Jonestown Precinct

The package of laws, which were signed into law two months ago, went into effect on Sunday. Police are still confused about how to handle certain crimes, but one thing’s clear: Criminals will be held less accountable.

The confusing and sometimes conflicting changes in the law, nearly a dozen in all, mean that cops throughout Washington state may not respond at all to help in cases where they only have a reasonable suspicion that someone committed a crime.

The new laws state that police must have a higher standard — probable cause — to arrest or detain a suspected bad guy instead of using their spidey senses, reading the situation, and putting 2 and 2 together at a crime scene. They basically will need an eyewitness or to see the crimes themselves in order to detain a suspect.

They can’t use “physical force” to detain someone, according to the confusing new laws, which were mostly written by a freshman Democrat legislator.

What does that mean? Sorry, the lawmakers didn’t explain that.

The police who haven’t yet left, that is. Also known as “the stupid ones”.


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  1. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are licking their lips in anticipation at Washington State’s upcoming spiral into anarchy.

    1. Man, I sure HOPE the USAF has been directed to airlift all those Haitian border crossers straight to SeaTac airport.

      From one shithole, straight to another …

  2. “physical force” is required to detain someone, else they can just walk away, so this is just a pro-crime bill….

  3. Won’t be long now when this leftist idiocy leaches into Canada if it hasn’t happened already to some extent.
    I don’t make a habit of chuckling at someone’s misfortune…but former Senator and uber Liberal, Barbara Boxer was mugged the other day in Oakland Calif. Oakland is pushing hard for all this defund the police nonsense as well.
    And as Trump is wont to do…he weighed in on the matter.
    She was aghast that someone would do such a thing to a grandmother. Um, that’s precisely why you were robbed you stupid twit.
    Anyways, cops are on the lookout for someone named “Reality”.

    1. If you lived near a reserve u would know this is already happening in Canada …. the free range natives feel shop lifting is a charter right under their treaties.
      My local wine / beer store had to put a buzzer on the door so they can see who wants in and then only let certain folks in … no large groups. I don’t think I need to put into print who the problem was caused by.

      1. Raiding parties are also back in style. JRW – who everyone had sympathy for because Dear Leader fired her – pretty much stated that any paleface stopping a raiding party with force needs to be severely dealt with.

  4. I would guess that a cop’s life and job will be much easier not having to do anything about anything. Drive around have coffee, make notes and let the bad guys walk. Sounds like a good gig for 100k a year plus benefits. It must be relarively easy to stay away from trouble when that is what you are being paid to do.

  5. Left Coast cities competing for shithole status dominance by maximizing the Ferguson effect. Seattle having communists on council was not enough, they needed help from Olympia.

  6. Liberals love writing more and more new laws and then they take away the means to enforce them. Who will enforce all the mask mandates and vaccinations? And gun control, how will they enforce gun control when the cops can’t use their guns? Liberals are stupid.

    1. They’re not stupid. Everything they are doing is in the aid of having civilization collapse. When they have total anarchy, they will leap in to save everyone. It might not work out like they plan, but they have a plan and so far it is unfolding as they intend.

  7. I keep telling you guys and gals it’s not about the lefty BS. The pols are getting a cut of the criminals revenues.

  8. Who is gonna protect Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle?

    (Yes, that is the name of the arena for the new NHL Seattle Kraken team)

    1. Ha Ha …. Climate Bullshit Arena …. and then they jet around on a private charter jet all season …. may the commie pricks dwell in the cellar of the NHL standings for eternity!!
      All Kraken players and staff should have to drive POS teslas = flaming cars.

    2. A hockey team named after a sea monster? Oh, well, when the league allows one to be called “Ducks”…..

  9. 1200 Officers covering 24/7 operations and they need time for periodic training in the latest genders plus vacation time. That’s leaves only a handful at any given time for a big city, it’s surprising they have so few to begin with.

    Only a few would be fine if there wasn’t such a large feral population, but the west coast seems to attract the feral like flies to something.

