Hey Justine, I Could Use Some Money Too!

Adolf The Magnificent loves to give out money at election time. Eight billion dollars to Indians because of bad water. How much of that money do you really think will go towards building treatment plants?  On Friday he gave Dofasco in Hamilton Ont., four hundred million taxpayer dollars to go green. I’m still driving the same car since I retired from the military. Do you think you could send me some Blackie?  Not that I would vote for you, as it wouldn’t change my mind that your a weasel.

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      1. Grammar, like punctuation, matters.

        “Let’s eat, Gran.”
        “Let’s eat Gran.”

        One is the proper mode of communication. The other is a terrible and inhuman mistake.

        1. There should also be a comma between “some” and “Blackie” in the penultimate sentence above. Yes, grammar matters.

          1. Well, then, let us go one grammatical step more.
            “Hey, Justine, I could use. Some money, too.”
            Strunk and Whyte, forever.

        2. Well, if your Gran looked like Shania, I could probably eat some, and no, I don’t mean for food.

          As to grammar, we ain’t writing war and peace here. As long as I comprehend the message the writer is trying to convey, then all good.
          Besides, if ya don’t rite proper like wot I duz, dat don’t make me bettr dan U!

          Why can’t we all just get along eh?

  1. They aren’t even trying to hide it any more. “Here’s some of his. Vote for me.”

    1. Trudeau is about to FREEZE Canadian citizens on purpose.
      He BRIBED these foundries to downsize and close their smelters.
      He blocked pipeline projects and line 5 is about to be shut off.

      Now tell me if this is crazy?
      Oh but how we will fulfill HIS Climate Commitment to the United Nations at the sake of Canadian lives.

      1. – And best of all, a lot of other countries are NOT meeting their Paris commitments – but that’s okay. Little Potato’s Great Socialist Worker’s Paradise is well on-the-way! We’ll ALL get to lay-around all day, doing nothing and NOT emitting any of that EEEEEVIL CO2, because the jobs will all be gone and there’ll be nothing to do and no alternative! Then Potato and Gerrie can meet the Climate Change commitments of several other countries as well as Canada’s! We’ll SAAAAAVE the Earth all by ourselves!

        Will someone please vote this clown out?…

  2. Hey, Prinz Dummkopf, you genius! Dofasco isn’t even a Canadian company any more. Yeah, it was taken over by, I think, ArcelorMittal more than 15 years ago.

    How do I know? I used to own shares in Dofasco, you ignoramus.

    Does it make you feel good that you’re paying one of the world’s largest steel companies, which just happens to be based in Luxembourg? (Hey, whatever happened to China being your favourite country? You change your mind or something?)

    1. ArcelorMittal is perfectly worthy of Canadian government assistance – they’re paying Little Potato off. Mind your own business! 😉

    2. BA, Luxemburg is a heck of a lot closer to Davos than we are. I bet he and gerry knows it.
      Besides, he’s laying the groundwork for his eventual rise to the head UN turd job. Gotta grease the right palms, and show the WEF he’s the right man, um, ok, right person, for the job.

    3. Arse A Loor Mital is owned by a Paki, I believe the head office in Europe somewhere
      Nederland’s perhaps, somewhere with low corporate tax if I recall correctly.

  3. He has got to print money faster that Old Joe Bi- Dinh.
    How can we ever get rid of this braindead evil narcisstic arsehole??

    1. Canada is full of braindead arseholes so we will never get rid of them. Look around . Every province has a brain dead arsehole in leadership roles. That tells me all I need to know.

      1. One look at the Collection of Fucking COMMUNISTS that were involved in that PRO- Lockdown protest in Edmonton….Talking about BRAIN DEAD (_i_)holes..???

  4. My ancestors were, raped, slaughtered, and dismembered by some First Nations People. Scalped, skinned, and their hearts consumed raw while still warm.

