I Have Questions

So should a lot of people. For some reason we have more people in ICU’s (see chart below) now than we did throughout all of last year even though we’re rolling out the vaccines and have been locked down most of the time. Here’s our hospitalizations.  Follow the thread down for more charts.

For comparison here’s Israel’s at the bottom of this thread. And Belgium  at the bottom of this one. Then there’s Germany and Italy and how’s about France. What about the USA?  Then circling back to Canada here’s how the current covid wave compares to last year at this time. Scroll around these links and you’ll get the idea.

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    1. If I was a conspiracy theory nut…
      I would be saying that it looks like the vaccinations are the cause of the added ICU numbers.
      Impossible, is all in your head.
      Don’t follow the facts, just follow the narrative.

      Confidentially, I don’t think the vaccinations work.
      But that just crazy Jojo.
      Considering the manufacturer suggestion was ignored by Trudeau.

      Where’s it coming back down?

    1. Right Caligula, if you mean we’ve been preventing the normal immune system response developments.

  1. “I for one welcome our new Vari Ant overlords.”

    Or is that ‘Vari Aunts’?

    Did Canada add even one more ICU bed during this WuFlu panic?

  2. My dad was in ICU for 61 days last year for non-covid related stuff. I swear they counted him in the ICU numbers.

    1. I had a 79 year old Uncle in the hospital for about 4 months after a diabetic stroke last spring. While in hospital he contracted and beat Covid. Being bedridden for so long he eventually died of organ failure (he was very frail for the prior 5 years prior to the stroke. When the nightly news announced the two other covid deaths at his hospital that day, they said the cause of death of the third person (my uncle) was not determined. My aunt was very clear with hospital administration that they don’t dare list covid as his cause of death, but who really knows what was posted in his records?

  3. More variant overlords arriving at an airport near you!
    But get out of that playground you racist kid!
    Oh, and don’t you dare travel to a park outside your designated zone, you selfish bastard.

  4. This is false… I work in an ICU. Those charts should not be compared. You need to compare variant rates to ICU rates – that is the correlation.

    How many of those people going to the ICU have been vaccinated – close to zero.

    Looking back, there are only 2 ways to stop the virus: 1. Complete lock down like asia. 2. Vaccines like USA and Israel… Canada has done neither!

    False news goes both ways.

    1. steve:

      So because you work in an ICU we are to believe that “lockdowns work”. I can’t find ANY non-gubmint-related expert who claims that lockdowns work. Or masks for that matter, which are akin to trying to keep a wasp out with a chainlink fence.

      A good example of the Argument by Authority fallacytho, with respect, I doubt you’re not an authority in this matter.

        1. I didn’t claim any related expertise. I only questioned his claim that lockdowns work, a claim that no non-gubmint expert (or non-compromised special interest) I’ve encountered makes. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time in human history that healthy humans have been quarantined. And the first time that billions are to be injected with an experimental “vaccine” which doesn’t even prevent transmission.

          But I DO have an amazing nose for gubmint cons and this is one of history’s greatest, amounting to a crime against humanity.

          All hail King William of Gates.

        2. If lockdowns work why are we having another lockdown?
          If lockdown don’t work why are we having another lockdown?

          1. Precisely my old Colonial. But, of course just like Communism, they haven’t worked so far because they weren’t don’t right or hard enough.

      1. It is not about being an expert as there are none wrt Covid. It is about looking back and being pragmatic and not blinded by ideology… Lock downs would not and do work in our culture and thus we pay the price… All we can do is wait for the needle.

        1. Steve.

          I work in an ER too ( WA state/Everett)

          As a flight/medic/nurse.
          We are seeing a jump in folks sick after getting the shots.

          1. I am in Vancouver and we are as well, but not as severe. Most people in ICU are on O2, not a vent.

        2. Lockdowns don’t work. As indicated in a study out of France last November which concluded as follows:

          “Results: Higher Covid death rates are observed in the [25/65°] latitude and in the [−35/−125°] longitude ranges. The national criteria most associated with death rate are life expectancy and its slowdown, public health context (metabolic and non-communicable diseases (NCD) burden vs. infectious diseases prevalence), economy (growth national product, financial support), and environment (temperature, ultra-violet index). STRINGENCY OF THE MEASURES SETTLED TO FIGHT PANDEMIA, INCLUDING LOCKDOWN, DID NOT APPEAR TO BE LINKED WITH DEATH RATE.

