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    1. “The 15,000 calls to Crime Stoppers is a clear message to the government that the community expects action,”

      The country is done. Stick a fork in it.

    1. Watcher! Fantastic scoop Brotha!!

      Maybe this is why the Alberta Government has lifted all the restrictions? There is no evidence! It’s all a fake and a lie.

      May every heath minister in every province, state and jurisdiction be sued to provide evidence.

      The house of cards is crumbling.

      About 15 months late.

      Now to sue for the filthy jabs and their evidence.

      1. He is on Instagram, Twitter, tiktok and FB.
        He took them down. It is busting wide open here in Alberta.
        I have been working all winter and spring with a group of former WIPA executives.
        Big changes coming. I have been preaching the fact that we need Unity of all the various and sundry Independence and Separatist Groups in Alberta.
        I was supposed to go speak at a Unity Rally on the 24th but could not make it because of family issues.
        Now msm is trying to push public opinion that maybe Albertans should not be allowed into Ontario because we have no restrictions. They are saying the same about SK.
        Watch for the Alberta Unity Project just kicking off, we have had our first Rally. Next one is in Grand Prairie.
        WIPA it is looking like has been compromised internally by the UCP/Ottawa Gang. Infiltrated.
        Just think how Chretien stole 500m-1b to shut down the Quebec Sovereigntist Vote last time. How everyone was bought off to prevent the win in Quebec. And they have been paying them off ever since.
        That kind of interference.

        1. Great Stuff Watcher….

          Am 1000% in Favour of Ab & possibly Sask leaving this CON federation.
          it’s Long Long overdue….for 30 yrs now.

          WE NEED a CONSTITUTION with TEETH…and with 1st & 2nd Amendments as per the US constitution, as a BARE minimum.

          GARANTEED Property & FREE Speech Rights….+ Recall legislation.

    2. I have said from the start it is just a flu, everyone said oh no I was wrong. Sure is looking like it is just a flu. There are many papers out there stating that the “virus” does not exist as there seems to be no ability to isolate and purify it. That would be why the vaccines are not really vaccines and cannot prevent one from getting the flu and actually makes the flu worse. I wonder how many more lies we are expected to follow?

        I must admit even I was skeptical in the very beginning. But you have been proven right over and over and over.
        Bless you old man for sticking to the facts and the truth and waking up so many.
        Listen to Dr. Charlie Ward of Awake Canada. Raising Hell. MAX is speaking up with him.

        1. Too freaking bad Canadians aren’t smart enough to understand such basic language and truth.

        2. Actually that is Dr. Roger Hodkinson, he has appeared a few times on Rebel News. Smart guy and really understands his stuff.

          He normally comes across as a quiet academic, but, wow, he was on fire in that speech.

          We need much more of him, and many more like him.

      2. I wonder how many more lies we are expected to follow?

        Each and every one. After all, you are a loyal comrade, aren’t you?

    3. F U C K I N G outstsanding…!!!!
      Awesome CATCH Watcher.

      Share the living daylights outa this PEOPLE…if anything on Social Media needs to go VIRAL.?? This is it..!!!

    1. I don’t think the Ford government would do this. I hope not, any way. It would be colossally stupid.

      1. It would be colossally stupid.

        We are talking about Doug Ford, aren’t we?

        1. Ed, your links should have their own thread!!
          This is the proof that is needed to declare mRNA injections poisonous. Those are amazing microscopic slides, Ed.

          The Blood Services people will be soon looking for the un-injected people to fill their quotas, especially if the elite who got saline injections didn’t store enough of their own blood in their private blood banks.

          Any Judge in a court of Law should save humanity from the dreaded Agenda that a few elites have decided to implement.

          Who will win?

          Thanks for the info and links.

    1. I was thinking about that when seeing pictures of people with multiple metal objects like spoons, forks, knives and other objects sticking to their bodies. How much longer and how much more damage are we going to allow our jailers to inflect on us?

  1. The Heinz ad featuring the dachshunds is a classic. Of course, it’s a personal favourite and I’m sure that my canine step-brother would find it amusing, too.

      1. Good doggos! Thought I saw Oz! Shucks! I regret that I forgot to get a photo of him.

    1. Awesome! I must say, I’ve missed that one for a while. You should get a prize for posting it. Hilarious.

    2. A rather em-bare-assing moment….. (That’s not my pun. I first read that one in The Gateway, the University of Alberta student newspaper while I was an undergrad. Back in those days, it could get away with being politically incorrect once in a while.)