    What are MY reparations? The interest accrued since the 19th Century alone should be in the multi-millions. I demand a $150M deposit in my Swiss bank account. The First Nations had no more “claim” to the land than I did. They never “owned” anything. I have as much right to it as they do/did. Aren’t they to be treated as “equals”? Well then … they OWE me a bundle.

    1. History shows indigenous peoples were tribes of nomads who were not peace loving people. Tribes fought with enemy tribes and these wars could be brutal. Sometime prisoners were taken who would be worked as slaves. The residential schools brought
      civilization to these tribes and without these schools I doubt many indigenous people would be able to read and write today. So
      this condemnation of the residential schools pushed by blackface is a farce. It’s all about turdeau capturing the Indian vote and
      apparently most brainwashed Canadians are unable to see what is so obvious.

      1. Wait! No. That couldn’t possibly be true!? My middle school teacher taught me of the sweet, gentle … naaaaaaturrrrralllll … Native Americans lived lightly on mother Gaia long before the white man’s specter of greed, exploitation, and global warming. They Held hands with one another and sang songs of the great Bison.

        1. According to Joseph Campbell, after a hunt, they had a buffalo dance, giving thanks to the critters for providing them with what they needed to live.

        2. Also, were not Native Americans America’s original slave-owners? Inconvenient truths, indeed.

          I wish I could remember where I read this reparations comment, but it is still my favorite….

          “When they figure out how much I owe Oprah Winfrey, let me know.”

  5. Eight billion for drinking water. Official government stats say there are 82,400 people without safe drinking water. That works out to $97,000 / Indian. Given that each (plumbed) house with, say 5 people could install an ultra violet and filtration system (hardware<$1000) for around $2000 (double that for isolation expenses, so $4000 installed) with ongoing maintenance at a couple of hundred a year, that works out to less than $1000 / Indian. For $97,000/ Indian, you could build new housing AND water treatment for what the Spawn has offered. Not only is the Canadian Apartheid management system a moral disgrace but a very expensive disgrace as well. Any politician that associates with that disgrace without working to abolish it is also a disgrace.

    1. And Jao Xiden-Heiress is promising BIG $$$$ to get the lead out of drinking water in the USA. It’s a widely reported part of his “infrastructure” bill. I find it hard to believe that ANYONE is drinking water in the USA delivered in lead pipes. We DO have an EPA … we HAVE eliminated lead piping (and even lead solder) from our pipes for generations now. Where is this elusive lead piping?

      I suspect this is just an excuse for massive $$$$ Payoff to various UNIONS who have faithfully supported the Communist Democrat Party. Oh! And of course a larger, expanded Federal bureaucracy to “distribute” these funds. The American (and Canadian) taxpayers are being ripped off by legalized thieves.

    2. Don’t worry by the time the countless government agencies together with the chief’s have determent the fair share for every indigenous person there will be probably no more than 9.70 left just enough for 2 packs of coffee filters.

    3. The Chief needs a new Dodge truck with all the bells and whistles plus some customization. None of that money will go to the band residents.

  6. Just an odd observation. There was a big outcry during the Harper administration zbout Bruce Carson trying to peddle his girlfriend’s water purification franchise to the reserves with a water problem This was AFTER Carson left office and the actual technology looked decent. Now regardless of whether or not the technology might have worked, Carson ( and of course Harper who had nothing to do with it) were pilloried by the Liberals and the media for attempting to sell this to the natives. Throughout all of that ” ethical” posturing, no one in the media or Liberal Party bothered to ask if it was a good water solution for natives, as it was touted to be. It was economical and if course no one would have been forced to buy in. I don’t think the Liberals have any intention of helping native prople solve problems. They simply use them for political gain. Don’t bother enquiring in a few years about what happened to the 8 billion. The water problem won’t be solved.

  7. Full disclosure, the car in question is 12 years old, and I also have a ten year old Ford pickup for the farm.

    1. Your living large!
      I drive a 21 year old automobile with 201000KMs. I can’t afford a new car, or truck for that matter. I’m in the market for a late forties, early fifties, or thereabouts, pick-up that I can use as a winter-beater. None to be had…and what with the run on used vehicles I can’t even find a later model truck locally. Used car lots are empty and are looking to buy used cars.

