60 Replies to “Jonestown Precinct”

    1. Are you still here you racist sack of shit.
      Just STFU and go scream at dark rain clouds.

        1. He is troll and an one trick pony at that. Pops out at random calls someone racist and then disappears. Never contributes anything beyond that.

    2. NBC lied too
      NBC News hides knife in video, omits ‘she’s trying to stab us’ from 911 call
      Those who get their information from NBC News likely think was Ma’Khia Bryant was randomly shot by police just because she’s Black.

  1. The cop should have ALSO shot that beast that was kicking that other girl in the head, right in front of him.

    1. Ask Val, from her ivory or should I say ebony tower, if she were wearing pink at that split second how long would she think the officer should have spent on de-escalation tactics?. These people are sick.

      Remember when Barry had the officer over for a beer? Perhaps sleepy should invite this officer in for some milk toast.


    2. When was the last time she sat her butt in a patrol car and went on a few calls?

  2. At least it is consistent since Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about black-on-black violence. Let her eviscerate the other girl with a knife; it’s better than one of them being shot by a white officer.

  3. Democrats want America burned and destroyed.
    Why else would they say dumb stuff like Jarret and Biden are doing?
    Why else do the media promote their lies?

  4. C’mon haterz! That’s a “mostly people” lunge-with-a-knife! The cop could have easily shot that knife right out of her hands! No justice – no peace! Let the rioting begin! Rinse! Repeat!

    1. *
      “Let the rioting begin! Rinse! Repeat!”

      toronto red star is all over it…

      “Kiara Yakita, founder of the Black Liberation Movement
      Central Ohio, said she is not surprised that another police
      shooting happened.”

      “‘Why did they kill this baby?‘ she asked aloud.”

      more like baby rhinoceros, methinks.


  5. Politian’s telling cops not to use lethal force but use the armed services to apply lethal force on other countries when ever it fits their agenda.

  6. Took that statement and fed it into the lib-left translator app.
    Here’s the translation into English.

    REEEEEEEE, this is destroying the narrative,

  7. Her mother is of course saying she was a peaceful saint who would never hurt a fly

    1. *
      robert… the devil is in the ‘unicorns & fairy dust’ details…

      “‘Ma’Khia had a motherly nature about her. She promoted peace,’
      said the 16 year-old girl’s mother, Paula.”

      yeah… from the foster home she lived in. mom apparently looking
      for a paycheque. it worked for the floyd family.


  8. Just because ignorant race baiters can open their mouths doesn’t mean they should. More rush to judgment by those accusing others of racism, accessing their bias as conclusionary. Dems’ recent comments make it clear that want blacks forever chained to their inner city ghetto shooting galleries, as tragic props, while deaths of thousands of blacks year after year is ignored.

    A must watch is below from a man who understands and can articulate the real motives behind the race baiters, themselves guilty of systemic racism by the very outcome oriented standard of them and the Newspeak media. Here is a taste; watch it all please.

    “It’s more class than it is race … and now race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of people running those institutions,” he added. “The question is why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?”

    “So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities, and now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities, where we have all of these inequities that we have, race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from critical questions such as why are poor blacks failing in systems run by their own people?”

    Why has that happened, besides the logical conclusion they’re pawns, serving the collective in depravity? This cancer must end.


    1. Time to pick an area where the POC can go and rule.. Fence it in and electrify the fence.. Say b-bye and walk away.

      1. It’s called Liberia. Giving the freedmen land in Africa and deporting them there was the preferred plan of loyal white Americans.

        Emancipation was supported by the likes of Karl Marx, who understood it to be a means to hurry along the end of capitalism in the Americas.

        1. *
          “It’s called Liberia.”

          the mayor of baltimore centre, where daunte wright lived
          is an immigrant from, i swear, it’s true… liberia.

          apparently he overdosed on freedom and returned to live
          in the racist hellhole that is america.


        2. You never know when you’re going to need another victim class.
          Marx liked to pretend plan ahead, between cocktails and opium.