      1. BA, I remember when Ezra Levant had an occasional column in the Gateway, back when he was in Law school. He irked lefties back then, in the early 1990s.

        1. I remember his letters to The Gateway while I was working on my second master’s degree. They were outstanding and, yes, he got a lot of lefties mad at him.

  2. Olympic viewership drops dramatically in all sorts of places, not just on NBC…

    “Over the first three days of the Games, 769,000 viewers tuned in on one of France’s three public TV channels… That audience represents a 17.4% decline from (Rio 2016)… and a 74% decline from the 2012 London Games.”

    “The opening ceremony attracted 2.07 million viewers on ZDF (Germany)… a 73% decline from the (Beijing Olympics) that aired at a similar time of day.”

    Britain’s BBC reported “…a 39.4% decline from the BBC’s peak live audience for the Rio opening ceremony, and a 61% decline from the BBC’s peak live audience for the 2008 Beijing opener.”

    Go woke, go broke. (except locked-in Australia, where TV numbers are up. And in Japan, maybe unsurprisingly)


    1. I think a big part of the decline is due to the fact that TV viewing numbers are falling of a cliff all over for all content. TV is a dead medium. People under 30 generally don’t even own TVs anymore. When the over 70 generation are gone tv will be as relevant as eight track tapes

      1. My daughter and son-in – law (age 31) DO own a big screen TV but they use it to watch Netflix, HBO, other streaming services. They do NOT have cable TV. Perhaps this is what Rusty Shackleford meant.

  3. CDC says 7-day average of daily U.S. Covid cases surpassed peak seen last summer
    “While we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, Covid-19 is clearly not done with us and so, our battle must last a little longer,”

    LOL, just take your jabs mushrooms and they will let you out so you can pretend you’re free … sure they will.

    Lockdowns will continue, until every (formerly) Western county adopts a social credit system.

    1. Maybe they felt guilty about executing several unarmed protesters that day. Killing innocent people has to weigh on their minds.

    2. These suicides are pretty damn convenient.
      Almost as believable as the FBI agent who killed himself on a dance floor.
      Pure coincidence he was investigating the Clinton..
      The theatre of 6 Dec 2020 must be protected at all costs,apparently.

    1. Jojo, both CBC News and the Globe and Mail published hit pieces attacking Line 5, so the big corporate media are all onside with devastating the Ontario and northern Michigan economies. This is a new twist. Up to now, the establishment media concentrated on destroying Western Canada, and not so much Ontario.

    2. That may be the basis of all this election speculation.
      Want to have it out of the way before line 5 gets shut down and they spirit Meng back to China in the middle of the night.

  4. This may sound frivolous but I think it is a serious question. It’s about men competing in women’s sport at the Olympics. No I am not talking about the New Zealand weight lifter apparently that is a done deal and is following the rules. I am talking about Quinn Getty the Canadian soccer player who identifies as a male but is competing on the women’s team.
    Can the US team now protest Canada’s win as the Canadian team had a male ringer on its rooster?

    1. She may state that she’s male on paper, but ANY type of injections to enhance her body is an automatic disqualification.
      So, I doubt very much she’s changed her body yet, just claiming to be male preference for the media.
      The Olympics is the last place you want anything that they could check and disqualify the team for.
      So, I doubt she has changed it yet.

    2. Rooster, roster. Cock a doddle doo. Much the same. What difference does it make!?

    3. IOC rules state you can identify as whatever gender you want. You can be different genders in different sports. Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds.

    4. I watched part of the woman’s CDN – USA football game and said to myself that #5 looks like a man. Later I found out that indeed it is a man. So some poor gal got deleted from the team to accomodate a man. Only in insane Canada would things like this happen.

  5. Anyone who has gone through a few hours of a boil water advisory in their town might have some empathy, pause and think how badly politicians after politicians keep promising clean water for Native reserves and never deliver.
    Herr TruDOUGH is still doing it, it’s a standard promise every election by all seeking to sit in seats of power.

