13 Replies to “Jonestown Precinct”

  1. If the protestors don’t want due process, if the councilors and the mayor don’t want due process then the cops should walk off the job and let the process free fun zone begin.

  2. Re: “One council member said she fired the city manager despite the fact he did a “great job” because she didn’t want reprisals from the protesters.”

    I expect employment lawyers will be ramping up to handle this case of wrongful dismissal (unless a very generous settlement has been made by the city). It’s nice to have on public record that the city considered the fired manager to have done a great job.

    1. We are ALL city managers now.

      If you don’t want to be fired, you keep your mouth shut. As a conservative living here in the shithole (with islands of beautiful communities) called CA … I’ve been forcing my own mouth shut for decades now.

      Kate’s platform is the only way I keep my sanity. Thank you for the escape valve!

      1. *
        kenji said, “We are ALL city managers now.”

        i understand city council will also be considering whether
        to fire their epidermally-challenged police chief for not
        feeding the officer involved to the ever-raging masses.

        we don’ need no steenkin’ trials.


        1. *
          “fire their epidermally-challenged police chief”

          UPDATE: Yup… Chief Gannon forced to walk the plank


    2. *

      “Kimberly Potter, the Brooklyn Center police officer
      who fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a
      traffic stop Sunday, has resigned from the force after
      26 years.”

      and gone into hiding, i imagine.


  3. *
    the reciprocal is happening in canuckistan…

    “For 10 months, the police reconstructionists, guided by lead investigator
    Det. Alain Boucher, worked assiduously to refine their reports to
    ensure that Ms. Diallo, and Ms. Diallo alone, would be blamed
    for the collision.”

    oh, wait…

    “Multiple transit supervisors expressed concerns about Aissatou Diallo’s
    suitability as an OC Transpo bus driver after two collisions on the road
    prior to Friday’s fatal crash
    at Westboro station.”


  4. This week three or four FB friends (i.e., people I barely know or care about) posted one of those lefty “why are we having a trial when everything is on tape” posts.

    I replied with a few dozen links of recordings of black on black violence and said “yeah, I agree”….and was of course unfriended quickly.

    Pruning. Its not just for shrubs…

  5. Well the proper answer from the taxpayers..On being informed that their elected officials do not respect due process and the presumption of innocence..should be to lynch the useless bastards.
    These elected scum campaigned to “represent ” the citizens,uphold the laws and all swore an oath upon accepting their positions.
    Now they betray those most basic trusts.
    Hang them and leave them hang,as a warning to other gutless power hungry scumbags.

    Sorry for the harsh assessment but there it is.
    These people are the enemy and they stand in the way of more sensible people actually keeping order.
    There fore they are enabling the lawless.
    They have chosen the side of chaos,mob rule and civic destruction.
    Reward them accordingly.
    Forget their words,their actions speak the only truth they know.

  6. Have no fear, the council will suddenly remember due process when the legal proceeding against the city begins.