It’s Not Like We Can Make More People

Ignore the covid references they shoehorned into this piece to make it “hip” and “trendy” there’s a much bigger point in all this.

Had a conversation the other day with a friend who believes that contrary to what they keep harping on global population has peaked and we’re now coming down the other side.

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  1. No it’s not. A smaller population would be good for everyone, so long as it happens naturally. If the population falls, resources will become less scarce, everyone’s quality of life will improve and the population will increase again.

    1. Your ignorance is astounding. The only reason population increases in the first place is because the quality of life has vastly increased already, from food production to housing, education and the economy in general. The fewer people there are to generate more wealth, the poorer we become. Do you realize the concept of “I want my slice of the pie because there are only so many slices of pie” is a Marxist concept? Why do you think the quality of life has increased so greatly from China, to Africa and India? Is it because their population shrunk?

      1. Do you want to live in a city of 25 million people where a one room apartment costs you 80 percent of your pay? I don’t, yet that’s the reality for people who live in cities like Tokyo. When populations get that dense people stop breeding and the population drops. A falling population means labour is worth more, real estate costs less and you don’t need that second income to pay the rent. When that happens the population will increase. All animal species go through boom and bust cycles based on environmental and resource factors, humans do to. It’s just the cycle is so long no one recognised it until it’s past and it could take another 1000 years before it’s past. I never said anything about pie or Marxism. In Canada for example “we” as a nation become richer be as our population has increased, but we as individuals haven’t GDP per capita hasn’t grown in 50 years. The next generation is going to be substantially poorer than we are. Education is becoming more necessary than ever to get a decent job, but it’s becoming unattainabley expensive. The cost of taxes, housing, and transportation is meaning that the next generation will be perpetual renters and walkers, and given that having children is now a choice, they are deciding that they can’t afford it.

        1. Why so gloomy? How about a starter condo on Mars in preparation for a bigger place in a different solar system?

        2. East Asia is experiencing a birth dearth.

          There are more old people than babies being born.

          Soon, east Asians will be extinct and all for Marxists’ want of “pie”.

          1. They won’t become extinct unless they decide to import a replacement race. If they avoid that, their population will drop freeing up space and the remaining smaller population will start breeding again.

      2. Doug, many years ago there was a fellow who figured out that as people became more prosperous they had fewer kids so they could enjoy the fruits of their labor. It has proven to be so in the western world, as the number of children being born to middle class people has been declining. Now we are importing welfare immigrants to suck up that which has not been sucked up by our excess socialist governments. China will eventually experience the same thing. Prosperity does not create more people it reduces the numbers. Those who have nothing keep breeding children to keep them in whatever meager circumstances they live in. Children as chattel.

        1. It’s like a cartoon published in a smut magazine back in the early 1980’s. A bureaucrat was speaking to a black woman in the projects with 15 kids of various ages hanging about. She says: “We so poor the only luxury we have be f***ing!”

        2. China is already way under because of the long term effects of the one-child policy, along with a mismatched male/female ratio due to cultural requirements.

        3. VOWG, we travelled for a month a few years ago in China and had an excellent guide on our bus. David explained upon the question on the lack of small children we saw that with China’s one child policy this was the result. China now want 3 kids per family, not happening. David noted that to get married a mama-san wants you to have the 3 c’s a car, a condo and then a child. He explained that Chinese families now wanted what the West has. The ability to travel, good living standard and getting the child into a better school. They don’t want their child to be drafted into the military.

          Saw many empty fully constructed apartment building and the people seemed quite prosperous.

      1. Women “choosing” not to have children is NOT natural. It was foisted on them by leftists, and women, being much more susceptible to propaganda than men are, swallowed the feminist movement hook, line and sinker.

    1. Depends on what you consider “natural.” War, plague, starvation … all are natural.
      I think the word you were looking for is “voluntarily.”

      1. rural
        Voluntary eh.?
        Yea….LIke “come n git your Profijuice jab buddy”.
        RAUS untermensche..!!..??

  2. Nihilists don’t reproduce because life has no meaning to them, it’s only a material experience.

  3. So … 1 MILLLLLLLLLLION “refugees”, “immigrants”, potential “undocumented workers”, “brown and black people”, Haitians … and Africans have poured across our southern border … in JUNE alone !!!!

    And yet … we have a population problem?

    You don’t think Elon needs more malleable slave wage workers making batteries and e-saloons?

      1. And who benefits from these slaves?

        The same people who bleat about “overpopulation”, eating less meat (for you and I, of course) and not traveling anywhere.

        Now, we have “vaccine passports”.

      2. You still have to feed slaves, even when they are not working. Once you switch them off, they have to be replaced.

    1. ++++++/\ Kenji

      ditto – Identical shit in Canada.
      Migration from every shithole on the planet except: Europe

  4. The fastest increase in standard of living for the average person was the result of the black plague. More resources for everyone, shortage of cheap labor meant better pay.

    1. Survivors were able to take advantage of the work done before the plague by the people now dead.

      1. Only the unskilled positions such as walking inside wheels for cranes or dancing on wool fabrics in piss buckets (fullering). Any position that required skill – blacksmiths, craftsmen – would not have been easy to replace.

  5. Must say that I don’t think the Chicoms ended the “1 child” policy due to overpopulation. They’re freaking out because their army is shrinking.

    Also must say that we don’t believe the UN about literally anything else, why the hell would we believe their overpopulation numbers?

  6. For decades now the prediction for peak population was around 2030 to 2050. I don’t think the climate models take this into account, BTW.

