying shell of Canada without fully consuming it. We should be careful what we wish for? Where have all the Conservatives gone, replaced by carbon taxers.
    Ever since they deserted Harper in 2015 we've been paying in liberty and treasure.
    Will they unconsciously enable yet another depravity?

  4. My take away from Pallhitler and Roussin’s babble -gab:
    1. Push mandatory masking requirements onto individual businesses.
    2. Unvaxxed people are a overall danger to society. Segregation will continue.
    3. The jabs will not end at 80%/75%.
    4. They are not proceeding with mandatory shot, “at this time”.
    5. A 4th wave is a foregone conclusion & part of the governments plan for the fall.
    6. Micro-managing our lives is for our own safety.
    7. Every participating media party type is pro-lockdown, pro-mask & anti-freedom.
    8. Vaxxed passports are here to stay and expect more restrictions.
    9. The majority of Manitobans are brain washed, Stockholm Syndrome cult members, who will likely suffer a breakdown at the news.

    Neither of these megalomaniacs refuse (as usual) to disclose that there are presently only 3 active ICU patients and 35 active hospitalizations in the entire Province or that the recovery rate from Covid, as of July 26 remains at 99.92%.

    1. Meanwhile, the Bank of Canada is working on Central Bank Digital Currency. Link that to your digital i.d. also known as a vaccine passport and hey presto, all your freedom is gone and you can have a social credit score. Have a listen to Agustin Carstens of the Bank of International Settlements.

      1. Anticipate long lineups as collectivists go full circle with annually renewing social licenses. Now be a good party pupil.
        Make sure you don’t fail your government exams. Hint: the answer to “what Canadians want” is a one party Grit state.
        Answer correctly or no work for you. No play for you. No travel for you. No social freedom for you and, no soup for you.

        1. Why annually? I expect they’ll be updated in real time as the situation and The Science changes.

  5. You know when they grab the good guy by the hair and dunk his head in the water? This is the part where they pull his head out again for just a few seconds to give him a chance to comply. Our heads will get dunked again end September.

  6. The pro mask crowd might want to doff them before hyperventilating so they don’t pass out. Especially likely if those masks are already full of spittle.

  7. “As of today 80 per cent of Manitobans age 12 and over have received their first dose and 75 per cent are expected to receive their second dose over the next week. “

    “We need everyone on ‘Team Manitoba’ to for this final stretch. Get vaccinated – not once, but twice – and follow the public health orders and guidance designed to bend our COVID curve down, and keep it down.”

    There’ll be some bending alright but it won’t be the covid curve.

    Stupid effers. “Gloriosus et Liber” eh? – Glorious slaves more like it.
    The tranquility of servility writ large.

  8. Pallister looked down and almost thought he saw a teeny weenie, almost invisible set of very microscopic balls. BUT, he has to wait till August 7th when his Super-Dooper Dick Tracy microscope gets delivered from Amazon to take a closer look, just to be absolutely sure he is up to this momentous decision.

  9. It it so so so enjoyable to see Lett and Kives pour out the salt! Reddit Winnipeg also in abject, unfunny-meme depths of despair. Rejoyce Manitobans!

  10. New spin on an old saying (after reading the Twatter replies).

    If a conservative is afraid of COVID-19(84), he or she will hide in his or her own basement.
    If a liberal is afraid of COVID-19(84), it will demand the rest of us be locked down in our basements.

    1. Why do we let that province rule over us exactly? They’re the dumbest sacks of crap on the planet.

  11. I am delighted but I am still afraid there will be a fourth wave and we will all get locked down again and our vaccine passports will become the new social credit system. It will probably happen if O’Foole wins. It absolutely WILL happen if Turdeau gets in again ith a majority.

    1. What’s a “fourth wave”? They haven’t even established what caused the first wave yet.

    2. JB, I’m with you.
      I’m guessing that a fourth wave only need be a fraction of what the previous “waves” were and our “experts” will be calling for lockdowns EXCEPT for the fully vaccinated. All the blame for the 4th wave will be placed on the “anti-vaxxers” who refuse to inject themselves with an experimental drug.

  12. Anyone who wants to is free to wear a mask. What changes on Saturday is that a tax collector can no longer demand a $300 payment if you don’t wear one.