18 Replies to “Trust The Experts”

  1. L – “All Special Forces groups, when asked about new orders or targets had no comment.”
    What reporters would ask if they were reporters.

    As for the hackers hiding in a spider hole, check the one Saddam Hussein was found in.

  2. The shortages and the world coming to end was an attempt of the media cartel to create mass hysteria.

    The lineups and shortage of gas was simply created by the fact that everybody and their grandmothers wanted to gas up at the same time. Not lack of gas supply.
    You see, when a hundred or what ever number of people come to a gas station at the same time and empty the gas supply at the pump, its not a bloody shortage, they just need call a tanker truck an refill it. Very much simple as that.
    If that happened without any shortage, not that there was any this time, the end result would be the same.

    1. …Lev, you mean the ONGOING, DAILY attempt of the media cartel to create mass hysteria. Also riots, looting, arson, murder and assault, etc etc.

      “Oh noes, another violent felon with enhanced epidermal melanin was shot to death by police as he ran at them waving a machete! BURN IT ALL DOWN, MY PEOPLE OF COLOR! I, COUNT DRACULA, COMMAND YOU!”

      It must feel so good to suborn the destruction of your country and know you have a moral reason for doing it.

    2. what are you talking about? The lineups and shortage of gas was due to the shutdown of the pipeline. It was a “bloody shortage” for every market supplied by that pipeline. 3 million barrels per day, for five days, was not being supplied. There’s no ability to “call a tanker truck an refill it” because the depots the tanker trucks get their fuel from were depleted.

    1. All by design.
      THEY have a plan and are executing it.
      It’s a BIG CLUB and you ain’t in it.

    1. They had backups for much of the data and were able to reconstruct most of the rest, making it unnecessary to give Ukrainian Nazis any gun and ammo money.

      That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

  3. It’s been years. But I remember before 911 or right after it. The government took control over companies who use the net (power + fuel) to use computer systems they approved. If so, what happened.

  4. “What you’re feeling is not a lack of supply or a supply issue. What we have is a transportation issue,”
    Pipelines are called “supply lines” for a reason.
    I have a transportation issue.
    Students of Noam Chomsky, all of them. Useless twits.
    If Noam Chomsky took a small craft and headed due east into the Atlantic for four hours and ran out of gas would he have a supply issue or a transportation issue?
    A. Supply issue as there is no more fuel in his tank.
    B. Transportation issue as he cannot get home.
    C. Both supply and transportation issues.
    D. Stupid as fuck issue.
    Answer key is found outside of academia.

  5. Apparently Elon Mush has now come out against cryptocurrencies because they burn alot of hydrocarbons to run their servers and not because people can use them to hide extortion money.

  6. Line 5 still pumping? Then it was all kabuki theatre. Someone wanted to drive prices up, or something.

    1. Wittless campaigned on getting that line shut down.
      She has threatened Enbridge, that the State will take over their assets if they refuse to comply.
      It ain’t over yet.

  7. I see the US and Canada have a treaty from 1977 that prohibits one country from unilaterally shutting off a pipeline. In the US, a treaty becomes, for all practical purposes, part of our constitution and overrides legislation. This is a cut and dried case that Michigan can’t shut the pipeline, and it is little wonder that they were trying to keep it out of Federal court, where they knew they were certain to lose.

    Of course with this regime that has installed itself with 10% for the Big Guy as a figurehead, there are no guarantees as to how our constitution will be interpreted.

    1. That Commie Kunt Gretchen the Stretchen can still order her National Guard to go in and seize control of the Line and shut er’ down.
      Whether its legal or not on some obscure technicality of the law.
      I wouldn’t put it past her.

    1. You do? I don’t.

      They paid double, with the understanding that the Ukrainian Nazis wouldn’t boast about it afterwards.