          Conclusion: Countries that already experienced a stagnation or regression of life expectancy, with high income and NCD rates, had the highest price to pay. THIS BURDEN WAS NOT ALLEVIATED BY MORE STRINGENT PUBLIC DECISIONS. INHERENT FACTORS HAVE PREDETERMINED THE COVID-19 MORTALITY: understanding them may improve prevention strategies by increasing population resilience through better physical fitness and immunity.”


        3. Yeah, wait for the needle SteveO.

          How many more cases do we need to hear, where people got jabbed, and within hours days or weeks, they suffer severe maladies, or death? Too many instances to be a coincidence.

          I just found out my 79 year old mom had her leg amputated Friday. Now, she has diabetes and has seen better days, but, she got the WoohooGoo on April 1st. Just another coincidence, or conspiracy? No, the experimental gene therapy is unproven and dangerous, these aren’t coincidences.

          I’m not saying the gene therapy caused it, but, would seem to have contributed.

      2. That is not what he said.
        I have worked in health care, as a technician visiting various departments each day. For the past 20 years ICU has been packed one week, and half full the next.
        A full ICU does not mean full of covid patients.

    2. ICU Dr’s and nurses are the biggest obfuscating liars and psychopaths’ I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t trust a word you say.

        1. ICU Dr’s deserve to be patients in their own ICU. When they forget about patients, neglect their care, leave them lying in their feces for weeks, bully you for asking them questions, Lie about their status, consult you everyday to put your loved one down against yours and their wishes and try to take over custody of your intubated loved one and try to perform medical experiments without family consent. When you have to record a video with a visiting Dr to show the ICU nurses how to perform basic care and then get bullied for recording the video.

          There are no good ICU Drs. and they all cover for each others malfeasance and horrors.

          My dad spent 61 days in ICU after a botched surgery last year and they treated him, me and my mom like garbage.

      1. Thats an interesting comment. The only common factor in every unpleasant interaction between you and ICU staff and physicians was… you.

        And who is more likely to be an obfuscating liar and psychopath? A whole team of highly trained and compassionate professionals? Or you, some rando window licker from the inter webs.

        1. I have the receipts. 5000 pages of medical records, recorded conversations, daily logs. I invite you to examine them all for yourself.

          Come look at the verbatim transcript that appeared in my Dad’s records of my visits to Spiritual Care services that appeared in the records. Did you know they’re recording you in your private moments? Where is the compassion when you learn that they turn care over to the “B” Team of the hospital’s crappiest Dr’s and nurses because your loved one has been in the hospital too long for your liking.

    3. To add to this, actual deaths are drastically down, which is the main selling point of the vaccines in the first place.

    4. Lockdowns will NOT work. There is only one way they might have and that horse left the barn a long time ago. Taiwan was warning the world about this pandemic but the W.H.O. (and the Canadian government for that matter) kicked dirt over the warnings. Taiwan was monitoring every person who came into the country beginning December 31, 2019. They never got a high virus load in the nation as a result. Canada, on the other hand, actually invited it in. Once the virus gains a foothold, lockdowns will do nothing. Taiwan didn’t lock down….in fact, had among the lowest “government stringency” measures in place in the world.

      1. Also, on March 13th, 2020, South Korea published a study on Google Docs, for the whole world to see, saying Chloroquine cures and may even prevent covid. Their death rate from the disease is one of the lowest in the world outside Africa – where HCQ is an over-the-counter antimalarial.

    5. The vaccines do not necessarily stop the virus — many people get the be after being vaccinated, and the pharmacy companies admit it.

  5. Lock downs work!!

    But Canada just hasn’t done them “right” yet. Why? Because all those bad conservatives just won’t mask up and stay confined to their Zoom-rooms!

    1. Soon … Canada will learn they … “just haven’t done the Great Reset right yet”. So MORE lockdowns and removal of freedoms will ensue. And MORE spending and money printing will ensue. Because the Left always doubles down on dumb.

      Yeah … dripping PFO sarcasm

  6. Canada only gives one shot and then you have to wait 4 months. All the other countries give two shots, one two weeks after the other just like what was tested and is recommended.

    1. Theres evidence that the second dose of the AZ is more effective if you wait 6+ weeks as opposed to 2.

      1. Right, that’s the reason the Incompetent Narcissist and retarded gnome Top Doctor were forced to institute 16 week delays for the vaccines. Not shockingly-stupid planning – some shitty garbage “evidence” you think you have, for the least-used vaccine in Canada.

      2. Quebec is begging for vaccines for their LTC’s because previously vaccinated seniors with 1 dose are now getting sick. Quebec decided early on to delay #2 even for their LTCs. I know you’re talking specifically about AZ, but it is so limited right now it’s useless.