    1. They’ve pushed it back to 2060 or later, but it doesn’t make much difference. All it means is that population will be quite flat throughout the 21st century.

    2. Climate change will have little influence on world population, except as a secondary or tertiary driver. It will never be as severe as the models predict, and that’s just getting the physics right.

      Population is derived based on a whole other set of assumptions about what climate change will do and how humans will react. If a war occurs, will it be because of climate change or human aggression? How do you distinguish between the two? This is akin to models with so many fitted variables and constants that you can predict whatever nonsense you want if you just choose the right constants.

  7. Get crackin’ Elon. I understand you have only one child so far. What’s it’s name again, something bizarre like, SpaceX5? You need to turn two into three. Simple math.

    1. That’s just his latest kid. Elon has six kids from 2 women. Triplets, twins and a single with the stupid name.

  8. “Population growth is an important influence on the size of the labor market and a country’s fiscal and economic strength.”

    Maybe we shouldn’t have turned the economics of the country into a Ponzi scheme?

    1. We live in a consumer society. Doesn’t work if there are no consumers. Families with children are the biggest consumers.

  9. Had a conversation the other day with a friend who believes that contrary to what they keep harping on global population has peaked and we’re now coming down the other side.

    Hence, the vaccine.

    1. +++++/|\. Doug.

      ….that and a few Billion ProfiJuice slaves to keep Big Harma’s stock prices/profit margins high …for as long as they continue to breathe.

      No one knows how long that will be.

    2. What? The vaccine is contributing to “population decline, and will even more so in the future. That’s it’s ultimate purpose. Not a conspiracy. There’s increasing evidence.

  10. Public Servant pensions hardest hit.

    If Liberals lose them, the gravy train collapses. Along with housing prices.

  11. Historically, population exponentiates for a while when a new source of energy comes about, then levels off. There is no “coming down the other side” like its a freaking bell curve.
    Its an s-shaped curve, or a series of them, stacked on end.
    It happened when humans switched to agriculture from hunter/gatherer, and again with steam power and industrialization, and again with oil.

    1. Well I sure as shit DONT think that will happen with Wind n Solar now do you..?? LOL

      1. LOL. Indeed. Could happen if we got cheap and easy fusion, or thorium reactors, though.

        1. TRUE Dat..!!

          What a “NOVEL” concept: Nuclear Power – I just don’t see Greepeace and Gerald Butts’ WWF campaigning on them….can’t imagine why though..??

  12. When someone is dragged out of poverty, the first thing they do is quit having six children.

    There are many countries whose population is decreasing or about to dramatically decrease, Russia, China, and Japan being notable.

    1. They also quit having children, never mind six of them, when they quit seeing children as a gift from God. That also lets them murder their own unborn children.

      1. I’m pretty sure that using legislation to shoe-horn women into the workplace, and the easy availability of cheap contraceptives played a pretty big role, to boot.
        Personally, I don’t think the combination of those two things is survivable on a long-term basis.

    2. True, but that isn’t likely to happen for a large fraction of the planet’s population. Only a lucky few are ever going to be dragged out of poverty and live a first-world lifestyle. The whole system is going to implode long before that, just like South Africa. I suspect the population will peak, but not because everyone becomes middle class. It will because war and famine will sweep the planet as more of the have-nots realize that they will never not be have-nots. And the haves fight to stay on those rungs of the ladder.

  13. From a geopolitical point of view, the most important metric is not the total population of a country, but rather the population between 20 to 60 years of age. These are the economically productive years, and the lower end is where military personnel are drawn from.

    1. AI and robotics will make the headcount of a military irrelevant. Wars will be fought by drones and satellites … industrial production of technology is what will matter. At least until those are wiped out and we go back to phalanxes, shields and spears.

        1. No doubt. At the very least, future wars will be fought the way Sherman and Sheridan fought the South … war on civilians.

  14. I’ll also note that if there were actually a labor shortage we wouldn’t have been paying so many people, pre-COVID, to not work.

    Not to mention that a significant percentage of “work” being paid is bullshit and the rest of us would be better with it not being done at all, so I won’t mention it.

    1. Are you assuming that political policy will actually address and be congruent with reality?

      1. I have too many functioning brain cells that have been alive too long to pull that off even if I wanted to.

  15. The less people on this planet the better. Better fishing and hunting for me. Less traffic. Less welfare bums and commies. Less politicians (maybe?). Of course all the ponzi scheme social programs will collapse and Tim Hortons et al will be scrambling to get more workers boated in. Libs only worry about less people when they realize they won’t have anyone to clean their toilets for them.

  16. Intelligence is highly heritable and predicts important educational, occupational and health outcomes better than any other trait.

    Early twin studies of adult individuals have found a heritability of IQ between 57% and 73%, with the most recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80%.

    The problem is too many stupid people are breeding and not enough smart people.

    1. That is an observation that I have made in the past. Welfare is the primary cause in our western society, natural causes in other societies.

  17. As the population expands nature will take over. No food, less people. A disease that man will not be able to screw with, less people. It will happen as it has happened, the dinosaurs are evidence of that. Nature is beyond our control no matter how smart we think we are.

  18. Rusty Shackleford wrote:

    “They won’t become extinct unless they decide to import a replacement race. If they avoid that, their population will drop freeing up space and the remaining smaller population will start breeding again.”

    Yes, Canada did that and now here we are.

  19. Perhaps the simple fact that taxes are now so high,young people cannot afford to raise children?
    If you want perpetual poverty,chose to celebrate life.?
    The old school economics are still at play,a smart woman wants to be sure she has selected a provider..
    Which it is getting harder and harder to be,as the theft rate rises.