      1. Rob, If you can find a decent late forties, or fifties truck, it’ll be worth a lot more than your 21 year old truck. There is a huge market out there for those vehicles. If you find a nice 1949/1950 Ford F-100, I’ll be happy to trade you with my great running 2003 Dodge Dakota!

    2. Wow. My daily driver is 2 years old, and my “kewl mosheen” is 4 years old. I also have a 15 year old motorcycle. Am I “Uber rich”?

        1. Pah…that all pales in comparison boyos….my 06 GMC: 600,150kms. yea, its a diesel….and runs better now that the day i bought it. Same Injectors, no less -imagine dat.? (LBZ motor)

          Fluids Fluids Fluids (incl. homemade fuel conditioner: Power Service Diesel Kleen mixed with some 2 stroke oil (Ultra Low Sulphur fuel is DRYYYYY)…oh, and lube your zerks.

          For my rig, Installing a secondary byPass oil filtration system had much to do with the longetivity (IMO)…filter is 5 mU. (your OEM normal vehicle “filter” is likely around 25+ mU.), ergo the wear. Its the particulate between 5-12 mU that causes damage to an engines internals.

          As for that pompous POS in the PMO..? only thing I’d like to see..?? A Cranial Exit wound.

  8. What people don’t see is that Justin’s “aid’ to the Canadian Steel Industry is also its’ death knell. Trudeau announced a similar grant to Algoma a few weeks ago. This will eliminate both firms ability to make steel from iron ore making them dependent on scrap steel as a feed stock. Where will they get the scrap and how will they compete with the more than 100 U.S. mills currently running on scrap steel? There is already a shortage of high quality scrap metal in the U.S.. To convert two integrated steel mills with a combined nine million tons of production annually to scrap fed electric furnace mills will mean their eventual demise. (scrap supply is just one of a myriad of issues that will make this the end of these mills, and yes I’m an expert in the the steel industry) This is Trudeau’s economic illiteracy at its’ worst.

    1. Making new steel and casting to make useful products like woodstoves or other heat holding products.
      Can’t even make our own pipe for pipelines as well.
      All those other cast products that we need to survive.

      1. Uh…CAMROSE pipe in Alberta is still operating…I do believe they are capable of 48″ U n O’d Line Pipe.?? Was previously involved in supplying SAW (SubMerged Arc Welding), Wire and Flux for that plant back a few yrs ago…and I know they still make line pipe.

    2. Ralph, “Trudeau’s economic illiteracy at its’ worst.” The reality I think, is that it’s deliberate, not illiterate. He’s a proponent of the great reset. They want to return the planet to a rural paradise.
      Of course, only for us, not them, it’ll preserve the planets resources for them and their progeny. We’ll have to use a bicycle or public transport, but they’ll keep flying their private jets.

  9. All roads lead to Godwin’s law. At the first Nazi reference I thought “A bit over the top but, whatever, guess the poster wants to make a point” but there it is again, and again. I’ll give you that Trudeau is socialist but certainly not nationalist.

    Yeah, we don’t like Trudeau and his ilk. The English language is rich in accurate derogatory adjectives for bloggers to command. I like reading intelligent conservative perspective which is can be hard to find and one of the reasons I so enjoy this blog. Falling into the “call my ideological opponents Nazis” pit is unfortunate. Unless you really think he is a Nazi, which would be a whole other matter.

    1. I think we should lose the Nazi and Communist labels and just say TOTALITARIAN. Commies no longer really believe in state ownership of the means of production because it has been tried and found to be disastrous always and everywhere.

      Therefore commies and nazis are more or less the same today, viz., fascists. State control (public private partnership) not ownership. The West now is pretty well all fascist.

      1. Totalitarian would be much more logical and imho describe the current tendancy well. Perhaps Globalist Totalitarianism is more accurate than Fascism due to the fact it seems to entirely lack nationalist ideas?