        1. Theres actually a decent amount of AZ available because it is not approved in the USA yet.

          1. Not very much of it administered. Besides I’d love to see this “evidence” since the testing done on these vaccines all involved 14 days between shots and that’s what’s recommended and approved.

      3. There’s also evidence that the AZ “vaccine” is giving some people strokes. I know of one case myself, where the person got the shot in the afternoon, went home, then to the hospital by ambulance and was pronounced dead before midnight. Causality? The hospital explanation sounded sketchy, to say the least.

        How many dead “vaccine” recipients is enough, Allan S? It used to be that one serious reaction canceled a drug trial, but not anymore.

  7. Peking Tam stated today that even if everybody is fully vaccinated this summer, we will still have to adhere to strict China virus restrictions.

  8. Something like 35 flights have landed in Canada from India in the past two weeks alone. India is in the midst of a very bad situation that may become horrible.

    Yet my fully vaccinated wife and I as US residents would still only be allowed to visit our Canadian children and grandchildren if we jump through quarantine hoops.

    My own observation is that politicians in various countries continue to stay on the offensive, blaming their citizens for transgressions of their previously enacted measures and threatening more of the same.

    This of course is largely to dissuade the citizens from turning on their political masters and asking embarrassing questions. Some politicians are better at it than others are.

    1. And how many of those people had or developed covid?


      You do require a negative test before boarding for a flight to Canada.

          1. Really?


            “But one challenge has been that the term is not specific, said Eili Klein, an associate professor in the department of emergency medicine with Johns Hopkins University.

            “There has been a definitional issue,” Klein, who was not affiliated with the study, told HuffPost. “What does ‘asymptomatic’ mean?”

            “For example, some people are pre-symptomatic and may spread the virus before they realize they are ill. Others may never develop any symptoms (or have symptoms so mild they miss them altogether) but nonetheless pass the virus along, explained Klein.

            “The new model suggests that both of those groups seem to play a key role in the spread of COVID-19.”

      1. A single negative or positive test means nothing, the tests are so unreliable.

    2. The double standard for arrivals is unacceptable. Why do people from India not have to go to Covid jail, like Canadians do?

  9. There might be one more confounding effect: seasonality. Here’s a chart of the last few years of seasonal peaks and troughs of influenza A and influenza B in Ontario. Assuming covid has a similar pattern, we should see infections tailing off by mid to end of May.


    There are lots of variables that are present and they’re difficult to separate out neatly.

  10. There is one chart/statistic that I’d love to see but no one seems able to produce it: total deaths in Canada in 2020 compared to total deaths in Canada in 2019.

    Please, no speculation about why this info isn’t being waved before us.

    1. The US data is startling. Annual deaths average increase is 25k annually between 1999 and 2019.

      2020? 521k. 21 times normal.

      1. The “excess deaths” in the U.S. is about 12% higher that the last five year average. Which is roughly what it was during the flu epidemic in the late 1960’s (during Woodstock, etc). By the way, the “excess deaths” in Sweden is 1.5%

          1. Nope….according to the The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, when adjusted for population growth, etc., it is about 12%.

      2. Can you find that for me please?

        The only info I have is from a Johns Hopkins study shows that the death rate is flat-lined with no appreciable blip at all in 2020.

    2. Jamie look in Statistics Canada website … I was there this morning and there is data but I think it isn’t complete for the 2020 year but u can do a 19 to 20 comparison for the period covered.

  11. Lockdowns do not work. There is no correlation between places that have severely locked down and spread of the virus. Where it appears lockdowns may reduce deaths, populations are significantly younger, no diabetes, no heart disease, and overall better health.

    1. A country in Europe, I think Belarus, has had very few deaths because their life span averages only 66.
      Sorta indicates who is actually at risk.

  12. One of the hallmarks or genuine stupidity is the inability to learn from one’s mistakes.
    Say what you will about O’Toole, he would certainly be a better PM, although that’s a damn low bar at the moment.

    1. “Say what you will about O’Toole, he would certainly be a better PM…”

      Sure. But only in the sense that a dead skunk would be a better PM too.

  13. Remember folks, the WuFlu virus can attack you from 6 feet away through medical mask but to test you for the virus they have to jam a pipe cleaner three inches up your nose and spin it around.


    1. But the big lie is that the PCR test, to tell you whether you are ill or not, as if you wouldn’t know, does not detect the virus.

      Now, some people criticize me for bringing up these points, suggesting I am being negative about at least something that is being done. I just happen to think that something is detrimental to the health, wealth and welfare of the general public. Yes, we need to quarantine the sick and take care of the vulnerable and aged, but that is normal behavior even outside of ‘flu season.

