Police, Defunding Themselves

Post Millenial;

The Rapid Response Team, a unit within the Portland police department, voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday during a meeting with the police union. This follows the criminal indictment of an officer for assault stemming from a riot in August 2020, sources within the police bureau told The Post Millennial.

Officer Corey Budworth was on the Rapid Response Team, a group police officers that volunteer for the post, and are deployed to respond to riots, civil unrest, and demonstrations in Portland. Budworth was indicted and charged with one count of fourth degree assault, a misdemeanor by Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s office on Tuesday.

On the night of August 18, 2020, Antifa militants threw a Molotov cocktail into the County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters as the Rapid Response Team struggled to contain the riot.

In a statement released after the indictment, Schmidt said “In this case, we allege that no legal justification existed for Officer Budworth’s deployment of force, and that the deployment of force was legally excessive under the circumstances.”


“Now that the riot team is no more, we have no clue what’s going to happen. We don’t have enough patrol officers to be pulled from the road to handle huge crowds,” a Portland police officer said. “We are only backups with no gear like the riot team has.”

This is ahead of massive demonstrations and protests that are planned for this upcoming weekend.

Tim Pool and Michael Malice discuss.

36 Replies to “Police, Defunding Themselves”

    1. Why? if they showed up it would be with a tank you letter for the revolving door jail and the refusal to prosecutor them while they terrorized the residents.

  1. Some People will never learn. They refuse to learn They will never even change when they are kneeling at the edge of the ditch with their hands tied behind their backs, and the Commissar in reloading his pistol.

    They keep voting for it. City, County, State, and even Federal. Portland had elections. They elected the same psychopaths, and even worse.

    Maybe, Maybe, if they start seeing people dragged into streets and beaten, raped, or killed, and blocks of the city burned; maybe they will change their minds. More likely, they will keep blaming the victims, “You should not have angered the mob.” “You should not fly an American Flag in Portland, it is racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic.” “The Federal Courthouse represents all that is wrong with White Supremacist Amerikkka.” “You are evil White Middle Class Oppressors!”

    Minneapolis is no better, fortunately I live over 50 miles away from it. Chicago, LA, Frisco, Philly, and NYFC are just as bad.

    1. Rd
      “They will never even change when they are kneeling at the edge of the ditch with their hands tied behind their backs, and the Commissar is reloading his pistol.”

      Save ammunition, Put Kemer Rouge plastic bags over their insufferable heads.
      No Wait?
      Didn’t Portland ban plastic bags?

    2. Rd, I fully agree with your comments. But what about the conservatives and ormoderates in Portland? As I recall the last city election, the current, sitting mayor (a liberal-left guy of the Toronto Star/CBC News kind) ran against an avowed Antifa supporter. That was the choice Portland voters had. My question 8s why don’t supporters of law and order organize themselves to try to save this city?

      A case in point: the conservative media are reporting that angered parents are organizing themselves in order to take back the radicalized school boards that are pushing Critical Race Theory. It can be done. It takes a bit of work and grassroots organizing.

    3. They VOTED for it….more than once. Yep

      Just like Calgary

      Voted in a Mayor & council that could give a rats ASS about 95% of the population. That much is evident with their “Traffic Calming” BS of roundabouts in the middle of residential areas, bike lanes being created on major thorough fares for the 17 cyclists who might use it on a sunny day, parking rates that are second highest in NORTH AMERICA (only NYC is higher), Millions spent on GARBAGE ART, buying a 25 Million Dollar German made foot bridge over the Bow only to find out the welds were shit…now planning a Green Line LRT that we cannot afford whatsoever (6-8 Billion)…..all led by a fascist POS Mayor who decided it was a good idea (twice) to go visit the # 5 guy in the Chinese Communist Party, the Mayor of Peking. A Mayor who I continue to believe is a full fledged member of the MuslimBrotherhood – one who believes he is the arbiter of Calgarians Health (ordered a Mask mandate prior to AHS by months)….and a Mayor who has increased Property Taxes like we were all living in Manhatten. 5+% for annually 10 years.

      I pray that the upcoming civic election is one that is overrun with voters…the entire council save one or two needs to be annihilated. Druh Farrel, Colley Urquhart and many other Champagne Socialists need to get the BOOT.

  2. Kate I had a good comment, but some dam hacker flying Bat swooshed in and took it.


    What the hell, Life goes on,

    1. V10

      From what I’ve heard. If it’s anything like Seattle. Police officers are retiring or leaving left & right.

      1. I think the plan is to destroy local police nation-wide and then appeal for federal troops to patrol the streets and keep the peace. Eventually we wind up with a military state run by mentally ill socialists.

        Imagine the military patrolling all major cities 24/7 making sure you papers are in order.

  3. In a sane situation our governments would be responding to what is clearly a communist revolutionary insurgency in plain sight, ask yourself this, if these thugs had swastikas instead of their anti-fascist emblems, what do you suppose would happen to them?

    Why should it not happen to them, they are every bit as bad as the potential fascists would be (some would say worse given the track record of communist dictatorships in the 20th century).

    Our woke socialist nearly communist ruling classes don’t see the dangers and sympathize (at least for now) with these revolutionaries.