        I don’t think this poster is going for accuracy though, more for shock value of ad hominem insult as a hook followed by a rant with a personal anecdote which is somehow supposed to be related the rant. Unfortunate to read here.

    2. Trudeau called Canadians racist. Trudeau’s boss, Butts, called us Nazis. I suspect this is payback. This gov, along with Dem in the US, label anyone racist who disagrees with them. Isn’t it time we played by their rules?

      1. No, we aren’t the baddies. They are.

        Put another way: you don’t overcome evil with evil.

    3. Personally Janice, Trudeau/Butts are but pawns for the TRUE NAZI’s of the world: Global Capitalists….Identical to the Global Capitalists who Financed Adolph and his gang of thugs… Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Averill Harriman, the Bush Family, Ford, Morgan of Morgan & Stanley…and many many more.

      We have similar SLIME today: Zuckerberg (regardless of his parentage), Dorsey, Soros, Gates and numerous others….along with the progeny of the earlier gang.

      Regardless of generation, they all want(ed), Total Control, they all used Propaganda and they all show(ed), zero concern for wiping out segments of humanity en masse….and I’d bet they all read Mein Kampf.

      NAZI’s IMO.

  10. If Trudough keeps tossing money out the shit will hit the fan long before his next four year stint of destruction is half over.

    1. His alleged father did the same thing. He promised all sorts of goodies to the Indians but when it came to actually making good on that, it was a different story.

  11. OJ You really have the wrong approach; the NL minister’s flattery and grovelling and praise worthy of Kim Jong Il is the way to go.

  12. PM J. Trudeau is buying votes but will only pay when he wins. Do you the Tax Payer want this to happen it is our money he is using, so make your vote count Vote Conservative even if you dislike O’Toole just remember there are many good Conservatives MP’s just like Pierre P. This has happened before with P. Trudeau, when Mulroney won and people didn’t like him but voted for him anyway to get rid of the Trudeau Liberals. VOTE OUT THE LIBERAL GOV’T 2021!!

    1. As a Westerner, I cannot in good conscience vote for that asshole Ofool or his LIBERAL Party.

      MAVERICK …

  13. A Liberal, a dipper and a green walked into a bar.

    Sorry, an alcohol which can be dangerous consumption facility.

    1. A Liberal, a dipper and a green walked into a bar.
      Within two minutes they had the place to themselves.

      1. A Liberal, a Green and a Dipper walked into a bar. But the Ethics Commissioner cheerfully declared it cleared.

    2. A Liberal, a Dipper, and a Green walk into an Edmonton bar. They didn’t have to pay for their drinks that night.

      1. Lotsa bars out west they could walk into, that they wouldn’t have to pay for their drinks that night – because the wait staff would refuse to serve them.

        I bet they’re all real stingy tippers anyways…

        1. I’ve encountered quite a few fruitloop lefties here in Edmonton. There are times I feel that I never left Vancouver.

  14. Dofasco was one of the assholes who were pushing china steel into the US, unload ships and stockpile steel from China, it apparently becomes Canadian steel in an instant.

    Then ship it south by rail as the border is about 60 miles away.

    Whine and cry when Trump calls out your scheme. Because if now you want to produce steel, you have to rehire all those laid off workers.

  15. This tweet from Seamus O’Regan responding to Stephen Harper illustrates the Liberal mindset perfectly.

    “There’s a cost to the pandemic.
    We decided the government should bear that cost. Not individual Canadians.
    Now we know what the Conservatives would have done.”

    July 21- 2021

    Right. Because gov’ts generate their own revenue. Moron.

    1. burton, Thank heavens we have such benevolent government that takes such great care of us. I’m glad they are bearing that cost, because I certainly couldn’t afford to…wait a minute…???

  16. Let’s get serious and realize that, until this incompetent stops kissing Ontario’s and Quebec’s you know what, this incompetent P.M. will continue his ineptitude and will continue to remain in office. SMARTEN UP CANADA and get rid of this poor excuse of a P.M.