  9. A BLM activist tweeted that teenagers have been having knife fights for “eons”…don’t need a white cop to shoot one of them.
    The left is actually claiming this stuff is just a regular part of a normal growing up, no need for force.

    1. “The left is actually claiming this stuff is just a regular part of a normal growing up, [in a jungle].”


  10. That “child” was a grown woman caught in the act of trying to murder an innocent in broad daylight. Better her than the victim, who owes the shooter her life. Nothing of value was lost.

    And decent people are condemned for appearing to fear blacks? They live in fear of each other.

  11. Does anyone think that this isn’t the first time that she used a knife on someone?

    “”We also know that there are particular vulnerabilities that children in foster care like Ma’Khia face,” Psaki added”

    so any claim that her mother puts out is questionable on it’s face…

  12. I’ve heard from more than one cop that when you have these squirrelly, out of control maniacs swinging a weapon around a taser shot is not going to do much. That’s why it sometimes takes several cops to wrestle an unarmed 140 lb dude to the ground when he’s off his meds.
    Adrenaline is that powerful.

  13. She was about to stab that girl, it’s pretty clear. Probably should have taken one look at the situation and said “I’m white you’re all black see you later”.

  14. “De-escalate”. WHAT! ? Watch the video, you ignoramus! There are at least 3 police officers visible on scene … and fatty dead girl is STILL going OFF beating down and going on a stabbing spree! What part of STOP! Does this mental case not understand? How many more police, err … social workers would it take to … talk her down?

    This class of people have NO RESPECT for the police … or for anyone other than themselves. Their self-esteem runneth over. All that matters to them is … them. They can do no wrong, and God help anyone who tells them to STOP.

    We have devolved into a third world shithole … where life is cheap, and all that matters is what I want … fuck everyone else … cops included. This girls parents and peers are responsible for her death. They failed to raise her like a civilized human being.

  15. Ferals gonna chimp out because they have no self-control. The only answer to feral violence is stopping it in its tracks. If that means a bullet, then so be it. They chose unrestrained violence. Let them suffer the consequences, otherwise you admit they have no agency, no ability to think rationally and thus truly aren’t quite human.

  16. Let me get this straight. For once, the police show up in time to actually help someone who is in danger of being murdered or maimed and that’s a bad thing?

      1. I could explain how rational people are capable of holding more than one thought in their head. But given that you have an attention span of a retarded amoeba I will not be wasting my time.

          1. No subhuman. You’re just too far beneath me to comprehend how superior I am to you in every respect. It is your limitation that you project onto your betters.

            Also, please stop trying to be witty. Watching a halfwit trying to be witty is unpleasant to everyone who witness it. Focus on your strengths like copsucking and window licking.

  17. *
    lebron james tweeted out a hit on the
    cop who shot stabby mcstabface.
    included a picture of the officer and
    the words… “you’re next.”

    so much for role models from the
    hood. watching twitter going
    apeshit as we speak.

    gotta go clean & lube my dillon.


    1. Didn’t help that our nutty Prez Biden has to speak up about this too.
      As usual, he got it all wrong.

  18. Just an observation – I’ve noticed on more than one occasion how African Americans after losing a loved one to murder or otherwise will appear on television to talk about the deaths as if they were describing a shopping trip to Walmart. Rarely displaying any emotion, tears or anything over their loss.
    As was the case with the mother of this victim…appearing on television mere hours later to tell everyone what a great daughter she was.
    So weird.

  19. Once upon a time years ago the was a musical comedy film about gangsters. One of the production numbers was a clever ditty entitled: “But they only kill each other”. Maybe a medley with “Walk on By”.

    Just sayin

  20. Valerie Jarrett has maxed out on old Lash Larue shows. If only they could make a bull whip out of velvet this racist cop could have disarmed the poor child without leaving so much as a mark.

  21. Based on the whole, “This normal, they have been doing it for years.” maybe the cop should have tossed a knife to the girl in pink, made a fair fight of it. Then he could draw the chalk outline around one or both of the corpses. Does that count as ‘de-escalation’?