    Sooner or later this is going to lead to something like civil war in North America. Most ordinary people have no interest in creating a radical leftist society but we have been placed on the defensive by this COVID lockdown — when or if things return to a more normal situation, some of these festering situations will very likely boil over. Some parts of our society have swung too far left and there will inevitably be a correction.

    As for Portland, I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the scenes the Chinese government is stirring up some of this trouble. They seem to have eyes on western North America and might view Portland as the natural beach-head for invasion, although I don’t expect this to be a military style invasion, more of a phased overwhelming of the civil order followed by “assistance” from China.

  4. “It’s too late to turn back, here we go
    Portland, oh no
    It’s too late to turn back, here we go
    Portland, oh no”

    Paul Westerberg/The Replacements – Portland

  5. The road to ruin gets wider every day.
    Broadened by Anarchists, Eco-fascists, Black Panthers and Indians
    Oh my!
    The Moslems and Chicoms will be duking it out in the end.

  6. Given that the Jackbooted thugs were primarily busy protecting Antifa and assaulting patriots like Proud Boys, or arresting random motorists caught in that hell, this isn’t a big loss.

    1. Some clarification: The RRT is a volunteer assignment. The police officers are still employed and still being paid, they just resigned their volunteer positions in the RRT. So they’re still on the force, they’re just no longer acting as riot squad.

      Conservative need to learn that the cops are not on their side until proven otherwise.

      1. Yes and yes. Except that most here are immune to your second point. No matter what happens they refuse to acknowledge it and typically immediately fall back on Nuremberg defense.

  7. armed men/forces would move into a lawless area, establish a new order and
    become the new royalty..
    of course they would take the prime real estate for themselves and
    then keep the peace ..
    rinse and repeat thru the ages..

  8. Corey Budworth – named and fired after trying to defend a police facility against those actively trying to kill personnel inside.
    ????? – who shot Ashli Babbit as she was trying to enter the Capitol building, the same way AOC and other protesters did in 2018.
    Still employed and at large, for all we know.

    Yep, all are equal under the law.

  9. No one mentions that the “journalist” was attacking the police in with antifa. Many antifa claim to be journalists to help other antifa to escape prosecution. You can tell because the video of the woman getting pushed was from a position where journalists would be taking pictures not joining in the attack.

    Portland has pissed off so many people that most of the local sheriffs and police departments will not send supporting units anymore. So unless they call in the national guard, burn baby, burn.

  10. I watched that Tim Pool podcast and was pissed at the inaccuracy of their reporting.

    Well after discussing that the riot squad QUIT in solidarity and they were such heroes for sacrificing pensions, family stability, yadda, yadda… Tim then clarifies they weren’t actually quitting, just refusing to volunteer for the riot squad. To me, that is the difference between night and day.

    These cops are cucked cowards, still willingly working for a city that regards laws as political cudgels and in turn doesn’t give a damn about their safety.

  11. I personally hope Portland gets what they vote for and deserve If the city burns to the ground that’s apparently what they seem to accept as normal

  12. More faster please. As with Eldridge Cleaver, it took an escape to Cuba and actually living under the system he celebrated to turn him into a Reagan supporting Republican upon his return. Treating leftism is like treating an alcoholic; they have to hit rock bottom before they realize they have a problem. Then, maybe, they can be helped. Until then . . .

  13. I’m past caring what happens to any of the Dems strongholds, they made their beds long ago. So this is another “Gee, that’s too bad “ moment.

    1. Thud, When you consider that the libdems want to cram us all into a dense city dwelling type of existence, this ain’t exactly good advertising eh. Of course, they plan on doing that once we elders have all “departed” and only the soyboy team are then left to easily herd into the diseased density dwellings, where they can slowly be relieved of their sad existence as they reduce and reuse the extra billions that they see as surplus humanity.
      I guess they’ll make good fertilizer.

  14. Pure entertainment.
    Faster harder.
    I too see the minions currently known as police as “Good Union Thugs” in the Portland case.
    Refusing to volunteer is not the same as “Take this Job and shove it”.
    But apparently “Police Work” is something different than the Trades.
    I wonder what the “merits” of a “Good Policeman” are in a Democrat Enclave?

    Corruption begats corruption.

    Until modern versions of Capt Ned Wakefield and or the Vigilantes out of Silver City arise,these fools and bandits will continue to abuse their hosts.
    Public have always been slow and fearful.

    Taking the law into your own hands,takes a certain level of betrayal to force the normals to act.
    Portland has reached it,these police and their little act of symbolism are the problem,not part of the solution.
    Comes down to being a citizen first,employee second.
    “I was just following orders” reveals a person who is untrustworthy on every front.

    As the Dread Covid Theatre has exposed so many of our own minions.

  15. Maybe city hall will be burned down with them in it. Will that be enough for them to understand actions have consequences?

    Probably not.

  16. @MK. Exactly. Let them burn it down. Or up, as the case may be. I hope I see the smoke from my house on the Great Plains.

  17. Wheeler was on the phone to the team begging then to not quit: “But antifa has scheduled a riot for tonight”. Time for little Ted to gear up and hit the streets.