Is United Airlines Knowingly Compromising the Safety of their Passengers?

If there are two candidates to become a pilot at United Airlines and one scores higher on their tests, you would think they would choose that candidate, right? But if the better candidate happens to be a white male, then they’ll choose the lesser candidate. They state this unequivocally, in their own words. Does it not seem bizarre that an airline would knowingly compromise the safety of its passengers?

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  1. Sounds like United:

    Makes sense to me – on 9/11 one of those were United planes that hit the twin towers so those pilots knew what they were doing and they were “people of color” and “Muslims.” The passengers, however, had no comment.

    Secondary School classmate of mine lost both parents on this United flight. He later became the CEO of

      1. Good morning, thanks for joining us on flight 666, I’m your captain Mohammad, joined by my copilot Mohammad, and together we’ll be commanding this Boeing 737 Max.

  2. L – Don’t worry, be happy, after all Critical Gender/Critical Race Theory appears to be the basis
    for hiring Public Health Officers, too. Affirmative Action, how is that working out ? *Lockdown

    Marxist Medicine is working as well as Marxist Agriculture (U.S.S.R. the Holodomor- 6 million+ starved, C.C.P. 40 million+ starved).

    *(Lockdown Lethality – I just coined a new descriptive phrase about Cult. Marxism.)

  3. We’re all Medgar Evers now. This is what’s called … “Equity” … i.e. “getting even” with whitey.

  4. Meh, we’ve been here already when OC Transpo hired an illiterate illegal alien goat herder to drive a bus and she killed a bunch of passengers. You buy your ticket and you take your chances.

  5. Spent far too many hours in the air for far too many years, and United was one of the worst 3 airlines I had to (as rarely as possible) fly …another rotten airline was Air Canada …the other loser has since gone under. Only 2 flights since retiring, both to family weddings …I miss NOTHING about air travel. United has a lousy on-time record, and their staff are frequently fat and uniformly surly, no hot flight attendants with United …even their gay fly boys are fat and ugly.

    By the way, United is owned by its unions …really, that asylum is owned and run by the inmates.

    1. United has a lousy on-time record, and their staff are frequently fat and uniformly surly, no hot flight attendants with United …even their gay fly boys are fat and ugly.

      That pretty much describes WorstJet and Air Can’tada as well.

  6. Rachel Dolezal ought to be a shoe-in for this job! She’s “black” and female!

    I think I might be black and female in the future…

    Michael Jackson switched both, why not me?

  7. Does that “diversity” requirement include anyone who doesn’t actually know how to fly a plane? After all, shouldn’t one include those who have no actual skills for the job?

  8. Hopefully Women & VisMins can now start taking on their share of dirty, dangerous and thankless jobs that overwhelmingly employ men, and especially white men.

  9. I seldomly fly.
    In the 90’s I had a brief period where I flew about. Within that small sample I became enthused with Delta stewardesses.
    Super attractive / fit yes, but also super nice, helpful, informed, conversant. Blew United and Eastern out of the water.
    Wondering if that still exists.
    As to the pilots… landing at Washington (now Reagan) National is never a treat. Much better to be round trip through BWI (often MUCH cheaper) or Dulles.

  10. Blame the Business schools and woke Wall street as this nonsense is part of ESG investing. It’s the same epistemological mush that drives capital away from Oil and Gas. The “S” stands for “social”, which is measured in more derivative mush like “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” (EDI) which is what affirmative action is all about. The losers that we used to laugh at who went into the “humanities” instead of something leading to a real job are now running everything and this is their revenge.

  11. Virtue signaling morons. Somewhere in the tweets there’s a statement that currently pilots are 94% male and 88% white (or the other way around). That suggests the applicant pool is already heavily skewed white & male. Which necessarily means that if they insist on these stupid quotas, they’ll be turning away qualified white males in favour of unqualified diversity hires. No other way to make the numbers work.

    Stay the hell off United planes this decade.

  12. Total insanity and brought to mind the Kara Hultgreen story. Hultgreen was a 90’s Navy pilot flying F-14’s on and off carriers until she killed herself by crashing into the water off San Diego while on approach… just a few months after being certified.
    In the ensuing attempted whitewash investigation it was learned that the Navy and AirForce were in a rush to be the first to certify the first female pilot and as such looked the other way when some trainees made gross mistakes.
    Ironically the mistake she made during certification and which should’ve had her grounded was the same mistake that killed her.

  13. Well, one way to get us deplorables to stop soiling their beaches and such with our presence, is just make travel less safe.