    1. The west coast has been attracting “less than special” citizens since the early 1960’s. Our late father blamed the kind weather. It is difficult to be homeless in -40C weather in January in Edmonton/Regina/Winnipeg.

      1. Wanna bet?
        Currently living in Edmonton, grew up in Winnipeg. I can tell you first hand that these cities have no shortage of homeless people.

    2. Yes, it’s the warmer climate.
      In old railway terms, the end of the line.

  10. All I can say is that I and most likely every other Rate payer in the City of Calgary, is simply ecstatic that a Municipal Election in less than 3 months away.

    Besides our Islamist ChiCom bought POS of a Mayor and his little cabal of champagne Socialists, Dru Farrell and Colley Urquart and a few others all should not only be booted…..As I and likely many othersI would love to see them Tarred n Feathered as well – 1820’s style.

    Time for a Clean Sweep (with a cpl exceptions), and massive DISINFECTION

    1. Phht. Trudeau 0.2 is likely going to name Nenshi as another Alberta Senator. I’m sure neither are finishing with their trashing of Alberta yet.

    2. Funny that. They front loaded the vote this year by dropping my City taxes by….$500.00 annually. In June. An unheard of, never experienced drop in gelt grabbing to fund their numerous “slush storage funds” ever seen by this rate payer in Calgary. I’m sure they think folks are not watching this slight of hand. I plot the tax on a graph, it’s a 45 degree slope upwards, until this year. Somethings up, I’m sure. Our new City Hall is built to accommodate guys like Nenxi’s ego, nothing else.

    3. Can someone explain to me why Calgary of all places would elect that clown repeatedly?

      1. Because the turnout was less than 30%. Conservative, right-leaning voters don’t seem to care about local elections, especially for school boards. The “community activist” and “social justice” crowd takes advantage.


      2. Nenshi was a “good-time Charlie” mayor, who did well when Calgary was rolling in oil money and corporate taxes from the downtown core.  The problem is, he was emotionally and characteristically unprepared for being a leader during financially challenging times, and it shows.  (He’s also famously thin-skinned and, once the city’s fortunes turned down, wasn’t afraid of using the race card to try and short-circuit criticism of him.)
        He should have been booted during the last election, but I suspect the opponents were just as lacklustre; the old “tallest midget” problem in public choice.  I’m not convinced that low turnout by itself completely (or even substantially) explains his re-election.

      3. Well, the ones that voted for him are flaming, control freak socialists to start, with more money than you ever will see and live in certain sectors of Calgary. Probably similar thinking of electing John Tory, “richer than you” in Toronto, who really doesn’t need the job at Toronto City Hall. He should be out on the links. I’m slightly older than him and don’t seek to run your life for you in my retirement years. Mayor Nenxi is an egotistical, control freak, who thinks he knows better than you how to run your life (even the Alberta Government, any political stripe) and spend your money. He’s certainly not shy about that.

        1. Apparently, he was Ezra Levant’s law school classmate about 40 years ago. His tendency for being thin-skinned was noticeable even then.

  11. On another related note…

    In progressive, left-wing Victoria, British Columbia “newly released data from Statistics Canada shows the volume and severity of police-reported crime in the city of Victoria last year was significantly higher than both the provincial average and Vancouver…”

    “I don’t think we should sugarcoat it. The last year has seen a meaningful increase in the severity of crime in the city of Victoria,” said Rob Gillezeau (U-Vic professor)… “I think that we want to really track that as we recover and, FINGERS CROSSED, and return to normalcy, that this ticks back down.”

    “Rob Gordon, a professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University, was surprised to see such a high index in Victoria… The purpose of the index is “to say to policy makers and police personnel, you’ve got a problem here, and that’s what these numbers are saying to (Police Chief) Del Manak,” Gordon said.

  12. The entire state should be classed as a No Go Unsafe zone.Advise all tourists to stay away.If you have some time on your hands write these idiots and tell them you had plans to visit there but now appears it is unsafe.

  13. Creating idiotic legislation that actively undermines your police forces so they just quit on their own is apparently far easier than having to factually justify idiotic legislation defunding them.