      I flew to Britain for 3 days, once, and later came down with pneumonia, I guess from the flight out. This has always been happening. It’s not the black death folks, get a grip.

  14. We have been sold illogic dressed up as science

    There is not a single place on earth where masks appear even to have slowed the spread of the virus, which appears hell-bent on cutting through every population until the herd immunity threshold is met. None of this should have surprised us.
    How many people do you know who always wear their masks fully clamped to their faces like a respirator? Well, there are very few people who can afford to pass out after hours of oxygen deprivation. That, in a nutshell, is why mask mandates are useless against a virus, even before we examine the fact that the pores in the mask fibers are much larger than the virus itself.



      1. “Maskurbation makes them feel good” yes but I am concerned about the negative affect its overuse is having on the nation’s aggregate eyesight.

  15. “Well, there are very few people who can afford to pass out after hours of oxygen deprivation.”

    Progressives can. Their brains are capable of functioning on far less oxygen than normal.

  16. Once a virus gets into a population as widely as it has in Canada, all the micromanagement in the world makes little difference. The horse bolted from the barn over a year ago. Despite the lockdowns, there’s all sorts of “leakage” which cannot be prevented. The 177,000 essential workers who need to cross the land border every week can’t be quarantined. While the retail sector gets shut down, manufacturing continues as it must. These are two very significant sources of infection, and they can’t be locked down or we starve.

    1. I disagree, the lockdowns attempt prevent the development of herd immunity, which is what is needed.

    2. Viruses of all kinds are around all the time, sometimes someone gets ill from them. Most don’t appear to; I think we know very little about viruses. Schoolboy vomputer models donot cut it.

  17. It’s the same in Brazil I believe. So what’s different about the US? Many states did not have government policies to prevent the spread of infection sp maybe immunity spread more rapidly too, and perhaps the vaccine isn’t so good. Will someone in the press ask Madame Tam about this?

    1. “Will someone in the press ask Madame Tam about this?”

      No, because Justine paid $600 million to make sure they don’t.

      The moosehead on the table is that everyone is pretending the Canadian government can actually do something about this. As the days and weeks turn into months and years, it is becoming quite evident that they can’t. They lack the ability to affect the outcome at all.

      Now get back to work paying your taxes, and get that mask on straight.

  18. The first case of the double mutant virus that is immune to vaccines, has arrived in Canada from India. The case is in Quebec. Doing a great job at the airports Blackie.

    1. And I say viruses mutate all the time and this Chinese virus can probably turn up the same mutations in several places at once. So, will closing airports actually work?

  19. The explanation is in the numbers…..specifically the number of cases and the rate at which the cases have increased.
    Between March 2020 and December 2020 (the peak of the second wave) there were 580K cases (over 8.5 months).
    Between Jan 2020 and April 2020 there have been 550K cases (3.5 months).
    The time from the start of the second wave to peak was approx 3 months.
    The time from the start of the third wave to its peak (which we are basically at if you look at case numbers whatever the models say) was 1.8 months. Second wave peak was approx 8000 cases per day, third wave will average out at about 9000 per day. This means that the rate of the third wave was twice as fast as second wave.

    If people are getting COVID at double the rate of what they were in the second wave then the ICU beds will be filled at double the rate of the second wave, assuming that the % of COVID cases that hit ICU is the same – peak at second wave was around 800 beds occupied, my guess is that we will hit 1500 or so by the time we max out here – so double. The second wave was a flatter curve compared to the third wave.

    This theory is born out by the Ontario data which shows:
    20 April 2021 – % Hospitalized 4.8%; % ever in ICU 0.9%
    1 Jan 2021 – % Hospitalized 5.3%; % ever in ICU 1.0%
    1 Aug 2020 – % Hospitalized 11.9%; ever in ICU 2.5%

    So the % of ICU cases and hospitalizations are going down, suggesting that either the variants are more contagious and less deadly, or we have better medical intervention, or a combination of both.

    Its all in the numbers – more covid cases in a quicker time and same % needing ICU = more beds in ICU occupied with COVID cases.

    Of note: At the moment there are 1300 ICU beds with COVID. Total ICU beds in Canada is approx 5000. COVID cases therefore barely make up 25% of ICU capacity.

  20. Are rulers are very ‘concerned” for are health and that is why they are locking us down shutting down our business trampling our human rights burning the Turdhole Charter daily and at the same time bringing in 1.3 million immigrants in the next 18 Months while allowing untold numbers of illegals free unfettered passage across or border, science.
    Oh yeah, and there are no “vaccines” for the CCP Flu and the Airports have never been shut down.