    1. Honestly LJ it is bullshit. Each reserve want their own taxpayer funded modern water and sewage plant 1000 miles back in the bush.. The crazy has to end soon. The taxpayer already subsidizes their fly in White Man food and fly in Whiteman Culture etc. I say do like every other damn farmer or family off grid drill your own or dig your own well or Fucking Move to town. Ffs they even want Whiteman Hospitals in the midfle of the bush. They need to get told to fuck off. Give them some reality start with NO and Fuck Off. No offense to you Liz. Rant was for the Indian Industry and their Parasitic Brethern the Political Class

      1. There are portable water filters that are suitable for remote locations. Buy a bunch and distribute. What’s hard about that?

        1. Every shithole backwoods village in Canada successfully runs a water treatment plant turning cowshit into drinking water. Indian reserves with better plants can’t turn pristine water from the Canadian Shield into drinking water. It’s nothing to do with the quality of treatment. Just hire a white guy or an off reserve Indian to run the system and it will be fine.

      2. Reserve system should be abolished but that isn’t going to happen.
        If any of us want to live in remote areas without services we’re on our own. The farce of it all is they’re not there to live off the land, traditions are more ceremonial, I’ll bet they have all the modern tools to live off the land if they choose to,they don’t have to, we are funding flights of all the necessary food and other products as well as technology.
        The biggest farce of all is the politicians pandering to them at election time.
        The fact they are above our laws and can block our roads and rails, or anything else, any time they feel like it is another issue never addressed by politicos.
        Having these opinions is probably considered racist, racism is a one way street of course.
        I could be misinformed and I’m sure there are exceptions.

        1. Liz, the reserves have more than ample tax rervenue supplied by the the rest of Canada they just refuse to do anything sensible with the money. There should not be inferior housing, water supplies or any other problem on reserves with the countless billions that are thrown to them every day of every year.

          1. Most reserve revenue is in the neighborhood of $100,000 for a family of 4. Most Liberal Party communists do not know this. They have more money than average white people yet live like beggars.

    2. Infrastructure that is put on reserves, water plants, schools, etc are not properly maintained by the reserve and fall into disrepair. Then they blame whitey for not looking after it. Guilty white liberals fall for it every time. Yes they need clean drinking water, but for christ sake they need to look in the mirror. Sometimes it is politicians not following through, but a lot of cases are self inflicted.

    1. Did you notice that MeToo was initially all about Trump and yet ended up catching a whole bunch of Democrats/Communists?

      Justin Trudeau,Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Jeffrey Epstein, Charlie Rose, Sen. Al Franken, CBS News CEO Les Moonves, Garrison Keillor, John Besh, Mark Halperin, Hamilton Fish, Michael Oreskes, John Lasseter, Blake Farenthold, Paul Haggis, NY AG Eric
      Schneiderman, Demos Parneros, Rep. John Conyers, Rep Patrick Meehan, Leon Wieseltier, Jeremy Piven, Danny Masterson, Donovan McNabb, Mario Batali, Ryan Lizza, Tavis Smiley, Ben Vereen, Chris Matthews, Leon Wieseltier, Stephen Bittel, Jeffery Toobin.

    1. The dog’s comment at the end was worth waiting for. Now I can’t stop laughing.

  6. The National Post is reporting through Reuters that the New York Department of Justice, through an official investigation, has found that governor Andrew Cuomo had bullied and sexually harassed dozens of women over the years. Not that anyone will ever do anything about it.

  7. WW2 Movie types at the pointy end?

    George Stevens in Europe.

    Official Army movie and stills team BUT, he also carried his own, personal “home-movie” gear.

    The big difference was that the “official Army footage was shot on Black and White, ALL of his personal stuff was in colour, from pre-D-Day to Berlin.

    Max Hastings compiled a book on Stevens and his “adventures, called, “Victory in Europe; D-Day to V_E day.ISBN 0 297 78650 4.

    Interestingly, The US Navy shot a LOT of wartime footage in colour. That stuff gets recycled to this day as “authentic” footage in Documentaries and cheesy mini-series alike.

    Interestingly, the Wehrmacht shot almost everything on 16mm Agfachrome, using the magnificent Arriflex cameras developed for the job; The SR series cameras are still sought after by serious 16mm movie makers. Almost “soldier-proof”, the world’s first “ergonomic” movie camera, Slap on some Schneider glass and they are a revelation.

    The funny thing about the German wartime colour footage was that only the pointy end of the hierarchy, and select foreign audiences, ever got to see it. The common “Volk” only ever saw the 35mm, B&W prints at the cinemas.

    There are a couple of VERY notable Australians and Kiwis in the Combat-Cam Hall of fame, too. Poke about this here Net-thingy.