  14. They powers that be want things to be more like Europe. I think the meant Sweden, not Northern Paris or Naples.

    1. the rat,,,, I would be laughing in his face. He is a freaking moron.

  15. While I’m no fan of state force, I understand its critical role in society when too many savages are about.
    I don’t blame them a bit. In fact, I hope they all leave as fast as they can.
    It’ll be a fun experiment to watch.

  16. I have a friend who is a Royal Rosarian here in Portland. A group of people who got together in the 1980’s to improve downtown Portland from it’s rundown state. They pushed through legislation that forced developers to contribute to the welfare of the city. They cleaned up and developed more than 30 family friendly parks. They raised money to remove graffiti. They promoted tourism, both nationally and internationally. They brought art to every part of the downtown area. They sponsored music and theater, they expanded and promoted the Rose Parade. They helped make Portland a really nice place to live and to visit.

    Then, around 2005-2010 the city council and Mayor decided to make Portland a homeless and illegal immigrant sanctuary. When homeowners complained about their children being approached by perverts and drug dealers they stopped attending neighborhood meetings and started issuing ordinances by fiat without community input.
    The downward spiral dropped off a cliff over the last two years. 100 continuous nights of riots with nothing done to protect the people of Portland.

    The food cart vendors are leaving downtown due to safety and a lack of clients after dark. All of the statuary in the city is removed and most will not be put back up. Much of the art was defaced. There are long blocks where every business is boarded up and closed. You can tell that many of the apartments are empty as no one parks on the streets downtown any more.

    80% if the Rosarians have left the group. The most often stated reason, the city leadership doesn’t care about the people who live in the city. They would rather rule over a wasteland than confront the problems and look for solutions.

  17. I predict the near future holds “reverse” fines for crime. The Left bloviates that crime is due to inequality. For example, a convicted murderer would be reverse fined $1 million for a first offence. $2 million for the second and so on until he learns his lesson. Of course he will continue as it is too profitable to stop. The Left will feign shock as to why crime rates keep escalating.
    Crimes for offences such as defending one’s self against a member of the deemed under-privileged will still be subject to incarceration and impoverishment.

  18. It has been said of public school teaching that the best ones leave.
    Surely this will also be the case in US law enforcement.

  19. Even better. State officers can NOT peruse a stolen car either.

    Dumb, really dumb

  20. The smart cops will stay. A generous wage and pension plan and no longer having to deal with dangerous criminals.

    Crime will go down. A lot of people will stop reporting crimes. People that still do will be actively encouraged by the police not to file a complaint.

  21. The Soviet Union had a murder rate of zero. No Soviet ever killed or raped or robbed another. There was only fascist insurgency.

  22. Couldn’t care less. The police showed this past year who they protect and serve (and it isn’t the citizenry). They chose to be lapdogs for their political masters, so they can keep licking the boots and come to heel for their massive pensions or go find other jobs.
    Places like Seattle vote for this stuff, so they get what they deserve. Don’t like it? Move.

    1. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” – G. Orwell, August 1945

  23. “The police who haven’t yet left, that is. Also known as “the stupid ones”.”

    They are stupid to begun with. Pray tell where are they gonna go? Stipclubs? Underground bum fights? Mall security?

    No other job gives as much reward and security and as little accountability with so little qualification. They’ll stay and continue being about as useless as they were before. Taking a knee in front of BLM and then assaulting Proud Boys. Ignoring property crime but harassing drivers, etc.

    1. so COLON

      what colour are your new JACK BOOTS?
      as STUPID ain’t a colour, I know they must be something else

      1. Again you are desperately trying to sound witty and again you fail. Just like you failed at everything else in your miserable life, garbage boy. The more you open your stinking piehole the clearer it becomes that the only reason you got shitcanned from the military after basic… was the psych evaluation.

  24. Everyone needs to stop lying to themselves. Number one: crime is the goal. It is not a mistake. Everything has to burn to the ground, because it was built by racists.

    That is who, and what, you are dealing with. Respond accordingly. Or lose. Your choice.