32 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. I have no idea as to who this guy is…Pres of Armenia..? Ok
    Whatever, BUT I LIKE HIM..!!
    Just like I love Donald Trump.

    Thinking he may have either watched and/or read Jordan Peterson too…

    All 3 with a “take no prisoners” attitude towards the uber arrogant woke & fully (_i_)hole attack dogs of the MSM.

    More pls.

    1. I haven’t enjoyed an interview by a head of state for years as much as this one. That TV reporter got ass-kicked.

      Meet the President of Azerbaijan

      As you will see, he’s no dummy with a PhD in History.

      I trust that this clip can be archived somewhere. It serves as a healthy counterpoint to what CNN has said about him.

    2. He was President of Axerbaijan, a muslim country which was a part of the Soviet Union for 70 years and the Russian empire for decades before that. Has lots of oil. Armenia is a Christian country, as is Georgia.

  2. The state of the “free” western press: when you get pwned by the head of an authoritarian state.

  3. And this leads to an even more frightening question, “What is worse, when Government censors the media or when media censors the government?”

  4. Someone once said that Communism inoculated these former Soviet states against liberal democratic progressivism.

    They see it for what it is.

    1. I think it is more a case of their leadership were in high positions (or had access to those in high positions) that understand “liberal democratic progressivism” was a creation of Soviet agents to destabilize western society because communism could not compete. We should have no time for foreign enemies until we deal with the Bezmenov Berserkers within our own countries.

      1. The cultural marxists. See Frankfurt school of treacherous immigrant academics who left Germany to establish Communism in the USA. Gramsci was Italian, but the same thing, he proposed them Long March through the institutions, which is now all but complete.

    2. They do. And they learned the hard way:

      Only trust a citizen of the world as far as you can shoot a firearm and be sure of blowing the bastard’s head off on the first try. Better him than you.

  5. The interviewer has the “Peter Mansbridge concerned face” on. That’s how I know the issue is serious, and the president is guilty.

    Ok, not me, but the average CNN viewer.

  6. She is so stuck in the narrative. I would have deflected and said “I might agree with you about Assange but we’re here for your side of the story about Armenian interests.”
    Naturally she is too stupid to think; only stick to the script she was given.

    1. “Naturally she is too stupid to think; only stick to the script she was given…

      Here, let me finish that sentence for ya, Mike T:

      … and fervently believes”.

  7. Enemy of the People.
    They hate Trump beyond all reason.
    For “Fake Newz” and their role as the Wormtongues of modern society cannot be hidden.
    The media is Brave Sir Robin writ large.
    Bravely attacking non issues worldwide as they hide the murderous excesses of their fellow travellers.
    To save the Narrative,social media must be controlled.
    Small wonder the Children’s Crusade from Ottawa is rushing internet censorship into law.

    1. They know Trump represents a repudiation of their fascism, he is anti-collectivist and threatens their hateful hegemony.
      They know if anti-liberty collides with liberty both will fully and finally be annihilated. That is the US future under DeMarxism.

  8. Love it when a so called journalist squirms and doesn’t want to discuss a subject that she herself brought up.
    And it is hilarious how she is too dumb to realize that she brought up the subject of censorship or too dumb to realize how stupid her dishonest denial of that is.

  9. Ya know Stan, I wonder if she thinks the story is about her? Like you said, she is stupid beyond redemption. So it would not be a surprise.

    1. Liberals don’t have to. They paid the media to carry their water and the media are happy to do it.

    2. Not in a one Party State like Peeairs country… gutless people gutless politicians… taking on the enemy of the people ( State@Corporate Media) is for those with character, integrity, the brave and the righteous… people who love and understand their country and its importance in the world … Turdholeland ain’t it … Turdholeland politicians are self serving out of touch mendacious bullies and cowards, they enjoy bullying and abusing the public from their golden pulpits because civilian citizens are easy hapless targets, but they are shit scared of the corrupt Media machine… they’re all a part of the same pile of progressive dogshit anyhow… politicians and their Media…There will never ever be a “Canadian” politician that will take on the corrupt Media douchebags and their warped narratives, never.

  10. Orla Guerin.
    !994 E.U. Irish Labor Party Candidate. (6%)
    International shit stirrer.
    Oh, film studies.

  11. “Questions” must be answered in accordance perceptions and bias of the interviewer, context and elucidation are forbidden.
    They’re not capable of thinking outside their rhetorical box. Relevant comparisons are whataboutism; relevance predetermined.
    Speech questions the norm; responses must pass through partisan prisms. OBL did 9-11? Yes, but what about white supremacy?
    If you talk about the theocratic fascism that is Islamism, proven with its dangers on display, you’re “changing the subject.”
    That way Trump “limited immigration” and caused labour shortages, not government largesse and negligent lockdowns.
    Doesn’t even have to be “true,” just a grain of fact is good enough to support the narrative, all else ignored as whataboutism.
    OTOH they could just interview fellow DeMarxist fascists, where questions and answers are pre-determined and agreed upon.

    1. While his father could play hardball, (Cuban league,) Baby Caligula hasn’t progressed beyond T-ball.

  12. I like how the “reporter” tells the president what they’re here to talk about. Ballsy arrogance.