    Rest assured, all those high scoring competent to OCD level pilots will still be flying THEIR planes. Just not OUR planes. Be happy going to sleep knowing, that no plane on its way to a climate change conference, or awards show, or film festival, will ever be lost, or suffer an accident.

    Your moral and intellectual superiors are safe; which means your life will automagically be better.

  14. I just watched a Dirty Harry movie where Harry went on board a plane as a captain to thwart the hijackers.

    One of the pilots turned to him and asked if he’d ever flown! A classic!

  15. Last time I flew was in 2013. Nice vacation in Florida. I had been developing an irrational fear of flying ever since 9/11(well maybe not so irrational). However with this development regarding new pilot selection, I will consider my fear of flying to be totally rational.

  16. I’m a private pilot myself. Yet, if you think their isn’t some bad (airline) pilots out there.
    Just look at the record, cause their sure is.
    Don’t give any of this FAA bull either. You just have to meet the standards.

    1. There are already issues with *qualified* ATP pilots in that many of them have learned to rely so much on automation they lack the skills to actually fly the plane by hand in an out-of-the-box situation. How many pilots could have pulled off what Sullenberger did?

      1. Exactly my thought Skully makes amazing landing..
        Where as two sets of lesser skilled pilots were overcome by the 737 Max software..along with all on board.
        Yet the airline would prefer the PC choice?
        Small wonder I drive,good thing I like it.

  17. I think most here would agree that they don’t give a shit what color or gender a pilot is, as long as they were the most qualified the airline could hire. And, if there are NOT enough top-quality ‘diverse’ pilots available to demonstrate an airline’s allegiance to the wokeness cult, then their problem is much further up the pilot supply chain than the hiring process.

    I no longer fly because at 6′ 4″ the airlines made it clear to me decades ago that they no longer wanted me as a customer. At least when I had to fly regularly for business I learned which seats on which aircraft offered a little extra legroom. Now, unless there is no feasible option but to fly, screw’em and the a-hole rent-a-cops keeping travelers safe from 14 yo girls’ tiny shampoo bottles that you have to endure. Good thing for me that I sincerely enjoy highway driving.

      1. I’m reminded of that just about every time I go through the security check, particularly at the Edmonton airport. Many of the agents are young kids, probably fresh out of university with their “studies” degrees.

        If they’re nice, they can be really nice and friendly. If they’re nasty, they make sure your life is miserable.

  18. This is a great opportunity for a long standing joke in the industry:

    The cockpit of the future will consist of a pilot and a dog. The pilot’s job will be to feed the dog and the dog’s job will be to bit the pilot if he tries to touch anything

  19. Had a good laugh over Ann Coulter’s column today where she takes aim at a very belligerent Chauvin trial prosecution witness, Genevieve Hansen, an overtly chubby firefighter.
    Coulter laments the fire department’s fitness requirements which appears has been abandoned in the name of feminism.

    1. Burton

      As a retired fire fighter/medic.
      I don’t even know where to start. My dept and others have over weight fools that can hardly get out of the engine. Or worse a 5.2 female fire fighter/medic who can’t even pick up 100pounds.
      So forget about her helping to pickup an over weight injured person and fire fighting is a NO-go.

  20. Give them what they want.

    When these “diverse” candidates wash out or planes start dropping from the sky, United will quietly walk back from its virtue-signalling.

    What does this about people of all stripes who worked hard to get where they are and are good at it?

    Who knows? Their lives aren’t “woke” enough to be bothered with.

  21. Watch live video clips of high risk police take downs where the suspect is tackled and then wrestled to the ground. The cops on the pile struggling to subdue the crazed threat are all male. The female officers can be seen standing nearby often waving their arms and providing moral support. Almost without exception.

    I remember some years ago in a town NW of Saskatoon, a crazed guy was attacking his ex-wife with a knife. The first cop to arrive was female who sat in her cruiser and waited for back-up to arrive. The ex-wife died and their young son was permanently disabled from stab wounds.

  22. I have yet to be on a 2+ hour flight that did not have passengers that were under the age of 5. Why isn’t united promising to have 5 year old pilots? Are the ageist or something?

  23. United – “That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”

    “We plan . . .”
    “. . . we train . . .”

    It’s marketing bullshit. Only half of United pilots are projected to come through their own training school – the rest will be from the military or other airlines (and, surprise, those other airlines will have recruited from the military). So, at most, only a quarter will be stunning and brave. Of course their plan is actually a hope, and it isn’t possible to magic up pilots out of rainbow pixie dust.

    What is really pathetic is they thought this was good marketing. It seems not.

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